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My shadow my companion – it’s all about Sanskar Episode 20

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Episode 20

Swara’s POV

Siblings are the most adorable relationship in the world. They knows each other’s heart beats. So when I took Aryan’s arm on my tummy, he understood the beat of life in me….. Kanha u r gonna be a bhaiya……. His eyes were sparkled in happiness, he forgot to eat the cutted cake. He winked in wonder. Sanskar and me fed him together the cake and he reciprocated. Others were clapped. When we were alone he asked us……Mom, Chunky You will love whom more. Me or Janu??…….

Sanskar together held his both hands

Sans: No doubt we will love her cz she is our child. Parents will offcourse love their children but you are my first kid. First Love is always special ,like that you are special. You are more than a son for me. My Shadow, my hope for being alive, my friend you are always special for me. I am loving you more than anything. Our relationship is more than a son father’s relationship.

Sanskar discarded the further lines and I cupped his temple.

Haan Kanha we will love her but you are more than a son for us. My son, my support and Yashoda maiyya loved Kanha more. She renowned due to Kanha and I wanna be ur Yashoda. You are my first kid. You are special for me always…….

He hugged me and kissed on my tummy. I think he is satisfied, Stroked on my tummy.

Mom I will love her more than you both

Hey I have a doubt, I said

How do you know that it is Janu, it might be Jay/ Jeeva??
Ary: no Mom I know it is my Janu

And sang a song

Januuuuuuu chalna kuch karte hain…..

We laughed together

The upcoming days were becoming unexpected for me….
My belly started bumping. He brought long suits for me. Uncle made some Ayurvedic distilled drugs for my Janu’s n my health. Doctor said everything is normal. Sometimes he will come close to me for being intimate but I will forbid him. At last we will share just a lip lock and he will leave disappointed.
Sometimes Sanskar is getting a turmoil for me and sometimes a sweet hubby. He prohibited me to eat fast food.
Said,…… Swara stay away from KFC chicken okay…… I nodded yes??. But the next day, he arrived with some chicken dishes…….” Yeh lo it’s home made and healthy. You can eat it”……. I ate the chicken. Wow delicious and tasty???.
I was dare to kiss him…..eeehhh chicken??. Kiss me after brushing okay……

I am irked, then y did he let me had it??

This was made by your role model. He told

Role model??

Sans: Yes Principal Jayanti Mam. She said, if you want anything then don’t be feel awkward for mentioning her. She cooks so much non veg dishes

Ohhh I am so happy now, now I can eat such foods. Gosh I forgot you to tell something. I told you na that he have a school.Actually I have joined there in the post of a music teacher. Just for a time pass. Jayanti Mam is the principal there. Such a sweet person you know. She is a widow n her son is working in abroad. She is treating me like a daughter. She is reminding me my Maa.
Leaving me stunned Maa visited me once. Actually he brought her here. I guided her our heaven, introduced Maa to Mam, orphanage and Uncle

Sanskar’s POV

After a day of console ments. She paved a series of complaints in front of Maa.

And I am giving it’s prompt acknowledgement
Hear it,

Look Maa, he is bothering me to drink this milk. You know na that I hate milk since childhood.

I said,
Maa look this is pure and fresh milk. Giving by my Gowra

Maa: who is Gowra
Swa: His favourite pet cow. He is loving it more than us. Parrot, peacock, cow, goat, puppies, kittens, rabbits, pegion all are here. Chalo chod diya…. You know Maa, he is raising a cobra too
Maa: ?? Cobra

I gave her some undigesting explanations

Swa: Maa he isn’t letting me eat fast food.???
Here all are homemade, no shopmade. Foods are home made, chocolates are home made, fruits and vegetables are home made. Medicines are home made everything everything??

I gave Maa an orange

“Maa eat it and say how is it”

She did and stunned about its taste

Fresh na?? I asked with fragmenting an apple.

She said yes

“I am farming it here Maa. These apples, oranges, grapes, custard apples, guavas jackfruit all.

Mom ko mat batana haan. I brought non veg also for this ruthless Vampire. If she wanted chicken dishes, I will only use the meat coming from my poultry farm??. I am a farmer and I know how they are making broiler chickens by injecting hormones. It will harm her and the foetus. And you know na about vegetables bathed in pesticides. Here the things are easily accessible fresh air, pure water and nice food then why we depend upon poisonous vegetables fruits and others……
If I showed my heart also na then too your daughter will see it as a hibiscus???

Maa slightly slapped me, Sanskar tum na… She nodded
Then a call arrived and I left…….

After the call hung up, I accidentally overheard their conversation

Maa hugged her and said

Shona, I thought that Sanskar is ill treating you. He is revengefull towards you. But I was wrong, he is killing you, killing you by his love. I thought that you are lonely here but you are in the middle of such sweet people. You are away from us in this condition but Sanskar is fulfilling the responsibilities of ur every relations. Closeness of husbands are most important especially in these situations. Which I never experienced while you were in my womb. But you and my grandchildren are really fortunate that you all got Sanskar like husband and father respectively……

Good, at least someone has understood me. Maa left to Kolkata and we continued to live with our happy little life.
Once three of us were watching TV.
Aah ah….. She began to create some joyful voices from the core of her heart…..San Sanskar, Kanha our Janu is hitting me…… She made both of us touched on her tummy. We also experienced the hitting power of my lil one. She made it as a hour routine. When ever we will forget her. She will memorize herself like this……

To be continued……..

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