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Episode 21

Swara’s POV

When she left my womb, I sighed due to relief. My body wanted her to release from me. But I couldn’t release my vision from her when I saw her for the first time ,due to the pain or happiness, I am unaware ,but tears aren’t controlling it’s flow.When I heard her voice I am wishing to hear it again and again. She is crying…. Her small small eyes, thin fair skin, micro fingers, small mouth. I had seen many babies. But she is something special….. Look !!!my baby, my baby…?? I carried her for 9 months and 10 days in my womb. My baby ????? my baby my baby she is smiling ,she is crying… Look how small she is? I want to hugg her tightly, wanna pinch her but it will be aching na?. I covered her small small body with numerous kisses…. Aryan came close to me and slightly held her hand…..” Mom, her body is seeming like cotton bundle.”………
My eyes were began to search for Sanskar. I had seen him finally while they were leading me to labour room. Where is he??
Aryan where is your Dad??
Aryan: actually Mom he is outside. I donno but he is feeling awkward
I asked myself why but couldn’t find a reply. Post some couple of minutes he came to us whereas wasn’t looking at the infant.

Sanskar look our Janu…

Sanskar’s POV

I turned my eyeballs towards her but tears are blurring my vision I couldn’t see my lil one. My arms wiped the interruption midst of me and my infant. She is calmly moving her hands, fingers, eyeballs and legs… Swara asked me why I am crying but I also don’t know why I am doing this. I didn’t dreamt a dream like this that this all will happen once but it happened. Finally she entered into our lives like an oasis in a desert. I acquired her from Swara in a second…. Sanskar take care take care….. Swara is warning, my Janu She is looking at me. Her eyeballs are obeserving each every spots of my face. Is it possible?? Will she identified me, Is it she can see me clearly???

I kissed on her forehead as a result of my sudden action she keenly observed me for a while then gave me a smile like she is saying I like it Dad?. A macro joy started jumping in my mind when I had seen her smile. Is it babies know what is smile, don’t they ? Hmm I sighed
She is beautiful like you?, I said to Swara
She started describing her each and every organs. Like eyes are like her Maa, lips were gone to me, Nose resembles like Mom. These girls na they have additional skills in obeserving something neverthelessly moreover I had seen rejoices on her face.Mom visited us and stayed for 4 months. She left Janu with a lot sorrow but what to do? Dad is alone there. They can’t stay with us with leaving BM and BP lonely.

Janu befriended with me and Shadow but she wanted to b with Swara. Moreover she is inclined towards Swara. If we want, Swara will make her lie on my lap sometimes Shadow’s too…… Hyeee….yeee..kyee…ya…ya…. She will try to mingle with us
I don’t know whether she is moaning or trying to talk. We awaited for just a smile on her lips like falling hailstones. At last she will open her micro mouth for a sweet and cute yawning meanwhile her eyes were tightly closed…….kk she will will play you both later.
……. Her Mom will say and we will handover her. She will play with us… Did you hear it… She will play with us. She made me a kid again.She increased the colors of our lives and my death fright also. I can’t leave them ever…….

To be continued……….

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