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Our Love Story Will Never End….twinj os (part 3) last part

precap- preparations for kunj and mahi marriage…..

All the preparations started but kunj and mahi was unhappy but they have to marry bcoz of aarav…..
kunj’s pov(guys now the whole os will be in kunj’s voice)
i was getting ready in my room i don’t want to do this marriage but i have to do for aarav…..and suddenly my phone beeps i was not in a mood to pick the call but it was the unknown number i have to pick it up. kunj!!kunj!! the caller said i was little bit shocked bcoz the voice is so sweet just my twinkle. ya who is this?? i replied kunj i m ur twinkle…..the caller said now i was full shocked….again the called said kunj r u there?? twinkle….u r….alive i asked my eyes was full of tears. yes kunj i m twinkle ur twinkle yuvraj my ex boyfriend kidnapped me i m in abc place plzz kunj save me and she disconnected the call i was standing as a numb i don’t know what to do but how can i believe the call but i brushed these thought i took my car keys and ran to downstairs everyone is looking at me. twinkle is alive….


i said all was shocked i m going i added. and i left…..after about 1/2 hour i reached that place it was like a jungle the only thought struck in my mind was twinkle is she save……there was a small house i gone inside and saw my twinkle was lying unconscious.twinkle!!twinkle wake up ur kunj has came to take u….but u can’t i heard a voice i turned and saw a boy is he yuvraj. r u yuvraj?? i asked. yes he replied. how dare u kidnappe my twinkle what she has done to u?? i questioned she insulted me in front of whole college he answered….we love eo but one day she saw me wid other girl and in front of whole college she slapped me and from that day i vowed to take revenge frm her……i follow her everywhere but one day i got a chance her car got puncherd and she came out of the car and i made her unconscious and brought her this place……. yuvraj said u bl**dy nonsense i punched him hard after a while twinkle woke up she came and hugged me I MISSED U SO MUCH KUNJ I LOVE U….

she told i love u too i said i could see yuvraj was boiling in anger he came forward and was going to touch twinkle but i held his hand and beat him blue and black than he beged sorry and i was going to punched him in his face but twinkle held my hand leave him kunj…she said i said k…and we left that place…….we reached home and i told twiinkle everything about my and mahi marriage…..she took aarav in his hand and kissed his forehead…..now my family is complete…

plzz drop ur comments i know i m a bit late but what can i do my exams..
bye guys

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