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mohabbat ki dastan (KRIYYAM) ss part 1


Hello guys!!! I am mira and I am a silent reader of all the kriyyam fanfictions/os/ss/ts and much more….I love kriyyam a lot and I only am watching the show for kriyyam but cvs don’t give much of kriyyam to kriyyam lovers…..so I thought why not write a ss on kriyyam….i hope you all will enjoy it as much as you enjoy other stories…..please do comment and let me know your feedbacks…..now let us start


The story will start after kriyyam’s marriage…..
The next morning was kriyyam’s day after their marriage took place…..krishna woke up and got ready in front of the mirror….saiyyam came from behind from the washroom and saw Krishna….both had an eye lock where Krishna remembered how saiyyam forcefully married her and it broke right away when saiyyam’s dog tiger ran inside….as soon as tiger ran, Krishna got scared….

she started running around in the room and saiyyam was trying hard not to laugh but krishna’s antiques were quite surprising for saiyyam…..krishna shouted tiger shooo….she jumped on the couch and kept shooing the dog…saiyyam thought is my tiger a mosquito that she is shooing it away? It’s a dog….saiyyam looks at krishna in a funny way….tiger made a jump and Krishna was about to slip when saiyyam held her from her waist and they shared an intense eye lock….

the song played in the BG…..do dil mil rahe haix2….magar chupke chupke….sabhko ho rahi hai…haan sabhko ho rahi hai….khabar chupke chupke…ho o o o do dil mil rahe hai…..their eye lock broke again when tiger barked….krishna got off the couch and looked at saiyyam angrily….he patted on tiger’s back and said go boy catch the ball and tiger ran out the door….as soon as tiger left then Krishna started scolding saiyyam….
How dare you? Tumhari himmat kaise hui mujhe chune ki? (How did you think to even touch me)….saiyyam is shocked hearing krishna…he thinks did she just not see? She was about to fall and I saved her….she says listen I am not your wife nor your girlfriend so better stay away from me….saiyyam says what did you just say? He walks near her and she moves back….

he continues walking to her and she moves back…finally her back touches the wall and he puts both his hands on the wall on each side blocking her way….saiyyam says what did you say? You aren’t my wife? Don’t you remember what happened yesterday?
We married in front of everyone….she says my foot we married….this is called a forceful marriage which I don’t accept….he gets mad and says look Krishna I did what I wanted to and now you’re my wife so deal with it…..she says whatever and yes you didn’t answer me? Why did you touch me? He is confused….he says when did I touch you?
She says duffer just now you held me…..he says oh that….that was to save you or else you would have fallen….she says so? You could’ve let me fall…he says are you mad? You would have broken your back today if I wasn’t there….she goes silent….he says exactly you have nothing to say…

He is leaving but stops and says Krishna I have to say something….she looks at him in a bit anger and says what? He says you didn’t break your back today but I think you broke mine…..she opens her mouth wide and says saiyyam! You called me fat! She takes a pillow and is about to throw it but he already leaves laughing and she makes an angry pout….

After sometime everyone come for dinner….suhani says saiyyam look at all the food we made….now tell us what do you want? He looks at all and everyone waits for his answer….he says where is Krishna? Suhani laughs and says saiyyam Krishna is in the kitchen but why do you need her? The food is already on the table….saiyyam says listen I’m only going to eat food that my wife makes and who is my wife? Krishna right? So I will wait for her…..
Everyone look at saiyyam amused….everyone start eating when Krishna says aunty I am going to my room….i am not hungry….saiyyam thinks if she leaves then who will serve me food? Suhani sees saiyyam’s expressions and feels like giggling but then stops Krishna and says arrey beta at least before going serve your husband some food….she looks at saiyyam angrily and says aunty he isn’t my husband okay….and why should I serve him food?
He can take it himself na? Saiyyam hears her and feels a little bad but doesn’t know why? Suhani says but Krishna at least being a human being serve him food….she says why aunty? He doesn’t deserve to be called a human….he did bad with me….he forcefully married me…saiyyam feels hurt hearing her but doesn’t know why….suhani sees saiyyam and feels bad for her son….she says but kris….INTERUPPTED…..it’s okay suhani birla you don’t need to tell her….it’s her choice….he gets up from the dining table and leaves home with his car keys….

suhani goes to Krishna and says beta see he didn’t even eat because of your rejection…..krishna is shocked…..she says aunty why did saiyyam not eat? She says arrey he wanted his wife to give him food….we told him to eat but he said he wants nothing but his wife’s food….inside Krishna gets a little happy about saiyyam’s comment but feels guilty for saying a lot to saiyyam….other side saiyyam is driving his car rashly and thinks why am I feeling bad about the words Krishna said?
I know what I did was wrong but why am I feeling guilty on her words? Why am I sad when Krishna is sad? He suddenly applies brakes and says aloud…..do I love Krishna? He remembers moments before their marriage….when both fell down on the floor….when saiyyam fell on Krishna and she held him…when he saw her smiling face during her haldi….he remembers Krishna in every thought and thinks yes saiyyam you love Krishna….he is feeling very happy but stops….he thinks but Krishna? She isn’t even ready to accept me as her husband….he gets sad again and thinks how will I confess to Krishna if she hates me?

Krishna waits for saiyyam till he returns…it’s 2 am and he still isn’t back….she gets tensed….suddenly she hears the car and thinks saiyyam is back….he comes inside their room and looks at Krishna for a minute and then leaves to the washroom….he comes out and krishna tries speaking to him but he ignores her and falls asleep…she thinks I hurt saiyyam today….saiyyam not sleeping but facing the other side says I love you Krishna but I can’t say because I know you love yuvaan…he gets teary eyed and falls asleep like that while Krishna falls asleep on the floor….the song plays in BG
Saiyyam’s tears fall down on his pillow
Kyun itno mein tujhko hi chunta hoon har pal…kyun tere hi khwaab ab bunta hoon har pal…kyun itno mein tujhko hi chunta hoon har pal…tere hi khwaab ab bunta hoon har pal…..
Krishna is recalling all that she said to saiyyam ever since the morning from where he saved her to the dinner table
Tune mujhe jeene ka hunar diya….khamoshi se sehne ka sabar diya…tu hi bharosa zindagi ka…tu hai mera hosala…mujhe jeena sikha diya…marna sikha diya…teri wafaaon ne insan bana diya…
Saiyyam is having nonstop tears coming from his big brown eyes
Tere khayalon mein ho gai gum…yeh meri tanhaiyaan…ab rooh meri karne lagi hai…teri nigehbaaniyanx2…tu hi bharosa zindagi ka…tu hai mera hosala….mujhe jeena sikha diya…marna sikha diya…teri wafaaon ne insan bana diya….
Both kriyyam are thinking about each other and lights fade…..
Screen freezes on kriyyam crying and a mysterious person watching them….

Precap: krishna caring for saiyyam


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