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nazdeek h dil ke (intro)

Hi this is savera I m very nervous because I m writing for the first time.so fingers crossed hope u all like it
Plz comment weather positive or negative
So we start here
All characters are same as in ishqbaaz
Some new entry
Ishana- Anika’s best friend but separate due to some reason live in Mumbai but don’t know Anika is in Mumbai
Rohan- Anika’s best friend but separated due some reason
He is very smart just like Rudra flirts with girls and cry on his break up never serious in life and at present is in London
They both love Anika very much
They call Anika as Niku

U guys remember the conversation oof Malika ,shiv omru on topic love in serial in which she says that she believes what billu Ji thinks about love
But there is change
In my episode
Anika says when we r in love,the whole world become beautiful ur whole life revolves around only this person
And when that person says u matter nothing in his life.ur whole world destroy at that time she said in crying tone
Rudra asked Anika
Di Kya aapne bhi Kisi se par kiya h
Shivaay more curiously watched at her what she is going to say
Anika first pauses then says no with heavy heart
And then smiled and says aisa m phle sochti thi now I think what billu Ji thinks about love
So this is scene which I changed
And there is no chutki in dream she just remember ishana and Rohan and dhoka of that person
Which will be reveal
So this is my episode hope u like it plz comment weather should I continue it or not and sorry for grammatical mistakes
And if I continue it plz tell me whom should I give Rohan character

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