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Our Delicate Bond ~ A Twinj Story (Five shots) by Bulbul (Intro)

Hi my lovelies how r u all I know sab aache hi honge so heading dekhke to lg hi gya hoga ki ye kuch new hai other than my boring ff and a gud news is that ke m going to wind up my ff soon and this few shots will be five shot so let’s start u all have to cmnt if no cmnts=no shot=u guys don’t love me or wanna read my ff

So let’s start
~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A relationship will only work if it has honesty trust happiness craziness emotions and most importantly LOVE
This word love means a lot to everybody living in this vast world .Love means to give respect care and happiness to ur loved ones . In every relationship and the two persons who r in a relationship need to trust each other blindly and completely love each other without any selfish motive .But sometimes the circumstances don’t let u to show ur love to ur loved ones and by which you hurt them directly or indirectly and so hurt that they even start to loose the hope of their life .This word MISUNDERSTANDING plays a big role in every relationship or may the role of villain we can say
And this word can break your to this much extent that it becomes so fragile and delicate that u can’t even imagine .But the main thing is this that how u will mend ur relationship in such a way that ur delicate bond become more stronger and this whole thing depends on the two individuals to be selfless and work on mending their relationship .Same kind of situation is with a couple that I m going to introduce to u all


This is story of two amazing individuals
Kunj and Twinkle the saviours of our nation both r the army officials
Brigadier kunj sarna is happy go lucky guy a caring person a hardworking officer a loving brother a caring son a best friend but will be would be able to be the best husband ?
While on the other hand their is
Brigadier Twinkle taneja .She is a quite but caring girl .A girl with a big heart with much love for someone that nobody could imagine .A big nerd but very efficient officer and a big example of woman power for other girls but will she would be able to be a good wife too??
Now story opens up wt will happen if their delicate bond is on the verge of breakdown will they would be able to save their relationship
So guys here is the prologue of my few shots if u guys liked it then cmnt if a smile appears on ur face then plz plz cmnt if u guys will not cmnt I will not post anything
All the very best to everyone who r going to give their boards or preboards soon like me all the very best
Bbye keep cmnting on tu on every ff
Soory to the ff writers for not cmnting

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