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My love for you kkb… episode 12

Hello everyone…thanks a lot for your lovely support..so let’s move on to our story…
Pr;abhi…arent you ready yet..
Ab;pragu I am coming…
Abhi came..
Pr;can we go now…
Ab; pragu…are you talking seriously…that you have to do this for me…
Pr;abhi what happened to you.. are you not comfortable with me…in this..
Ab;actually it’s not at all like this pragu…may be it will create a problem with us..
Ab;pragu..may be I will sometimes forget that you are with me not sree..
Pr;don’t worry I will not forget it..they both smiles and leaves..to nearest restaurant..

Ab;I will be back in minutes..
Pr;abhi..i knew that what’s going through mind..actually I too don’t knew why I am like this..why I feel sad when I look him as sad..why my mind says to me to act as his sree..
Screen shifted to abhi..
Ab;hello I am abhishek mehra bol rahahoom..i want your small Help can you do this for me..can you collect details about arjun kumar who is on spcl duty on data cell..k then call me after sometime…
Call ends..


Ab;I think I can help her to solve her problems  ..(abhi look at pragya who is waiting for him ) I think i can soon end her tears and give her life back..suddenly a tear drop falls from his eyes.. abhi touched at that dropwhat’s the meaning of this tear abhi..is this because your happiness as you can give her life back or  in sad of losing her..abhi stands there in thinking..
Pragya calls abhi…he came back to sense..and goes to her..
Pr;abhi..can I ask you a doubt..
Ab;yes you can.
Pr; are you always like this..lost in somewhere ..then how would you balancing your job..
Ab:(smiles ) ..actually I am not like this always..and if I get lost at that time purab will manage things.. and from now onwards you are there n.a…
Pr;I will not be there with you in entire life right.. abhigya look at each other..didnt utter a word..
Pr;k..what you wish to drink..
Ab; anything..
Pr;k..she orders chocolate shake..waiter brings it..pragya started to enjoy drinking..

Ab; sree to like this alot..
Pr;i am your sree now right..abhi tell me what all things which you wish to do with sree now..
Abhi thinks..sree have a wish that as we both come to this island she want to go for a ride in sky..she want to fly with me..
Pr;k ..so can we go for it..
Abhi smile.. abhigya reach the spot.. and do preparations for the fly..
Ab;pragu..do you have any fear in flying like fear of water..
Pr;abhi don’t tease me like this..as i am not  always like that.. i am brave girl..

Ab; brave girl which fear water which fear..abhi move towards pragya..and came closer..fear closeness.. (tu meri jaan plays)
And share an eyelock..abhi came to sense that how much closer he is with pragya and moved back..
Pr;It’s k..they both do for ride..(itni si bath plays )
After ride…abhi gets a call..he attend it..
Ab;pragu can we leave..

Pr; what happened abhi..
Ab;come let’s leave now ..my head is aching..
Pr;k let’s leave..
Abhi move to his room..
Pragya goes to kitchen and make a spcl kada for him..and came to room..
Pr;abhi ..just have it..
Ab;place it on table..
Pragya kept it..abhi is sitting on sofa..resting his head..
Pr;abhi..i have balm for headache..if you have no problem then I will..
Ab;no need of it..it will go away when I will rest for sometime..
Pr,(who understand what he meant as he want to stay alone ) k abhi you take rest..call me if you need anything..

She leaves..
Pr:(in mind ) what a person he is ..sometimes I feel like he is so nice.. sometimes rude..sometimes his character is mysterious..why his mood suddenly swings..
Screen shifted to abhi..
Ab;(in mind ) what will I say to her now.. how can I.. would I say her truth or hide the  truth.. how can I…her love her trust in love…godji..why are you always like this.. why are you giving pain to one who are so nice and innocent..why you always make away loved ones..why you did the same with pragu just like me ..
(Agar tum Sath ho plays )

After sometime..abhi knocks pragya room door..
Pragya opens it..
Pr;abhi are you k..do you need anything…
Ab;i am perfectly fine..
But I want to talk with you..
Abhi remain silent for a long..
Pr;abhi you have told that you need to talk with me..then why are you sitting as silent..
Ab;pragu..sometimes we don’t knew how to speak some matters..some matters are hard to convey..but we have to say it knowing that it will give pain to one who hear..
Pragya look confused..
Ab, pragu..i want to say something important bath..but ..
Pr;abhi..no need of thinking alot..tell thing directly..
Ab;pragu the one you are waiting for till now is no more…
Pragya stand lifeless..
Pr;what??What you said..

Ab;arjun is no more..
Pr;what ?arjun my arjun..no..you are telling lie..my arjun…cant go like this.. leaving me alone..you are telling lie..
Pr;No.. my arjun is alive ..he will come back to me..pragya started to threw all things…no you are telling lie..my  arjun will come back to me…
She kneels down on floor and started to cry loud…
(Tere liye plays…) episode ends..
Sorry bavi..for confusing you with my story..if anyone have doubts about story I can clarify it…actually I will give a summary of story till now…

Abhi and pragya get married as per family’s wish..acyually they don’t like this relation..because abhi loves an another person called sree…who is his childhood friend..but their love break …because sree is no more…on engagement day abisree get an accident.. in that accident sree dies..and abhi is living with her heart..
In case of pragya..she has a love from college onwards it’s her arjun..they both loves madly..after college ….arjun get a job..and get a spcl assignment on Kashmir.. and leaves to that place..at first he writes letter to pragya..but after some days..pragya didn’t get any information about arjun no letters message phone call..she even don’t knew where he is..she still believe he will come back..

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