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My Version Of Naagin Season 2 ff ( Naagin Season 2) Part 7

Singh Mansion
After 24 yrs 11 months later
Shivanya: Takes out a suit for Ritik from cupboard.
Ritik: Comes after taking shower and pulls Shivanya into a hug from back .
Shivanya: Chodo Ritik koi dekh lega toh dekh lene do. aur jaldi se tyaar ho jayo please tum.
Ritik: ok and gets ready
Both Ritik and Shivanya comes to hall where aarti will take place
In Hall
Pandit: Starts Aarti
Ritik and Shivanya are doing aarti together
Angad : comes with is his wife naina in aarti and joins his bhaiya and bhabhi .
After aarti gets over.
Pandit : Ask Ritik and Shivanya where are your both daughters for whom you have kept this pooja and aarti
Ritik: Calls Shivangi and Ritika
Shivangi : Coming papa
Ritika: Coming papa
Both Shivangi and Ritika comes takes part in aarti . after taking part in aarti both Shivangi and Ritika starts feeling hungry and tells their maa they are hungry
Shivanya: ok i make something for both
Shivangi: make something fast maa
Ritika: yeah make it fast
after having breakfast both washed their hands and hugged their mumma.
Pandit comes and ask Ritik in private
Ritik: yeah sure
Pandit : Ritik naagmani is about to again
Ritik: I know some time is left in naagmani reappearing and wall also i know what i have to do make both Naagmani and Wall safe from Mahismatis and Shesha
Pandit : ok and leaves
At nighrt
Both Ritika and Shivangi are with Shivanya asking how did she fall in love with papa.
Shivanya: It’s long story
Shivangi and Ritika: please mumma tell na please
Shivanya: ok and starts telling her love story with Ritik .
Suddenly Ritik comes in room asks what is happening Shivanya tells Ritik she is telling their love story to their daughters
Ritik: ok and tells Shivangi and Ritika he fell for their maa at first sight only when she was working in kitchen at panchner ki haveli .
Shivangi and Ritika : wow papa you fallen in love with maa at first sight only
Ritik: Enough for today my both princess go and sleep .
Shivangi and Ritika : ok papa
Both Shivangi and Ritika left for their room.
Shivanya: Ritik it’s true that you have in fallen in love with me at first sight
Ritik: Yes it’s true that i was fallen in love with you at first sight .
Shivanya: come here i want to give you something
Ritik: comes near to Shivanya
Shivanya: Kisses Ritik on lips and tells him thanks for coming in life and making a my life beautiful .Ritik: smiles
Both Ritik and Shivanya slept peacefully in each other arms .
Precap : Ritik’s bad dream about Shivanya being killed by Shesha

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