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My secret admire »DevAkshi« Episode 11

Hi guys Rithika here
I’m back with a short epi. Sorry for short epis actually I can try and post short epis regularly but if u people want long epis then u have to wait for 2-3 days. The choice is ur’s!!


Elena and Sona reach the college. They walk towards the gate and Sona stopped near the box in which Sona got the letters. A sweet and cute smile appeared on her face remembering Dev and his antics


Elena : Bhai ke bare mein soch rahi hai na
Sona : (comes to sense and avoids eye contact) No..no I have better work rather than thinking about that idiot huh!
Elena : Oh really..
Sona : Ye..yes

Just then Natasha comes there

Natasha : Hi Elena, Sona come lets go to class

Elena : Haan lets go..waise bhi we have to bunk next class so better we attend this one
Natasha : Bunk?? Y??
Elena : Woh actually Vicky and I r going out for a long drive so Sona will drop me to Vicky’s office, so bunk..
Natasha : Hmm ok..Enjoy!!
Sona : Haan she toh will enjoy but we won’t if we r late..lets go (smiles)

Natasha and Elena node and all three leave

Dev’s cabin

Dev was staring at the laptop screen with red eyes, eyes filled with anger and possessiveness remembering the morning incident. Just then Vicky enters and looks at him who is lost

Vicky : Hi Dev..
Dev : (comes to his sense)..Aa, Vicky u here…anything important
Vicky : I don’t know whether its that important but Sona is coming here to the office

His face lit’s up hearing his loves name and his lips curve into a cute smile and eyes look at him in surprise

Dev : (super happy and surprised) Ya really Sona here…sachi Vicky but y?
Vicky : (smiles) Haan woh actually me and Elena r going for a long drive so Sona is coming here to drop her
Dev : Let her come…I’ll see how she goes
Vicky : Hahaha I know

A semi dark room is shown. A man is sleeping on a bed covered with bandages and connected with weir’s and the other equipment’s to his body it is looking like he is in a very terrible condition fighting with his life and death. Next to him another man is seated on a chair, he is dressed in a kurta and was chewing the paan, he had a beard which he was caressing thinking something deeply staring the man on the bed. Just then Birju and goons comes there

Birju : Bhaya ji

The beard man is Bhaya ji

Bhaya ji :(still staring the man on the bed) bol Birju
Birju : Bhaya ji, The boy abt whom u asked to collect information is Dev Dixit, son of a famous businessman Rohit Dixit. For now we know this much only about him, but soon we will get to know more as I asked one of my men to spy on him

Bhaya ji : Hmm good (to man on the bed) see chote he is only responsible for ur this condition right, I will not leave him… I will not ….

He looks at Birju and goons, gets confused seeing their condition as they were beaten up by Dev. They had wounds all over their body

Bhaya ji : What is this wounds and all
Birju : (downs his head) Woh Bhaiya ji, it is done by the same boy woh actually (he tells everything)
Bhaya ji : He can, I knew it only he can do this, he can fight with anyone. I’m waiting to know his weakness jisse mai usse tadpa tadpa kai maar sakon


Dev, Vicky and Ayan were waiting for Elena and Sona in the parking lot

Ayan : They r taking so much time yaar
Vicky : Chill!! Have patience dude!!
Ayan : Hmph! Ur telling the same dialogue from the past 2 hours they still haven’t come
Dev : Hey Ayan, can’t u have some patience for ur friends

Ayan : Because of ur dumb love stories I’m getting thin day by day. My mom will scold me now..

Just then Sona and Elena come

Vicky : Dekh aa gaye

Dev and Ayan look at them. Dev looks at Sona while she turns her face in anger and they both go toward them

Vicky : Ok peeps we’re leaving…enjoy Dev….come darling

Dev smiles and Elena nodes with a blushing face and they leave. Sona was also about to go, but Dev stops her holding her wrist

Dev : Where r u going sweetheart
Sona : None of ur business ok

Dev smiles and pulls her close

Dev : It is my business darling..(pinches her nose)
Sona : Ah!! Idiot

Rubs her nose which is paining

Dev : Oh sorry jaan..it’s paining right…wait I’ll lessen it in my way

He kisses the tip of her nose and winks st her while she looks on shocked

Dev : How’s it now dear
Sona : Ugh!!! Leave me now! I have to go !!

He tightens the grip

Dev : Nope ur not going anywhere because I won’t let u go dear
Sona : What??
Dev : Hmm..today is our day…..only me..and u….
Ayan : (interrupts)And me..
Dev : Then get lost and give us some privacy
Ayan : Wah wah wah Dev babu….u forgot our friendship because of this devil great…

Sona looks at him with anger understanding the meaning of his statement while Dev chuckles looking at Sona

Ayan : Woh…um….I mean….haan! I feeling hungry so I’m toh going ok

Ayan leaves in fear while Dev chuckles looking at Sona while she gives a winning smirk

Dev : Saw how that befkoof was scared of u
Sona : Haan even u should be scared
Dev : Me……scared of u???? Hahahahahahaha nice joke..but I’m not scared of a 4 foot 2 inch wild cat haha

Sona looks at him in anger while he stops laughing

Dev : Ok chalo leave that…ab u come with me

He held her hand and was about to walk when she stood still on the ground not wanting to move

Sona : I’m not going anywhere understood

He raises his eyebrows

Dev : Hmm is that so…let’s see

He lifts her in his arms while she widens her eyes

Sona : What r u doing
Dev : I guess chashmah lagana chaiye…can’t u I’m carrying u haan!
Sona : Ugh!!! Stupid idiotic aadmi….Hmph! Waste to talk with this creature

Dev : Haan whatever but this aadmi is ur’s na

He smiles cutely at her anger


I know u people r ready with shoes, tomatoes and what not to throw on me because I’m so damn late
Sorry for that so sorry but I had piles of hw’s and tests this whole week hope u can understand
One more thing should I continue after DevAkshi proposal or no??
How was it please give ur views

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