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“MY VILLAIN!!!” TwiNj Few-shots (shot 4)

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In case if any one missed the previous part,

“MY VILLAIN!!!” TwiNj Few-shots (shot 3)

Disclaimer: this article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment and if I do so I sincerely apologize. No proof reading.

Lets begin

She woke up to find herself in the room. She recognized it to be her villain’s room. Hw can she forgot the room which changed her life. Her life which once had been a beautiful dream had now turned to be a worst nightmare. She moved out of the bed, she was wearing his shirt which was hardly covering her milky mid thighs and was about to leave the room when she bumped into someone. That someone is her villain who had tightly held her waist to prevent her from falling.


He brought her home and lied her on his bed. He called the doctor and asked him to come as soon as possible. As the doctor arrived, he was directly sent to examine twinkle. After sometime doctor came outside and said, “Mr. Sarna there is nothing to worry, she is perfectly fine… It’s just because of stress and I guess she have passes through so many emotions. Please take care of her and she needs rest”. By saying this the doctor left. He asked the maid to change her dress. The maid asked the dress. As he was leaving alone in the whole mansion so he didn’t had any female dress. He gave her his shirt and the maid changed her dress. He slowly went towards her. She was still unconscious. He carefully took her right palm in his left hand. He looked at her. His eyes were filled with tears, yup he was teary eyed seeing her lying on the bed lifeless. His heart ached. He kissed her hand. And brought his lips near her forehead and planted a kiss there. He caressed her face and sat beside her. After some time the sleep took over him.


He was lost in her those black orbs and so was she. Gaining his senses he cupped her face and started to ask, “how are you feeling now twinkle? Are u okay, you must take re- (rest)” she jerked him. He looked in her eyes which showed pain, hatred, anger, hurt, sadness. She yelled “why did you this kunj? What have I done to you, you asked me my body and I given to you. Then why did you do this”. He caught her shoulder and asked, “what did I do… I didn’t know what happened. Why are u accusing me”. “Oh really, Mr. Sarna… Ur too innocent… I m impressed” replied twinkle sarcastically. He said her not to joke and say what happened. She narrated the whole incident which took place yesterday and atlast said “now don’t say who did this, I very well know you” . He was shocked. He was really unaware of the incident that took place yesterday. He never ever thought of the happenings like this. He asked her to trust him but instead she yelled, ” and why did you changed my dress… how much will you fall… You don’t know how to respect a woman.. I guess ur parents didn’t teach you anything… Ah.. I know son of a rich brat is always damag- (damaged) ” she was about to complete but he caught her shoulder and pinned her to the wall. She looked into his eyes which were blood shot red and tears were about to make its way out. She noticed anger and some unknown pain in his eyes. He said painfully yet angrily “just stop it twinkle plz just stop it… I didn’t changed ur dress. I asked maid to do so… Nd You must be lucky that U had parents who have loved u, support u, but everyone is not so lucky. He have to search for food, work for his living and u don’t know how it is too live without parents. I got to know that my dad had left my mother for another woman. She was pregnant at that time. I was in her womb. She gave birth to me and left the world. I was then taken to an orphanage where we children were forced to work.” He removed his shirt and showed her the marks on his body. He continued “they used to torture us. After few years when I was 20 I escaped from there and established my business” when he ended his tears where flowing so as her. He left her and went to his room. She stood there shocked with tears flowing from her eyes. She was numb. She didn’t know that he had gone through so much. She went to his room and sneaked into the room through door. He was crying his heart out. She felt guilty. She went to him and kept her palm on his shoulder. He turned towards her. His eyes were red due to continuous crying. He hugged her tight, the force that was applied made her jerk and she landed up on his lap. He hugged her from her waist and she too hugged him back and caressed his hair. He was crying his heart out.
(A/N: remember twinkle is in his shirt And her legs were exposed. And kunj’s chest was bare and was only in his pants)

Screen freezes with twinkle on kunj’s lap and was hugging him.

To be continued…

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