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My Beloved Moon… #CHANNA_MEREYA (Character Sketch)

Plot of the story-
Ritik [#ARJUN_BIJLANI] n Shivanya [#MOUNI_ROY] met in their cllg days n were in luv since then…  Recently 2 weeks back they married (Ritik owns a big industry in the National level ??????both are damn cute..n luv each other vry much).

Ishani [#RADHIKA_MADAN] was ritik’s younger siso (Works as an independent auditor..normally too cute..but smetimes hell stubborn ??). He n shivanya loved her a lot.

Ragini [#TEJASWII_WAYANGKAR] (Works as casting model at iDiva Telly Industry..cute..n naughty??) n

Swara [#HELLY_SHAH] (Studying..completing her Fashion Courses..cute..sweet..love to play pranks??) were ritik’s cousin. They had lost their parents who were ritik’s younger uncle ..since then ritik’s parent Shekhar n Sumi Agnihotri had been taking their care . They loved both Swaragini as their own child. Six of them n now even Shivanya loves each other n share cute family bond.

Ranveer Malhotra [#SHAKTI_ARORA] (Indian business tycoon??..happy n loves nature a lot) is a fashion industry tycoon..he had studied in New York n three yrs back turned to India. He owns the iDiva Industry, which has two parts i.e. The iDiva Telly Industry n iDiva Fashion Industry. These two fields were taken care by his BFFs..

Sanskaar Kapoor [#VARUN_KAPOOR] (Works as Managing Director in iDiva Telly Industry..young..happy chap..bt younger than Laksh..dream prince of most girlzz??) n

Laksh Kapoor [#NAMISH_TANEJA] (Works as manger cum accountant at iDiva Fashion Industry..great flirt..young n handsome hunk ??).

Ranveer’s parent were amba n kailash malhotra who died in plane crash, while RV was jst of 3 yrs ??.But RV doesn’t feel their absence that much bcz of the luv provided to him by his BFF’s parents..

Annapurna Kapoor [Ap] n Durgaprasad Kapoor [Dp]  . Ap n Dp luvs three of them vry much n cared for our RV whole heartedly☺☺. Laksh although was elder bt was a big flirter, while Sanskaar was fun loving, bt matured person  

Now plz drop ur valuable cmnts..n plz tell me should i cntinue??????

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