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My employee… A Twinj ff (two slots ~ ritzi) Shot-2 last shot

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Let’s start the last shot….


“Yes…. He does….so whts a big deal…its ofcource not a crime” dad said with too much of confidence… No dad no…pls don’t show this much of confidence on me…it only makes me more guilty.

“No Mr.sarna interviewing a person is not a crime…but the way he interviews a person nd appoints them job is absolutely a crime” he said looking at me to which I just bowed my head. “Arre whts wrong in testing a person’s intelligence…nd checking his achievements?” Dad said being fully confused. “Arre Mr.kunj u didn’t tell yr dad how u appoint a person…. I mean a girl?” He spoke.

“Mr. Shikhawat I request u to come to the point!” Dad shouted loosing his patience. “Voice down Mr.sarna instead of wasting yr voice on me…u should use it on yr son” he said “sir pls….its not dad’s fault…he doesn’t knw anything pls be humble with him” I finally spoke. “Kunj! Wh…whts…yr fault…wht hv u done….stop lying” dad said.. I just bowed my head. “Oh…if fu*cking or I should say ra*ping every girl nd then giving her job is not a crime…then ofcource yr son is not at all a criminal… But sadly…its against Indian law…so I will hv to arrest him” he finally spoke. “Inspector!” Dad shouted “mind yr tongue….my son cannot do such things” he said…no dad no…pls don’t do this. “Kunj tell them its false….tell them u cannot do this.

I tightened my fist nd closed my eyes to control my tears. “officer…arrest him” I heard Mr.shikhawat saying. “No..no inspector its wrong…u cannot arrest a person without proof” dad spoke. Proof! Oh yes…they cannot arrest me without it…I suddenly opened my eyes nd looked up at inspector. “Oh so u want proof…no worries I will show u the proof….but wht if u don’t even believe in proofs? Umm…let me call the witness also…eye witness I mean” he said making me go shock……..witness! Proof! When! How! Where!

“Wi…witness!” Dad exclaimed “ya…MAM!” He shouted just aftr tht the door of the cabin opened….my heart was racing like anything…. I desperately wanted to knw who she was……I saw her…..”Twi…..nkle” I whispered…… Twinkle? Witness? No this is not possible… She cannot ditch me… No…oh wait kunj… U called her for job frm today na…she must hv forgotten the way to my cabin thts y she came here. I must say she is looking…..argghhh! M not getting words…..her gorgeousness was too gorgeous to handle….her simplicity… She wore black denim nd a sleeveless baby pink T-shirt tucked inn. Her straight brown hairs were left open today ‘dhak dhak’ hehe did u heard tht…thts my heart…the moment in saw her I had to collect my heart beats. “Twinkle…. Wht r u doing here…I forgot the way to my cabin…go nd sit there I will be there in smtym” I said advancing towards her but those Bl**dy constables stopped me. “Arre….wht r u doing let me talk to her” I said but they were too stubborn.

“Mr. Kunj I guess u still not understood” Mr.shikhawat spoke “understood wht? Inspector” I asked “tht twinkle mam is only the witness” he spoke. “Wht! No…u r lying” I spoke “he is not lying sir….I mean kunj” I heard twinkle saying…. I moved towards her….still trying to digest wht she told just now.

“Who r u….y do u want to spoil my son’s life?” Dad spoke. “She is twinkle… Twinkle taneja” Mr.shikhawat spoke. “Wht! Twinkle taneja….u…u mean…TWINKLE TANEJA!” Dad spoke. “Dad…wht is so shocking abt it” I asked

“Kunj…she is daughter of RT taneja…commissioner of Mumbai” dad spoke “wht!” I exclaimed being teary eyed. Did I just had a s*x with daughter of Mumbai’s commissioner!

“How could u do this to me ….u ditched me” I said almost teary eyed.

“A person like u deserves to be ditched” she said looking directly in my eyes. “But how can it be proved tht kunj is guilty” dad spoke. “I understand ur dilemma uncle…but we hv proofs too….hv a look” she said handing over sm pictures to him.

I donno wht pictures were they…I wanted to see them but these constables were not allowing me to even move. “Let him see too” I heard twinkle ordering them. They left me….I ran to see the pictures….I snatched the pictures frm dad’s hand….aftr seeing it…I was…u knw shock is such a small word to explain my feeling right now…I got into trauma….there were pictures of me kissing twinkle…. Taking out her cloths…in our intimate position… I couldn’t believe my eyes…how can a girl be this strong to keep her respect…her character at stake? My hands were shivering… I looked towards twinkle just then inspector snatched the pics frm my hand.

I didn’t had any strength to look towards dad. “Wht if this pictures are edited?” Dad spoke “dad” I whispered.

“Look Mr.manohar I knw u r in a gr8 shock…let me tell u everything frm beginning. Frm past 3 years or so we r getting continuous complaints against yr son for s*xually harassing girls nd forcing himself upon them…we could hv come at tht tym only wen we got the first complain but we needed heavy proofs against son of this big businessman nd if we would go without much clue then there r 100% chances of him getting saved…..this case was pressurized so much tht we were forced to discuss it with commissioner. He suggested us to send a girl who will bring proof against u but which girl will be ready to put her life at stake….we searched a lot but no1 agreed once twinkle mam heard us discussing the matter…..nd within a second she told tht she was ready to enter the cage.

Commissioner sir though being a father was bounded by his oaths nd duties therefore he agreed nd u knw the rest.” He ended. I could see shocked expressions on dad’s face….but the one who was getting deeper nd deeper into trauma was me.

“Is this true kunj?” Dad asked me….I just bowed down my head nd nodded in yes ‘chatakk’ I heard…….actually I felt it too….I deserve it actually…. I really deserve tht slap. “M sorry dad” I whispered. “Don’t call me dad…m not yr dad…….if u were my son then u must not hv done this…but u proved me wrong….take him inspec…” He said but got choked “dad…dad u alright” I screamed trying move towards him but no…..they were not letting me to do so. “Lemme go there u idiots dad has a heart problem… He cannot bear stress” I shouted……but of no use…..I saw twinkle running towards him …..she made him sit on chair nd made him drink water. “Calm down uncle…..pls its not good for yr health.” Twinkle said…..I donno y..though she has done this much to me I just cannot get angry on her ….but y!!

“I…I m s..Sor….ry bet…a” dad said breathing heavily making me more nd more guilty “its OK uncle…it wasn’t yr fault” twinkle said. “Okay then Mr.sarna we will take our leave” inspector spoke. Nd gaze which were wondering the floor till now went up to dad….he didn’t protested…..I deserve it…ya…I do. I saw the constable making me wear handcuffs. Nd soon they dragged me out. I saw the whole staff looking at me….whispering nd all….it was too shameful. But u knw wht…I really deserve it.

They took me into the police jeep…aftr a lot of struggles I managed to look up….nd I saw twinkle sitting in her black Audi nd moving out. I just want to talk to her once.

End if Kunj’s POV

(Hehe guys…now comes twinkle’s POV)

#Twinkle’s POV

Y do I love him so much! Y! I thought driving my car. Ya…the moment he touched my body…I became his tht day…. My heart got connected to him tht day…the moment he left his marks on my body…my body became his nd only his frm tht day! I donno…though I didn’t want to fall in love with him….I fell for him….but its necessary tht he gets the punishment…. Nd abt me? Huh….I will forget him in few days. ‘No twinkle u cannot…..’ My heart whispered yaar….I just want to murder it right away… Here I m struggling hard to kill my feelings nd there it goes……..

I stopped the car near police station as I wanted to give the photographs to him safe handedly nd I got to knw tht he is here for sm enquiry. I wore my shades just to hide the pain as ik dad would easily catch it …..nd I stepped out of my car.

I entered the police station as soon as I entered there all the constables saluted me. I smiled at them nd made my way towards Mr.shikhawat “sir where is da..” I was going to ask when I heard a scream……a scream of a known voice…a scream of my Love’s Voice….caught in the frenzy of fear….fully frightened I followed the screams continuously praying god tht he must be in good condition….my heart beats racing faster nd faster as I moved closer “kunj” I whispered when I finally reached his cell. Tears blew down my cheeks uncontrollably. “Aaaaaaaaaah” he screamed when he again got hit by a metal rode. He was tied up nd was being beaten up by few officers ……..he had his jeans nd black inner on….his hairs were fully wet due to sweat blood oosing out frm every part of his body. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” he screamed hard when one office just hit him on is already wounded back. “KUNJ!” I screamed shit! I was too loud. Damn twinkle can’t just control. Kunj looked at me in pain. Still getting beaten up.

I closed my eyes as I was not able to bear it anymore….no twinkle u hv to be strong…u just cannot let him know yr actual feelings to him….I took a deep breath in nd opened my eyes nd again gained my attitude. Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder… I looked towards the touch “uv Bhai” I whispered “wht r u doing here?” I asked “m here just to give tht baster a taste of my hand…how dare he touch u….how dare u hide this much truth frm me!” Bhai scolded “bcus ik u would hv not let me do this” I said Bhai just ignored me.

“Hey u guys….come out” he ordered…. Nd they came out ofcource yaar how can they deny the orders of the inspector general.

Bhai entered the cell aftr all were out….I too went behind him bcus ik he was here as a brother nd not as a police officer. (Guys uv hadn’t came in his uniform) I saw Bhai picking up the rod again….no Bhai pls! “So u r the one who even thought to touch my twinkle” Bhai spoke.

“Who is he?” Kunj asked who was still tied up nd was panting heavily due to pain. Twinkle come on…u hv to speak “thts none of yr business okay” I said moving towards him…..”no…thts completely my business ” he spoke “nd how so?” Bhai asked frm behind “bcus…..” He said nd started kissing my lips…..I was struggling to move out… His hands though they were tied up but his lips were also too strong. “Bcus I love her” he said in betwn the kiss…..but he was audible enough to boil bhai’s blood “aaaah” kunj screamed when Bhai bet him hard on his stomach ….nd bhai pulled me back. “How dare u uh…how dare u touch my sister”

Bhai said beating him like anything “si…ah…sister” kunj ……..smiled! Ya he was smiling endlessly though he was being beaten up. “I knew it….aah aaaaaah…..I love u twinkle…. I..lo..ve u” he said continuously screaming in pain as Bhai started beating him harder “u Bl**dy womanizer….don’t even dare to think abt my sister…m warning u” Bhai said till now blood started oosing out is his mouth. “Bhai….Bhai leave him…Bhai…stop it” I shouted snatching the rod frm his hand…kunj was almost unconscious “kunj…kunj… Open yr eyes” I said patting his cheeks. I was not thinking abt anything else….the only thought running in my mind ws kunj. “Twinkle” I heard Bhai whispering…… Shit! “Whts happening here!” We both heard a voice “dad” I said nd ran to him. “Oh my god uv….did u forget tht ur a officer too” dad said looking at Kunj’s condition. “Twinkle don’t u knw ur not allowed here……..go!” Dad said angrily “nd uv u too” dad continued. I unwillingly started to go “twi…wink…le” I heard kunj stammering nd his words pierced my heart…. Though his voice was painful but I was able to find love in it too. “P..ls do…nt l…eav..e m.e” he said making me cry vigorously “dad I m gonna kill this guy” Bhai said moving towards him “uv! One step forward nd ur gone” dad warned Bhai came,held my hands nd took me frm there.

# aftr 4 days

I took my keys nd rushed towards my car …..shit! The case only had 10 minutes left to begin. I said driving my Car at the speed of 90km/hr.
Yes today is the court’s day…..which will decide our future ….Kunj’s future. I only knw how did I spent this 4 days… Those sleepless nights ….the nightmares of kunj being hurt still haunts me. Ya though I was not allowed to go out of house….. But my heart stayed with him wen he told me not to leave him. I applied breaks when I found tht I reached my destination.

I quickly moved out of the car nd started climbing stairs of court. “Twinkle” I heard nd I turned around. “Uncle” I said nd touched his feet out of respect. A lady was also present there…..I could find her eyes swollen… She must definitely be kunj’s mom. “Beta…pls forgive us” uncle said joining his hands. “Arre uncle …pls don’t do this” I said putting his hands down. “I donno..how…to” aunty said “its okay aunty….u dont need to give explainations” I said “let’s go in” I said nd they nodded. “Have u forgiven ur son?” I asked climbing stairs. “No…still we wish tht the decision of the court no to be so cruel…but we knw thts wht it gonna be aftr all he did tht …..I mean….to a commissioner’s daughter” he said “uncle…its not abt whose daughter…its just abt respect of a girl” I said nd we entered court.

I saw Bhai there….dad said he won’t be able to cm bcus he was too busy….but ik he is not cmng bcus he will not be able to see my respect being pointed out. Bhai got to knw tht I hv sm feelings for kunj…..thts y he is angry wid me nd he stopped me to meet him until the court session was there.
We all took our respective seats. Nd the judge also came we stood up nd greeted him…he then ordered us to sit down.

“Kaidi ko kathghare mei laya jaye” he told. His words just tore my heart apart…..tears again filled my eyes when I saw kunj coming…..he was not the old kunj……he has become too weak with wounds. I saw usha aunty crying too…..I caressed her palms nd she started crying more….I hugged her just to console her. I saw kunj looking at us….but as soon as his gaze met mine…I moved my eyes just to show him as if I was not at all concerned. Kunj was made to stand in the dock.

“Case ki karavahi shuru ki jaye” judge ordered. Our lawyer started giving solid proofs against him….we also had many witness….. It was like they were clearly loosing.

But Kunj’s lawyer was not so weak…he aroused many difficult queries to us. Later on I was called in witness box…. My heart raced….I don’t want to speak against him….just then Bhai came nd made me stand as he must hv understood my dilemma….before climbing the box Bhai gave me death glares or I should say warning glares of not ruining the hard work done by all of us.

I secretly watched kunj…who was just staring me…

His eyes had its own vocabulary…. It was definitely a beautiful language to learn….but I ws bounded ….I was roped with all my duties ….I knw tht I nd he can never become one so why to give him a single clue tht I also love him? Just to arouse hope? Just to make him weak? No! Its better tht I keep my feelings safe in my heart.

“So ms.taneja u r claiming tht kunj sarna forced himself upon u” he asked I looked at kunj …he was looking at me….with pain. “Ye…yes” I said. “Where r the proofs?” He asked nd my eyes widened up…my heart was still racing…I could feel the heat rising in my body. “Objection my lord…we hv already shown u the photographs” my lawyer said

“Yes your honour they hv…but they can be edited too” their lawyer spoke. “But why will I do this to myself?” I protested.

“Oh! I will explain u….ms.twinkle can u tell us yr whole name…pls?” He asked “twinkle ramindar taneja” I said “nd here u go… U got yr ans!” He said making me go puzzled.

“Your honour… She is daughter of Mumbai’s commissioner…we heard tht ramindar taneja is behind kunj sarna since 3 years but he was not getting proofs so he sent his daughter to get sm fake proofs there” he said Bl**dy b*stard how dare he speak like this abt my father….nd look at kunj…he is standing there…motionless nd still…not even protesting…………

“Do u hv any solid proofs ms.taneja” he asked me. “Yes we hv” I said closing my eyes tightly as I knw my next step will ruin everything damn thing….my reputation… My respect… My love…everything.

But I had to do this….. For dad….for all those who suffered…..nd I do feel tht kunj can become a better person in jail. Nd later on he can live his life without any allegations….. I hv to do this for him. “I told u those photographs wont work here” the lawyer said “but I hv a video too” i said .

“Wht!” I heard kunj “yr honour I had fixed a video camera there….which has recorded every single thing” I said with tears flowing down my cheeks.

“Then we would like to see tht” lawyer spoke. “No…wait….” I heard Bhai saying. “Twinkle u r not showing tht video” he shouted

“Mr. Yuvraj r u forgetting tht u r a officer nd not a brother right now?” Judge asked. “M sorry my lord…but I cannot simply ruin my sister’s reputation” he spoke “Bhai… Its OK…waqil sahib u can submit the video” I said to my lawyer. The lawyer stood up ….I closed my eyes ….shivering like hell. “No wait”

I heard a voice….kunj’s voice? I opened my eyes nd looked at him “your honour pls don’t show the video…I accept my crime…I…I….I did force my self upon twinkle nd not only twinkle but every single girl who came to give interview to me” kunj said nd his lawyer went all shocked…..not only he….I was shocked… Kunj…u proved me wrong…u proved tht u really love me…..kunj….”but pls don’t show the video….I cannot see my twinkle’s reputation at stake” he said making me cry…..I was crying like hell…. I tried but I couldn’t control…so I ran outside the court ….crying.

#at 12 am (midnight)

” take this nd open the door” I said giving handsome amount of money to a constable…nd telling him to open kunj’s cell for me. Ya I was at police station…..tht too at midnight…. Nd tht toooo by hiding it frm every1…. Wht to do Bhai was not allowing me to meet him…… I got to knw tht kunj was sentenced 3 years of imprisonment.

The constable opened the door of his cell nd I entered it “u only hv 5 minutes” he spoke nd I nodded. I saw kunj sitting on the floor with his head dug in betwn his legs as soon as he heard the sound he looked up…..nd finally our eyes met. “Twinkle!” He exclaimed standing up suddenly. I did not utter a word….actually I didn’t knw wht to utter….. I did not find it necessary to utter either…bcus the moment I see him …time freezes.

“K……kun..j” I spoke with a lot of difficulties but as soon as I spoke he banged me to the wall….holding me tightly by my waist. “I knew u would come” he spoke. “Kunj there was no need to deny the video in the court” I said “oh…so I will simply allow my bl**dy lawyer to throw out yr reputation right?” He asked “but how do u care?” I asked even though I knw the ans. “Bcus I love u Twinkle” he spoke. “Though this is not the first tym I m telling it to u…but I will never grow tired of telling it to u…again nd again” he said moving his hand down my waist….no melting twinkle no melting….I warned myself. “I knw u love me too” he said ….nd my eyes grew wider. “St…top day dreaming kunj sarna” I said “stop lying twinkle” he said tucking out my shirt slowly nd sensually….”I m not lying” I said moving my eyes hear nd there. He came more close to me. “I knw u r lying….the day I touched u at tht very day u fell in love with me” he said….how does he know!

“Bhai is gonna kill u kunj” I said when he opened my last two buttons too.

“I don’t mind getting killed twinkle” he said sliding his hand on my bare waist. (Guys her she had her shirt on but the buttons were open)

“Kunj stop those cheesy lines” I spoke throwing his hands down… Nd trying to move a bit away frm him….but of no use…he again pulled me towards him nd cupped my face gently. “Tomorrow they r taking me to central jail…..for three years….I will not be able to see u….pls accept twinkle pls….so atleast I can live my days with yr memories” he said making me go weak….I didn’t knw tht he was going to central jail…where no1 is allowed to meet.

I started breathing heavily. “Shh…hey..calm mera baccha…calm…only three years” he said rubbing my bare back below my shirt…how does he understand my every worries? “I will wait for u till tomorrow…. If u will say yes….I will be on cloud nine…. But if u say no..I will accept yr decision” he said pecking my lips for a millisecond. Just then I heard the door of the jail opening “mam the meeting tym is over” the constable spoke. Suddenly I realised my buttons were open…I quickly moved my hands towards my shirt.. Just to find it already…… closed? When did he just do tht? I looked at him amazed.

“Remember… Last tym also I made u wear cloths…then y not today too” he whispered making me blush endlessly…. I quickly ran out of the jail.

#end of twinkle’s POV

#kunj’s POV

I stepped out of the jail……ya…they were taking me to central jail today. I was moving as slow as possible not bcus I was scared of prison nd all…but only bcus I was worried …..if twinkle didn’t come then? Or wht if she gets late? No pls!

I almost reached the jeep…nd tht constable was pushing me inside continuously…… I was busy looking here nd there…..she didn’t come….I lost all my hope nd started advancing towards the jeep….”MAKE SURE U DONT FALL FRM THE NINTH CLOUD KUNJ SARNA!” I heard a voice…..she came! I again moved a bit away frm jeep nd started searching here nd there for her…….nd there she came….running…my smile knew no bound…….she came nd jumped upon me…..I held her up a bit…though it was difficult bcus of the handcuffs…but I was able to manage.

“I knew u would come” I said “I knew u would say tht” she said… Ahaaa….my girl! “Promise me u will wait for me” I said childishly “first promise me u will not date any girl in tht jail” she spoke making me laugh. “Promise” I said

“I will try not to make a boyfriend…. Aftr all there is a lot of demand of mine” she said to which I Gave her glares. “Accha baba…I promise …the day u will put yr first step out of the jail…u will see me” she said nd pecked my lips. It ws then when we heard clapping sounds…… In those clapping sound I could see my parents….twinkle’s bro clapping too…. How does she manage to convince every1? I thought….arre bcus she is kunj sarna’s girl…my heart replied.
I lend her down but she was not ready to leave me. “Mam….we r getting late” one of the constables told. No! I want to stay wid her…….as soon as tht constable told her….she tightened her grip more. “Kunj I also want to cm” she said making me laugh at her childishness.

Just then uv came “twinki….cm on leave him” he said gently separating her frm me. “No Bhai” she said nd I felt my shirt wet….was she crying? “Hey twinkle…..look at me” I said cupping her face making her look at me. “Don’t u ever do this” I warned clearing her eyes. The constables started pulling me but my heart was not willing to go…….it was scared…wht if she cried again. “No no…pls don’t hurt him m leaving him” she said to them. I saw uv signing them to leave me. I saw twinkle glaring uv. Uv too saw it…we both were clueless…..finally uv spoke “wht r u up to…..aaaah…ouch!” He screamed when she punched him on stomach ? “now wht was tht for?” He asked wincing in pain. “I m thinking to murder u up so tht I can also go to jail with kunj” she spoke making all of us laugh.

“Hey mera baccha…. Take care okay” I said planting a kiss on her forehead when the constables again started pulling me. I sat in the jeep….but my eyes were still on Twinkle….she was not crying…. M glad!

#aftr 2 years 6 months

“Yr punishment is over” a constable said opening my cell. Nd I was already jumping in happiness….. Finally I will get to see her…I quickly moved out of my cell. They showed me the way out….ya…I was being released 6 months early bcus of my good nature in jail….as soon as I stepped out I felt the sun on me…making me close my eyes for a while. As soon as I closed my eyes I felt those soft lips on mine…tht similar touch…..I smiled in between our kiss. “Arre arre be slow” I said wen I found her eating my lips hungrily. “Aah” I screamed when she punched me …..still on leaving the kiss. I wanted too see her…but my eyes were closed…..finally she pulled apart. I gently opened my eyes. SAME! My heart spoke when I saw her…she was all same….her eyes…her flaws…her glow….her sparkle….everything was same.

“I missed u” she said hugging me. “I missed u too” I said pulling her up nd rotating her.

The end …….

So guys on a serious note…if a smile Crept on yr face aftr reading this epi then only comment otherwise its OK. Bcus I m not in a condition to listen anymore bashings.

I was a bit disappointed bcus of the last post’s response I think u guys didn’t liked it much…sorry for tht….u guys were continuously bashing kunj nd it was like there were more bashings on him rather than appreciating me. I didn’t wanted to tell u but still m telling u

It took me almost 14 days to write this whole os I was able to complete it only bcus I thought tht it will entertain u guys but I m wrong nd as far as mine nd Krystal’s collaborated ff is concerned I m not continuing it….not aftr last tyms response for sure nd m thinking to wind up my ff too

As m not getting comments frm those people whom I expected to comment. So its better I don’t write it nd put all my concentration in studies. M sorry guys.

So u might take it as my last piece of writing.

Guys pls do tell how was the os ….PLSSSSS!

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