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My Filmy Love Story: Raglak.. (shot 6)

Hellloo….Friends..Meethi is back..with d 6th shot…
I am overwhelmed by all of ur response❤..and  yes i will shortly be replying to ur comments individually as well🙈..

So lets begin..🌟

Raj-Yaar!What the hell is happening..i mean Ragini and Laksh..they r behaving strange..quite strange!I knw Laksh..he has never given such a imp client’s presentation..to any of his employees..except me…ya i knw Ragini is trust worthy..but..kuch toh hua hai..kuch ho gaya hai!..He smiles..Abh iss kahaani ko mein jaankar rahunga as well I will take this story forward..he smiles😋😋..

@night (6pm)..
Ragini is shown waiting for the auto!..
When a car comes and stops..in front of her..
The window shield opens..
And its Laksh!..

Laksh-Ragu..sit..see no one is here..we can go to gether..
Jst wen Ragini was giving an answer..jst then Raj comes there on his BIKE🙈🙈..
Raj-Arrey Ragini u here..and laksh u?..
Laksh-Ya..actually i saw Ragini calling for an auto i thought to giver her lift..
Ragini smiles in agreement..
Raj-Ragini u need a lift…come i ll drop u..vaise bhi ur house comes in my way..
Laksh (shocked)-Arrey Raj..i will drop na!..
Raj-Arrey bro..tum kyon stress leraha hai?..

Raj-Ragini u only tell!is there any prob if i drp u as laksh’s and ur house have opp routes

Ragini (forcefully)-Ya i have no problem..sir u leave i will come..i mean go..
Laksh gives a are u serious wala look
Raj-See tats ny friend and he pulls ragini’s cheeks (frndly manner only)..
Laksh sees this and i knw i knw..u all knw..he was feeling smthng was burning deep inside him😋😋
Raj-Come Ragini sit!..
And ragini sits on d backseat!..
Raj-Ragini..i dont have itching powder drpped on my jacket u can hold me..otherwise..u will fall n get hurt..
Ragini faintly smiles!..and keeps her hand on his shoulders..and our laksh babu was burning in jealousy😫😫..

Raj-Bye laksh!..
Ragini-Bye Sir..

Raj and ragini leaves..

Laksh’s POV

This Raj..mera bhai..why is he being a devil in my married life..i was giving her a lift na…lift i meant i was taking her to our house but this Raj..akal ka dushman…now Ragu wat will she do..but i will not forgive this raj..I was gping to get sme tym to spend with my wife but he!..
Wait…wait…did i jst sat..spend some tym with my WIFE..laksh dont let these dilly thoughts come on ur mind remember ur deal..u will always be her best frnd..he smiles and leaves..

On d other side..Raj and Ragini..
Raj-Ragini its seems u are quite familiar wid bike rides..coz normally ppl are scared wen they sit on d bike especially on the back seat..
Ragini-Yeah!Actually i love riding bikes 😯😯..
Raj applies brakes..
Raj-U mean u r a biker..

He again starts d bike..
Suddenly she shouts!Sssssstttttoooopppp!
Raj-Abh kya hua..
Ragini-My house she points..came..😂..
Raj -Oh i m sorry..
Ragini gets off d bike and says bye to him..
Raj-Bye take care and good night..

Raj leaves..while Ragini acts gng inn..

Ragini’s pov..
Yaar Ragu wat will u do!..u dont have d keys..d keys are at my room (laksh ka room)..and its too late..auto bhi nhi milega..oh god..
Wen she hears a horn..
She turns and sees laksh’s car!..

Laksh-Do want to stand here all night come sit..
Ragini goes and sits in d car..
Ragini-Laksh u here..i thought..
Laksh-Tat i left..do u think i m gonna leave u alone that to at this hour!..

Ragini feels happy seeing his concern..
Laksh-Now wat r u staring!

Laksh-By the wat..were u both talking..
Ragini-Nthng..i was jst telling him that i m a biker as well..
Laksh applies brakes suddenly..
Laksh-U r a biker as well!..i mean u have traits of Ussain bolt..Jackie chan and now also a biker..hey bhagwan wat all other traits u have?..
Ragini -Many many more mr maheshwari she winks at him..u ll have to wait and watch😆

They reach home..

Laksh goes to the washroom and wen he comes back he sees Ragini working on her laptop on d study table..
Laksh-Ragu,Wat r u dng…its quite late..so and sleep..
Ragini-Mr bhulakkad…u forgot i have to finish this presentation *sir*…
Laksh chuckles..-Ohkay shd i help u?..
Ragini-No laksh..i ll do it own my u sleep..u have to hold d meeting tomorrow morning..
Laksh-Are u sure?..
Ragini smiles..
And laksh goes and lies down on d couch..but he doesn’t get sleep..but he closes his eyes..

Around 1 am..
Laksh wakes up to drink water..
And sees tat ragu..slept on d study table itself while doing work…He smiles seeing her..
And goes near her..and sees the strand of hair disturbing her..he tucks d strand behing her ear..
He smiles at her..and thinks how cute she looks while sleeping..no she looks evertime..she is so beautiful yaar..

He sees ragini struggling to sleep on d wodden table..he thinks something and picks ragini up..(in bridal style)..
And keeps her carefully on the bed..

And covers her with the comforter..amd kisses her on d forehead..before leaving to sleep on d couch..

So guys how was d shot?..
Hope u all liked it😊

Do tell me abt ur views..

Loads of love
Meethi ❤❤

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