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My evil heart Chapter 11: The truth!

Chapter 11: The truth!

Heya guys I’m back with the latest chapter of My evil heart and I know, that you guys like  or even love this story, so I hope you enjoy today’s chapter!


Shaurya’s pov
“They will never get to know, what actually happend with Laksh!” “Hahhahaha!” “I used to drug him and then lock him in his room!” “I hate my brothers a lot, cause of them I suffered a lot!” “I will ruin everything in their lives, at first I will start with Neha in killing her child!” “Hahhahahahha!” “But, how will I do it?” “I’ll find a way like I allways do!”
End of his pov

The plan of RaHa and SwaLak
“I know, who his first victim will be!” Neha said knowingly and Swara asked her: “who?” “He will come after Neha first, cause he loves to torture pregnant women!” LakRaj said and Neha answered back: Yes and this time we will be prepared for his attack!” “Yes, but what are we doing against him?” Laksh asked and RagSan replied back: “taking revenge on him!” “What?” The others asked, cause they were confused and they answered back: “What, we wanted to do against you Laksh!” “And what was that?” A calm Laksh asked them and Ragini replied back: “We girls will seduce him and then we all will take revenge for what he did to all of us!” “Seducing him is ok, but Neha can’t do it, cause she is pregnant and he will kill our child, before he’ll kill Neha.” A concerned Raj said. “We will handle him!” Laksh told his bro and Raj asked him: “how?” “Don’t take any tension, I’m here for my sis!” Ragini answered back. “Thanks di!” “Welcome choti!” Now the plan is muted……………
End of the muted and their plan

RagSan scene
“Ragini, I hope that our plan works!” “I hope so too, I want to know the truth, cause I was engaged with Laksh or with Shaurya!” “We will know it soon!” “Yes, but I want something from you Sanky!” Knowing Ragini’s intention Sanky said: “Not now Rags!” “Yes, right now!” “No, Ragini we won’t do it again!” “Sanky, I want to show you something!” “What?” Then she came nearer and nearer to him, he went backwards, untill he hit the wall, Ragini blocked his way, then she came nearer to him with her face. then she kissed him very intensly and passionatly, he lost his controll and  kissed her back with the same passion, they wanted to do more than just kissing, but a knock broke them a part. Ragini went to open the door and it was  Swara. “Oh, sorry I disturbed you guys!” “No, Swara you didn’t disturb us, come in!” Ragini said nicely. After a while Swara talked to RagSan and then she went to her room. “So we can do whatever we were doing before!” A naughty Ragini said to her Sanky. “No!” “Yes!” Then she pushed him on the bed, she sat on top of him, kissed him, they ripped of eachothers clotjes and you guys know what happend next.
End of their scene

SwaLak scene
“Laksh, I went at the wrong time to Ragsan!” Swara pouted and Laksh asked her: “what happend there Swara?” “I think they were kissing and I knocked at the door of their room!” “So you think they were doing you know what!” “Chi!” “Hahhahah, Swara you are very inoncent!” Laksh laughed at her and she hit him with her tiny fists. “I hate you Laksh!” “But I love you na, Swara!” Lucky said and he came nearer to her and kissed her cheeks, then they huggingly fell asleep.
End of their scene

RaHa scene
“Neha, you should take more care of yourself, cause you aren’t alone anymore, you are pregnant!” “Raj please calm down and I promise you that I will take care of our baby and myself!” “That’s like my good girl, here drink your milk!” “You know, that I hate milk Raj!” “But it’s good for our baby, my darling wife!” “Ok, I will only drink it for our son!” “Who told you that it will be a son, cause I want a daughter like you!” “But I want a son!” “No, it will be a girl!” “No, it will be boy!” “But, I want a daughter!” Raj poutingly said, while Neha said to him: “what if it’s sweet boy like you?” “After this child, I want a second one!” “Ok, good night Raj!” “Good night sweetheart!” Then both of them went to sleep!
End of their scene

The next morning everyone of them woke up happilly, but no one knew about the storm, which is coming soon!

Will the plan of Shaurya succeed or the plan of RagSan, SwaLak and RaHa?

What will happen to RaHa’s child?

Will the baby be a boy or a girl?

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