a man of mid 20’s was sitting in a couch while throwing his head back…

Man’s pov

Its been six months dear….since i saw n this is the sixth month anniversery of my first ever love that too love at first sight….ohhh sry sry u guys r here na ek minute i m sanskar,sanskar maheshwari…CEO of karma industries now i m in kolkata n my family is in delhi…yeah coming to the point i m in love not thats like u r thinking it was a one sided love…i saw her 6 months before she was….no i dont have any words to describe her…..ok in this 6 mnths i hardly sees her 3 or 4 times bcz this was the first time i m falling for a girl in my life…being lil bit shy i didnt follow her also guys u know what she my dream girl….haa….

Again my phone rings…yaar shit why this mobiz is always cutting my thoughts….

San’s pov ends….

San : haan bolo arjun….( his manager )

Arj : sir wo today is interview for slecting pa…so…

San : haan arju i ll be there at 9..bye

Arj : ok sir bye

He hangsup the call n sanskar went to washroom n freshnup n leaves to office….

At xyz appartments

A girl was seen sitting in her bed just than the door bang opened a man of early 20’s came in n drags her towards him…without any secondz he smashes his lips with hers…she was in utter shock…but without giving any chance to her he pushes her on the bed n came on top of her….she didnt know what to do…he starts to give kisses on her nape…than suddenly she hears sm1 calling her name

Voice : shonaaaa….get up its getting late….

Swara getsup from her sleep she was sweating badly…a boy came in he gives her coffee n pecks her forehead n sits beside her….

Boy : patha nahi how can i going to spent my whole life with this sleeping pricess lagtha hai i have to do all the house holds….

Swa : laksh……

La : haan ok ok no more bak baks i m leaving to office ur breakfast is ready….

He getsup n says while looking at the celing

La : plzzz god do somthing change her before our marriage than bcz i cant suffer for whole life…

Swara throws a pillow on him he smiles n pecks her cheeks n leaves frm there….

Swara smiles at his act n after sometime she gets ready in a formals n leaves from there….

At karma industriez 10 pm

San : arju whats this no one eligible for this job….

Arj : sir one more candidate is left….

San : no arju she is unfit see this is 10 now interview time is 9…

Arj : sir….

San : arju plzzz leave me alone for sometime haan n plzzz send me a coffee

Arjun leaves from there n within a minute the door bang opened

Voice : sorry sir i m really really sry….

San : what the hell….

As soon as sanskar saw that person he was dumb….n lost




Two families was sitting at hall looking like they r waiting to see the bride….

Man’s pov

I m sanskar a soup boy i mean to say a love failure guy but what to do my mom na she dont even listening words but i think its lil bit easy to forgot my first love after knowing about her character yeah she is not a girl who is like one boy is my life she is…ok leave it its chiii of speaking about her now i m going to see the bride who my parents chooses for me…i hope she is not like her…

My thoughts were cutted by a sweet voice

San pov ends….

Swara came there with a cute lil girls infront of her…she was looking like an angel in kanchepuram saree….she folds her hand

Swa : namaste….

San wisphers : SHE IS BEAUTIFUL…..

Swatha smiles hearing this n after some time both family asks for swasan acceptance both agrees….

Thats it guys this stry will be like how they going fall for eo after this n the twist n turns in their marriage life……


Guys here is two prologues choose one stroy thats ur choice n this…i was just checking out my backups that time i found this stries i wrote this long back u tell me if u want it than i ll post actually here there is no proper internet so laaa iz posting it n once sry for my ss… love u all bye

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