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One Night Stand (Prologue)

“I desperately need money. It’s more money that a waitress can ever make but I need money lots and lots of it!” A female voice sounds defiant as if she’s entitled to other people’s money.
“So, what are you going to do?” a deep male voice asks, obviously moved by her plea.
“I don’t know. I’d do anything, anything to get that money even if it kills me!”


“I overheard you a few minutes ago. You want easy money, more money than a waitress could ever make and you’re willing to do anything for it. Isn’t that right?”
Her eyes widen in alarm.
“I’m merely repeating what you said through an open door. You couldn’t have had an expectation of privacy in those circumstances. Anyway, I have a proposal for you.”
She looked at him nervously.
“As you’re prepared to do anything for money, spend one whole night with me. Before you reply, you should know five things. I expect confidentiality, professionalism, I f**k hard, f**k all night, and reward those who work for me extremely generously. Shall we say, a crore for a night?”
He’s going to teach her what it means to work hard.


At one minute to midnight, seventeen year old Swara is cocooned into the warm glow of a loving and financially secured family. At the stroke of midnight, she is knocked unconscious, fighting for her life in snow-covered Shimla. If being a teenage orphan with a baby brother to support on her own isn’t challenging enough, Swara’s life unfolds like a Greek tragedy.

Sanskar Maheshwari, a multibillionaire, has recently set up in the snowy and picturesque Shimla. A complete no-nonsense man, the thing he despised the most was people who wanted to make easy money, without any hard work, specially young girls and women.



• Swara Raut: A 21-year old orphan. Severely affected by her past. Loves her little brother Sameer, her only family left, a lot.
• Sameer Raut: Age- 8. Swara’s cute little brother. Fondly called Sam. Loves her a lot. Extremely cute. Anny’s best friend.
• Ragini Singhal: Age- 24. Swara’s best friend. A single mother.
• Anaya: Age- 6. Ragini’s daughter. Fondly called Anny. Cutest. Sam’s best friend.
• Mr. Mehra: Age- 47. Owner of ‘Eat n Smile’ restaurant where Swara works. Fatherly figure.
• Kavita Ghosh: Age- 23. Swara’s friendly colleague.
• Sanskar Maheshwari: Age- 26. A multibillionaire. Stays away from his family. A complete no-nonsense man. Hates liars and gold-diggers. Has different shades to his personality.
• Lakshya Malhotra: Age- 25. Sanskar’s best friend. Can’t reveal much about his character owing to the need of the story. A surprise-ful character.


Hello guys. I’m thinking to write an ff based on the above-mentioned plot. Please tell me whether I should continue or not. Thank you. ?

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