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My Beloved Moon #CHANNA_MEREYA (Part 1)


A beautiful mansion is shown in a quiet place surrounded by a garden. Inside the villa, everywhere its quiet..accept d kitchen .
A lady in her early 25s in white long anarkali is seen. She is newly married, her bangles denote that . Her hairs were little wet which showed that she had a shower. After 2-3 mins, she pleasantly called out,”ritik..ragu..where are u both?”
No ans.


Again d lady called as se continued her work,”ritz n ragu ur breakfst is ready, plz come down!”
3 times, 4 times n then the lady banged the ladle onto the kadhai n shouted as coming out of d kitchen,”arey dono bhai behan kaha gayab ho gye ??
Now her face is revealed. She is our dazzling Shivanya. She shouted climbing up the stairs,”agar dono phir se soo gye honge to le jaake do balti paani dal dungi !!”
Shivanya checked all the rooms n nowhere found her hubby n little sis-in-law!
She came n top stair n again shouted keeping her hand on her waist,”See ragini n ritik , I m counting till 3, if u both won’t come out then u wont get lunch!”
She started counting, bt the villa was as quiet. As she was going to count 3 her heart bedt grew faster in fear of not finding her hubby Ritik n sis-in law Ragini! But as she weakly said ‘3’!

Somebdy came n shouted near Shivanya’s ears. She turned back startled n saw two ghost there !! Yes, they were having long robes n there face was looking like the creepy clowns n they were making creepy noises. Shivanya got so afraid that she did not notice that she was on the top stair n moved back ……???

Guyz batao stry ka 1st chappy kaise h n should I carry on?????????

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