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(**posting it after a very long time**)(**promo was released weeks ago**)(**sorry for that, it’s because I have a tight schedule these days due to internship**)(** I have to work for 9 hours for 6 days**)(**and I write the ff when I am travelling**)(**so do tell me by comments if my ff is worth the pain I take or I should stop**)(**as I don’t want to write a boring ff**)
Let’s start now—


Starting from where promo shot was left…
Jailer- sir, a girl wants to meet you.. she has reopened your case and wants to have a conversation with you.. she is saying she is your lawyer..
Man: how many times.. how many times I will have to tell you.. I don’t want to meet any lawyer.. just go! Go!..
Jailer-but sir..
Man(I n a very loud voice)- just go!

Jailer leaves from there.. and informs the girl that he is not willing to meet you.
But girl is adamant to meet him..
Girl: please just let me talk to him once..
Jailer- but he said no.. quite clearly! (and he leaves)
Girl- please(she slips a 1000 rupees note to the guard and he allows her to go in)

****somewhere in the city.. a house is shown****
Tv: news is coming that some girl who has just graduated an year before has dared to reopen the high profile triple murder case.. who is she.. is still to be discovered.
But after 5 years, why suddenly.. is she sent by the oberoi’s or someone else..
In any case, why now, why not 5 years ago.. or in between.. more importantly why today? Is this some kind of planning that she chose this specific date?
And why some newcomer.. why!
What does she wants?

lady: lawyer? Who hired lawyer for him?
(shouting)-“ who has hired this lawyer? When I did not do this.. then.. maybe she did I must ask her?

********in new York*********

A man in his mid twenties is seen sitting in a house garden.. with a photo.. tears are flowing from his cheeks and making their way down to his shirt and it is little bit wet now..
“I miss you all very much… I hope nothing would have happened.. we still could have been living together in that house.. we were so happy.. “
He looks up and speaks
“sorry.. sorry..sorry.. sorry.. I could not save any of you.. “

Suddenly someone keeps hand on his shoulder.. he turns and sees a girl dressed up in white sari with thin golden border.. hairs open but not combed properly.. she too was in tears.. she sits close to him.. wiper his tears and speaks
“let’s go, we have to go to the hospital.. doctor called up and said there is lots of improvement in her..
He said may be in two three months she will be perfectly fine.. and we also have to go to temple today.. I talked to panditji and he said shubh muhurat is after two hours.. so we will go to hospital first and then we can leave for the temple.. be brave”

Man: “I really miss everyone.. when everything was going right.. when everyone was changing for good.. then why.. why he did that.. why he just snatched everything from us?”

Gir:”don’t cry.. nothing can be changed now.. and we have to try to bring life back on the track.. you are the only one left who can assemble this family.. we have to get her treatment done first.. and then.. unite everyone.. we have to become *us* again”

Man: you are right.. let’s go..

Suddenly a kid comes there who is in his teens.. who is wearing a white kurta..
“bhaiya.. let’s go I am ready”
Man(keeping his hand on his head): u really want to come?
Boy: I always come with you on this day bhaiya.. and every year u ask the same question.. don’t u get tired of asking the same question and then receiving the same reply.. why won’t I come.. I have to perform these rituals.. I was the closest one to both of them..

As soon as he finishes his lines and tear rolls down from his cheeks.. the girl standing there comes and wipes it off and says.. “now stop crying both of you.. let’s move now”

They reach to a hospital.. ward number 23.. all three look from outside through the big window of the ward..
A lady lying on the hospital bed.. pale.. many machines were attached to her body..
A needle attached to her hand was supplying glucose to her.. one pipe was attached to her nostrils.. one machine was tracking her pulse rate.. one was recording her heart rate.. many more machines..
In between those numerous machines.. multiple wires.. and silence.. was lying a body.. whose heart was beating.. pulse was working.. but the body looked lifeless..
Doctor comes to them and says: a good news is there for you all.. like I said she is improving now..
Man: really?
Doctor: not any normal improvement.. yesterday her fingers were moving.. and today she was blinking her eyes.. she blinked for some two three times..
Girl: can we meet her?
Doctor: you can but not now.. she is sleeping.. come in the evening.. when she’ll be up..

Man: after these five painful years.. finally we have something good in our hands.. I’m so happy today..

They leave for temple..
They go temple and give two photos to panditji and asks him to perform the *barsi rituals*..

Panditji: name of these two ladies..
man: anika shiv..
girl(she interrupts him): anika singh oberoi.. and ishana singh oberoi
panditji: your relation to them ?
Man: devar dono ka(brother in law of both of them)
[[yes,as most of you might have guessed it beforehand.. it’s our Rudra.. the girl is somya and the boy.. well make another guess now]]

After the rituals are over.. they take tons of food and clothsand bundles of currency and donate to some charity on the name of ishanika.
********back in India********
The girl comes near the cell.. and calls out
“omkara singh oberoi”

***Screen freezes on her face***

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