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“MY VILLAIN!!!” TwiNj Few-shots (shot 3)

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Hw are you? I hope all are fine. All the ff writers I m sorry for not commenting. I have still many pages to read. Actually net pack got emptied and my mom refused to recharge again but after so much request here I m.

But yaar I m really sad only 15 comments. U don’t know yaar hw I felt. I wrote last episode with difficulty bcuz I.m not used to such stuff but still I wrote. I also taught not continuing it but I did just for my dear readers. If u want me to continue then plz do comment plz. The future of this FS depends upon the comments.


In case if any one missed the previous shot,

Disclaimer: this story is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment. It’s just for entertainment purpose. If I do hurt anyone then I sincerely apologize. No proof reading. Ignore mistakes.

ek smile de zara, muskurah #good day biscuit title track

Lets begin,

Finally her husband arrived. He was cured. Cured from the money she got by sharing her body to him, the villain, which was still unknown to any of the family members including her husband. All were happy and to celebrate this they organised a party for Yuvraj. She was beautifully dressed in a peach coloured simple saree with the silver embroidery on the side which draped over her right shoulder. It was simple yet elegant making her look breathtaking beautiful. Being lost, her never touched husband started walking towards her. This reminded her of her villain. He came near her and was about to kiss her but she jerked him. All the memories of the dreadful night flashed in her mind. The tears started its way towards her cheeks. She ran to the bathroom, closed the door and cried her heart out. Her husband was startled by her act. He went downstairs wondering about the change in her. After some time of crying and composing she too went downstairs. Everyone were enjoying the party until they heard a voice. It stated them to look towards the large screen which was located at one corner of the hall. Being curious about what was in store for them, marched towards it. All were shocked to see the photographs of her and her villain in an intimate way. One was when he pulled her towards him and she landed on his bare chest. Other was taken when they were sleeping together. She was covered with blanket and his bare chest was visible. By seeing those, one can think that both had an intimate night. Her tears again started kissing her cheeks. Her husband looked at her in disbelief and said “what is this twinkle? I know u. Can’t do this. I know this may be modified. Plz don’t believe in all this guys. I know my twinkle can’t do this. Plz tell everyone that this is a lie. ” she couldn’t say anything and was numb. He caught her shoulders and shakes her. She was in her senses. He again asked her the same but the reply “no this pic aren’t modified. It’s true but…” she couldn’t say more as her husband slapped her. After so much drama she was thrown out of her house. Even her own mother disowned her. She walked at the footpath of the road all shattered. Her heart cried. She sits lifeless beneath a tree. That’s when a car arrives and stops a few centimeters in front of her.

There comes her villain who was responsible for her condition now. He came out of his car only to find her in the miserable condition with eye swollen and cheeks red due to crying. He felt his heart crying seeing her like that. He went to her and caught hold of her shoulder and whispered “Twinkle…”. She looked at him and anger, hurt & pain was clearly visible in her eyes. She jerked him and asked him not to touch her. He left her quickly being hurt. She was continuously shouting on him while crying. After some time her vision got blurred and she fainted. He patted her cheeks and asked her to wake up. He Carried her to his car and drove to his house.

To be continued…

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