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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 36

First of all plz forgive me for not sending the episode . Really sorry for that I didn’t because of I was out of station later I was busy with my school projects .

Hope some of u remembers the story any way I will give a recap .



The episode starts with ranveer and ishani sitting in a decorated swing and guests comes and congratulates them . after some time the guests stared to go. That time ishani excused herself from there and took ranveer from there to a private place where there was no one.

RANVEER – what ishani? For what u called me here?

ISHANI- I called u for an important thing.

RANVEER With naughty smile- Haa I know for what u called me here.

ISHANI Confusingly- for what.

RANVEER – I know, I know.

ISHANI – What!

RANVEER – I know u called me here for giving kiss know?

ISHANI with an angry face- hey what is this ranveer . I called for saying an important thing but u r saying about kiss? Can I ask u why u r like this? Always kiss kiss kiss.

Our Ranveer made a puppy face..

ISHANI – Now listen here.

Ranveer with a puppy face nodded yes .

ISHANI – Ohh my god . Now can u change this puppy face. Hmm what u need is kiss know?

RANVEER eagerly – yes. …..

ISHANI – after that u should listen.


Then ISHANI gave him a kiss at his cheeks.

Then our ranveer became happy.

RANVEER- now say what u was about to say?

ISHANI – Haa. Showing her hands she asked him that do u know this ring?

RANVEER- haa I know this ring. Once I too had a same ring but I lost it few Years before. Still I don’t know how lost it.When I saw this first time in ur hand I was surprised as when my Dadi gifted me the ring on my birthday and told it is a antique collection. And do u know this ring has a belief.


RANVEER- (actually this ring is combined of two rings ) U know that it is 2 ring. When my Dadi gifted me the ring she told me to keep this two rings together and when I finds my soul mate I should give one of this rings to her which will keep them together for ever. And told me that till I finds her this rings should be putted together as it will make to realize love and when ever this kept together the lovers will be not be separated but unfortunately I lost it. I think that’s why I took lot if time to understand my love . But how do u got this as it was a antique collection?

ISHANI- actually its not mine.

RANVEER – Then who’s?

ISHANI- Its urs only.

RANVEER shockingly – What!


RANVEER- But how u got this?

ISHANI – I got it from u.

RANVEER- But when and how ?

ISHANI – Actually the first meeting of us was not at that new year night and I told u that I saw u at the award ceremony but the truth is that we had met each other before that.

RANVEER – But when?

ISHANI- I think u had forgot it. But I will tell u. Do u remember year’s before u met a girl in the parking area of a mall. And she was asking u too give some space to her for parking her car and u gave space too but she was a beginner so it was difficult to park her car in small spaces. So she kept on asking u to move it car some more. Do u remember?

RANVEER- Haaa I remembers a little.

ISHANI- That time u took key from her and parked her car as u was fed up with that.

RANVEER- Haaaaaa now I remembers clearly.

ISHANI- Haa that girl was been me.

RANVEER- What it was Been u?

ISHANI – Yeah.

RANVEER- ok. But how do u got this ring. ?

ISHANI- that time u lost the ring in my car .
And the next day my mother got it and gave to me. That time I kept it in my wardrobe.When I saw u in the on award night as I told u something had happened to Me. So from that day I started to wear this ring as it was urs so whenever it is with me I felt u r with me. But I am really sorry RANVEER for not saying this to u earlier.

RANVEER -OHH it’s ok dear no problem in that.

Then ishani removed the rings from her hands and gave it to RANVEER saying that -it’s its know so keep it.

RANVEER- Ok but I need one only as per my Dadi told when I finds my soul mate I should give it to her. So one is its. ???❣❣❣❣❣

ISHANI smilingly ??- Thank u……

By saying this she hugged him. He too gives her back.

When she was about to break the hug RANVEER held her from her waist. She looked at him who was having a naughty smile in his cute face.

ISHANI- hey leave me RANVEER.

RANVEER – No. I won’t.

ISHANI- Hey what do u want?

RANVEER- what? For Being some closer with my fiance did I want say any reason?

ISHANI- hey RANVEER plz leave me it’s not time for this someone will come.

RANVEER- If someone comes what ? We r engaged know ? So……

ISHANI- So what ?

RANVEER- Do u really want to know that? By saying this he pulled her more closer to him .

Our ISHANI was shocked by this.

He pinched her to the wall .

Ishani was stunned by this and was not able to say anything.

He came near her and kissed cheek . ????

Ishani was like a statue . ?????.

And he smiled at her . Then Ishani came to sense and asked him to leave her .

RANVEER – What ! If I leaves u it will not be fair .

ISHANI confusingly – what !

RANVEER- haaa if Ieaves u with out giving kiss at ur left cheek it will be unfair to the left cheek as right cheek only got the kiss . So the left cheek will say that I loves only ur right cheek . ☹☹☹☹

ISHANI – oho so u started to think like this .

RANVEER – Yeah because if I didn’t start thinking of this then it will be difficult for me

ISHANI confusingly- what?

RANVEER – I meant that in future when I become a father I should treat all my children’s equally know ? So I am starting to do like that from now as from now soon I will be becoming a father know ? ?????? he said in a naughty tone .


RANVEER- So can I ?

ISHANI – what ?

RANVEER – Right cheek ……….

Ishani smiles shyly .

Ranveer gave a kiss at her right cheek . Tum hi ho plays at BG………

They both shares an eye lock .

That time Parul comes there calling bhai …. And bhabhi.

They both suddenly got in to sense and moved away .

Parul came there .

PARUL – Bhai every one is calling u and bhabhi down .

RANVEER – Come let’s Go …

They both came down with Parul .

They all had food together after all the guest went and ranveer and family went from there..

The episode ends here.


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