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My secret admire »DevAkshi« Sneak peek

Hi guys Rithika here,
I’ve come back but with a sneak peek of my ff since I couldn’t type all these days sorry for that I was really caught up with a lot of work so I couldn’t post I’m posting a sneak peak of my ff for all of u who r badly missing my ff



Devakshi were in the bus and Dev gets a chance to spend time with her and does romance with her and irritates her

On the other side Ayan like an idiot is eyeing an aunties tiffin while the auntie thinks his intentions r bad and slap him and leave from there while Elena inquires about the slap

On the other side of the bus Dev was romancing with Sona while she was trying to escape but he didn’t let her and some other man was staring at Sona lustily Dev found out about it sent Sona and Elena in car to office and beat that man black and blue

Next day Elena bunked college to meet Vicky and Sona dropped her to his office Dev was there itself she was going to go but he stopped her he leaves her locked in his cabin and she gets angry and wrecks his cabin while he smiles at her

On the other side some goons are planning to take revenge from Dev by kidnapping his weakness : Sona

In the night Sona waits for him at her window but she doesn’t know y she sees waiting for him when her eyes fall on Dev who was hugging and girl Sona gets angry and doesn’t know y. She goes and confronts him calling him a cheater and insults the girl, he gets mad and slaps her.

She feels really sad and cries and goes away from there crying and runs somewhere far and those same goons kidnap Sona

So do u people really think that Dev will turn out to be a cheater?
Who is that girl ?
Does Dev save Sona ?
Will Sona ever forgive him for slapping her?

Stay tuned to know more


So how was it please give ur views I’ll post the episode by tomorrow and u can expect that to b little long

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