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MMZ – SERVED COLD (Chapter 4)

Hi all, how have you been. Here is the second chapter hope you will enjoy this and happy Sunday everyone.

This chapter contains some scenes of violence so please read at your own discretion.






It was a sunny Saturday morning, the sky was blue with few white patches of clouds and the sun was shining bright in all it’s might. Sam went threw her entire wardrobe but couldn’t find an outfit worthy for the occasion, she was going to meet Radhika’s brother and wanted to look perfect. Since when do you care about your looks? Her mind scorned her but she brushed it off with a sigh, she was hell bent on giving a charming first impression. She ultimately decided on a faded blue torn jeans and a light pink top that had an image of a girl winking right in the middle of it, she let her light brown curls fall to her shoulders and her lips shimmery with pink gloss and flew a kiss to her image on the mirror before going out.

After a short drive she arrived at the ocean facing Raichand’s mansion, the butler welcomed her warmly, he still remembered her from when she visited the place with Radhika, he took her to the living room and asked her to wait while he informs Veer of her arrival, she looked at him surprised wondering how he figured out the intentions of her visit, did she look that obvious? “the lady told me you will be visiting” he answered her query smiling and she smiled back at him taking a seat on the floral vintage chair.

She let her eyes wonder throughout the room, every décor in that living room looked vintage, she couldn’t help but think that she had travelled fifty years back, it was straight out of a time machine kind of feeling even though the design was tasteful. “hi..” came a croaky voice from her right. He looked more handsome in person than in photo, she remarked mentally and smiled at him. He was tall, she thought he was just an inch shorter than Arjun. His light brown eyes looked tired as if he had just woken up, his black hair a mess with some falling on his temple and was wearing blue pajama pants and a white T-shirt. Was she too early?

“You must be…” he started snapping her out of her thoughts,

“Sam” she replied softly with a bashful smile plastered on her face.

He took few steps closer to her and forwarded his hand “Veer” he told her also smiling his voice still croaky that made her wonder once again if she was too early.

“Nice to meet you” she said shaking his hand without breaking the eye contact.

“Radhika told me a lot about you but she failed in describing how beautiful you are” She blushed when his words set in, she nervously tucked her hair behind her ear averting her gaze “and you look more beautiful when you blush” he added in a smoky voice making her turn more red if that was even possible.

“Would you like anything?” asked the butler breaking the moment.

“Did you have breakfast?” asked Veer looking at her and she was forced to look at the time, it was seven forty five in the morning, damn she too early.

In her excitement she forgot to look at the time, no wonder she thought he looked like he had just woken up because it was exactly it “sure” she answered him, though she had eaten a sandwich and washed it down with a glass orange juice on Raphaela’s insistence she wasn’t going to act rude before her host.

“Great” Veer clapped his hands excitedly, he turned to the butler “and please bring the breakfast to my room” with that the butler tuned his heel and disappeared.

Did he just say to his room? “to your room?” she asked the same trying hard to not sound offensive.

“Yeah, its more intimate there” he replied and started to walk away, Sam stayed frozen to her feet, she just met this guy and he was already talking about taking her to his room for an intimate breakfast? This can’t be right, her mind alarmed her, rich spoilt brats care for nobody but themselves and their desires. She mentally slapped herself for going there and that too early in the morning, he probably thought she was desperate. “Are you coming?” he asked when he had reached the stairs and Sam was still standing on the same spot. “Is there a problem?” he asked his eyes scrutinizing her reactions.

Make an excuse and run from here, she decided and cleared her throat to speak “Well, you see…”

“Wait a minute” he cut her in “you do not think that am taking you to my room for some other intentions, do you?” though he flashed her a small smile but his tone and was accusing.

“No… No… No…” she replied instantly shaking her head left and right and followed him to the bottom of the stairs, damn you Sam and your wild thoughts.

“Its a huge dining hall, its feels lonely to sit there” he explained embarrassing her more “but if you are not comfortable I can tell Alex to arrange the food in the dining hall, no biggie” he added.

Do you really have to make me feel this guilty? She thought and smiled a nervous one at him “your room is fine, even I prefer a cosy environment” she assured though she knew her previous silence had already defined otherwise. He smiled and guided her to his room upstairs.

It was large room, a king size bed with unmade light grey sheets was just to the right, a working metal desk in a sliver colour with it’s chair and a separate seating place with a two armchairs covered in brown leather. A big flat screen TV was mounted on the wall above the glass wreath, the entire room was painted in grey and she figured out that must be his favourite colour. They had breakfast in the balcony facing the ocean and Sam had to mentally face palmed herself for thinking that they were going to have food seating on his bed. They later played video games where Sam beat Veer miserably and she offered to take him out and see the city as her victory treat, an offer which he accepted readily.


Opening the car door for her he escorted her to the entrance “Well, it was a crazy day” he said smiling mischievously, it was indeed a very crazy eventful day. Two hours ago after spending most of the afternoon sight seeing Veer told her that he was bored with her selection of the places and took her to a place a random biker on the road suggested them which turned out to be a strip club. It took her time to get off the uncomfortable zone because she was the only woman there who was neither a waitress nor a stripper, she had started to enjoy the performance a girl named Ginger was giving on the pole while her fans threw one dollars bills at her when Veer picked up a fight with another customer. At first he was acting macho until he saw his nemesis call his friends and in no time they were surrounded so they did what anyone in their right mind would do, run for their lives and they were doing a pretty good job until they crashed into a police patrol car. Thankfully Flynn came to their rescue and they walked out of the station without any charges being pressed on them.

She chuckled “Yeah, but I got the feeling it wasn’t your first time though”

He smiled coyly raising his hand in surrender “you got me, so we are doing it again, right?” he asked making Sam laugh, they just came out of a police custody and he was planning of going back in again?

“Am not crazy like you” he gaped at her words and she smiled “Goodnight Veer” she put her arm out for a handshake but Veer surprised her wrapping his arms around her and she hugged him back.

“Goodnight Sam” he said without breaking the hug and she smiled even broadly in return. She gasped when Veer was yanked out of her hold and he received a punch on his face making him stagger “what the f**k” he cursed spitting out the blood.

Neil stood as a wounded grizzly bear, his eyes red ready to attack again “how dare you touch her” he barked. Just the sight of another man having his arms on Sam sparked a fire of rage within him, so intense that he body quivered with anger.

“What’s wrong with you? he is Radhika’s brother” Sam squeaked.

“I don’t care if he Santa Clause’s cousin” Neil gritted.

Veer looked at Sam’s panicked filled eyes and then at Neil’s grimaced one and laughed “what’s your problem man, can’t I hug my girlfriend?” Sam gasped, why would he lie and make the matter worse, he surely needs psychiatric help she thought.

Neil l couldn’t digest his words at all and if it was not enough Veer moved closer to Sam placing his hand on her arm, Neil fisted his hands so tightly that his knuckles turned white “get your hands off her” he gritted in warning. Instead of doing like he was told Veer with a smug smile on his face simply put his hand over Sam’s shoulder raging Neil more. Neil was going to punch him again when Sam got in between urging Veer to leave and he did but not before pecking her cheek and ran away chuckling before Neil could grab him. Neil held Sam’s hand “what the hell do you think you are doing, aren’t you ashamed to do this cheap things in front of your house?”

Did he just really go moral in front of me? Sam looked at him amused, the playboy was preaching to her about morals and manners, was he on drugs? “Stop acting like you are concerned for me” she snapped at him jerking his hold off her hand.

“Am not acting, I care about you” he screamed at her.

“Since when?” she raised her voice too, Neil’s shoulders slumped with her question, why was he angry, why did he react like an animal. Sam walked inside the house leaving him to ponder on his reaction.


Dark clouds covered the sky, not a single star could be seen, with the dense trees surrounding them one couldn’t make out a thing engulfed in total darkness. The heavens poured mercilessly over them, the wind lashed at them threatening to smash their roof into dust while lightning and thunder kept fighting for the crown, both wanted to be crowned kings of disaster. The yellow candle flame flickered as the cold wind filled the room soothing her fresh wounds. Her hair fisted into a ball in his ironic grip made her whimper in pain as fresh tears melted the dried ones on her cheeks “where is the girl?” he growled over her face sending shivers down her spine as his grip grew more deadly taking a few strands off her scalp.

“I don’t… I don’t know” she cried her voice wobbly mixed with pain. He let go of her throwing her on the cold floor, a spasm ran through her shoulder when she hit the floor, she was sure she had broken a bone for the pain was too intense and localized.

He grabbed her again by the arm, the same arm that pained her and twisted it behind her back and she cried out loud not able to contain the pain, the agonizing pain shot through her entire body but he wasn’t done he twisted it even harder until she heard her shoulder snap and she felt her head spinning with the writhing pain. “I can do this the whole night, just tell me where that girl is and I will spare you” he threatened her again.

Her mouth was dry, she wetted her lips and managed to choke out “I don’t know…. I don’t know where my husband took her…. I really don’t know believe me please” she pleaded sobbing.

He held her jaw pulling her to her feet and she closed her eyes not wanting to stare at his cold eyes “do I look like a fool to you? You know where your husband took that child so just spill it out” he snapped but she nodded negative, she found herself coughing when he punched her hard on the stomach and before she could regain her strength he punched her again and again, one more on her right ribs and the last one on her jaw sending her down again and this time she fell like a sack. She inhaled the cold breeze and ended up coughing as her ribs ached every time she did that, she coughed the blood out and her whole body trembled with pain, both her lips torn she could taste the blood in her mouth. Clutching her knees to her chest she kept her stance “I don’t know, I don’t know” was her default mantra as her wailing were slowly reduced to light sobs.

But he was just starting, he ripped off her clothes leaving her in her undergarments as she laid down on the cold floor, gripping a metal whip tightly in his hand her ruthlessly landed it on her back with all his strength ripping her skin and taking out her flesh when he pulled it back to himself as her cream skin got stained with blood. She felt fire ran on her cold skin on her back when she received the first whip, her throat was dried out and only dry exhausted breath came out in form of her cries as her eyes began to sting again with new tears. Before the pain from the first whip subsided she felt another one and one another and another one until she lost count. She now laid on the pool of her own blood, she was soaking wet not in water but in blood, her own blood. The pain didn’t leave her but her breathing was now fainting, she knew she was going to die. Her eyes caught the cupboard and with it the crack on the door, she closed her in the end losing the battle and little life she had inside left her.

Through the small crack on the cupboard door two little eyes stayed glued to the scene, the girl wanted to scream “it’s me that you want, leave her” but her throat didn’t support her, she stayed frozen watching the blood fest as her mind soaked in her cries, her pain and his face. Then she saw his legs moving towards the cupboard, his steps decreasing the distance between them and increasing the rate of her heartbeat, she clamped a hand on her mouth so even her breath could not give her up but it was all in vain, he grabbed the doors and opened them wide as a strong breeze hit the small room putting off the candle and it was pitch black.

Radhika’s eyes shot open from her nightmare, covered in sweat her body laid numb as if frozen on the bed. Her heart was thudding so hard that she could hear it in her ears but every muscle in her body failed her, apart from her eyes she couldn’t move anything else of hers, she was paralysed from the fear of the nightmare, a memory that she wasn’t able to forget. She stayed in that lying form for some time, five minutes or maybe ten it could even be thirty till she gained control of her body again and raised herself to a seating position. 02:25 the time read on her phone, she wasn’t going to fall asleep again for the night like always.

Arjun walk up early feeling happy and energetic, it was their last day in Miami and he wanted to do something special for his lady love, so he decided to make her breakfast for them. He set the table and watched the time, it was seven thirty in the morning and Radhika hadn’t stepped out of her room yet so he went to check up on her. Deciding against knocking he opened the door and saw her lost again in the ocean standing in the balcony of her room. He sighed and walked to her gently without making a sound, wrapping his arms around her he pecked her cheek warmly “Good morning” he greeted but she didn’t reply. “What do you see in that ocean?” he asked a bit irritated.

“A family” she answered after a minute of silence “I see a mother rubbing her big belly smilingly, she looks so happy… I see a father, he also has a smile on his face, he is looking for sea shells for his daughter… “Roo look what I found” he calls out for his daughter…. And the little girl runs to her father giggling…. He takes her into his arms and gives her the shell, she is so happy… “I will keep this for the baby” she tells her pregnant mother who smiles affectionately at her daughter…. Holding both her parent’s hand she walked between them… Perfect family, happy family” Arjun remained silent listening to her, it was obvious she was talking about her own memory, he felt nice that she was opening up to him but the pain in her voice was incredibly vivid.

“And…?” he asked holding her tight, he wanted her to release all her pain away.

Her phone range before she could answer and she composed herself before attending the call, she didn’t talk much, she just answered in yes, no and hmm. He lastly heard her say “yes, we are on schedule” before ending the call, she turned to him and she was a different person again, she was back to her usual self not a speck of vulnerability in her eyes.

“I made breakfast” he told her smiling, he would let her be for the time being and ask her later about her troubles.

“I’ll go freshen up” she replied her tone dismissal and he left her room at that.

Arjun didn’t know her favourites since they never talked about food so he made whatever he was best at, waffles, coffee, scrambled eggs and fruit salad. Radhika was having her food quietly, her gaze fixed on the plate “do you like the food I made?” he asked tired of the tension filled silence hovering on them.

“If you ever get fired from Emax I can hire you as a cook” she smiled and he laughed amused of her humorous side he never knew she had.

“Well, if I get to see that smile I will cook for you everyday” She looked at him weirdly and he understood “cheesy?”

“extra cheesy” she replied and laughed the second after.

The car to take them to the airport arrived, the driver walked out carrying their light luggages with Radhika behind him engrossed on her phone screen, Arjun came and stood before her, she moved to the left and he moved with her blocking her way, she moved to the right and his did the same. She sighed putting her phone away and glared at him “I love you” he told her locking her gaze with his.

Her features softened “I know”

“Aren’t you going to say that you love me too?”

“I’m not used to telling lies”

He chuckled and coved the gap between them completely touching his front to hers “really?” he cocked an eyebrow at her but she didn’t reply. He gently brushed his thumb on her lips “you really don’t love me?” He saw her trying hard to keep a straight face to show him that she was not affected with their proximity, though her eyes were emotionless her every muscle betVeered her becoming taut when he touched her. He smiled brushing his fingers on her collarbone “answer me” he demanded softly.

“I don’t have the heart to love Arjun”

“That’s a lie” he cupped her face with his right hand “you love your brother, you love your dad that’s why you took care of his legacy ever since you were little” he touched her forehead with his “I know your heart is occupied with pain but am sure I can make a tiny place for myself in it, if it’s not already there that is” She wrapped her hands around him holding him as tight as she could, she appeared restless and he hugged her back with all the love he had for her. He kissed the top of her head “I love you Radhika and I will always love you”

He pulled back to see her reaction and saw her eyes to sparkle with a million emotions run through them but with a blink of an eye there were gone. “I have a meeting in L.A that I can’t afford to miss” she told him and walked away from him.

He smiled to her back “stubborn” he mumbled but he was no less.


The flight back to L.A was smooth, Radhika’s pink pointed heels descended the four steps of the private jet straight to her brother’s arms “what happened to your face?” her brows furrowed quizzically seeing his bruised face.

“ask him” Veer replied motioning to Neil who had also come to receive them from the airport.

“It was a misunderstanding, am sorry” he apologized before greeting his brother Arjun “so how was the trip?”

Arjun glanced at Radhika “amazing, more amazing than you can ever imagine” Radhika immediately announced to leave and got into her car, Arjun looked at the closed door hopefully until he saw the tinted window go down and smiled “I will call you” he mouthed the words and she smiled before telling the chauffeur to drive away. Arjun got into his car and drove away from the private airfield with Neil behind in his own car.

She had just stepped out of her car when Neil pulled up behind her, stating that he has to talk to her Radhika took him inside to her home office, leaning on the table she stood folding her arms over her chest facing him “well?”

He took a deep breath and spoke “I love you” he told her sincerely but she laughed instead, he moved closer to her “I know my reputation doesn’t speak well of me, but believe me my feelings for are different, you are different”

“How would you know am different when you haven’t taken me to bed yet?”

He chuckled “ okay, I deserved that” He held both her hands “You changed me Radhika, you make me want to be better, a better man only for you” He sighed “I know whatever I would say won’t be enough to convince you so am only asking for a chance and I will prove am worthy of you”


He left her one hand to cup her face “just one chance and I will be the best man for you” he said in a pleading voice, he pecked her right cheek “I promise you. you won’t regret it, just one chance please” She sighed and he saw her unsure of what to say next, he smiled “I have something for you”

He gave her a gift bag from which she took out an empty photo frame “empty just like your promises?” she asked in a taunting voice.

He shook his head “it’s my promise that am starting on a clean slate, if you grant me that one chance then I promise to fill this frame with beautiful memories, with your smiles because I promise to do anything just to make you happy”

“Good speech” she told him.

“You made me this good” he replied and she chuckled “Take your time am not going to force into anything” He took her into an embrace “I will take your leave” She escorted him to the door and he hugged her once again and pecked her forehead before getting into his car and driving away.


The blue eyes scanned the document in his hands, he read very word twice and still could not believe that Radhika, the Radhika Raichand would bring him such a proposal. Overwhelmed with disbelief he looked at the business magnet before him, she sat with her legs crossed giving him an intimidating look, to her right stood her trusted P.A Flynn and to her left her brother Veer with her lawyer Mr. Samrat Khanna behind her. He was surrounded but he was not going to give in to her demands “am not signing anything to you” he said confident throwing the papers at her.

She smirked “Mr. Cook, you will sign those shares to me, the easy way or the hard way” she was calm as if she had done that several times.

Mr. Cook laughed “what do you think Siddharth would do to you if he found out you are trying to take over his company behind his back?”

He threatened her but she was unfazed “point of correction Mr. Cook, am not trying am taking over the company”

“For that I will have to sign my shares to you first”

“That you are” she replied in a calm and confident voice like her expression “what do you think your wife will do you if she were to find out about your little adventures?”

Cook’s white face became even whiter “you wouldn’t” She turned to Flynn and he handed her over an envelope which she threw to him. Cook opened the envelope and felt like fainting seeing his pictures taken of him in intimate position with his lover. Everything that Cook owned his cars, his mansions even his shares in Emax were given by his rich wife, he didn’t love her he just married her for her money and he knew if his adultery were to come in the open he will be sent back to the filth he came from.

Radhika laughed taking him out of his reverie “I was impressed when I first saw the pictures, I mean for a man of your age to be that flexible it’s impressive”

“You will not get away with this” he gritted.

“Don’t waste my time and just sign” she spoke in a dead voice, Flynn wanted to pick up the papers Cook had thrown but she stopped him “let him do the honours” Being cornered Cook picked up the papers and signed rightfully transferring his shares to Radhika. He took the envelope and left her mansion cursing under his breath throughout. Radhika turned to Flynn “send him the money for his shares” Flynn nodded and went to fulfil her wish.

Veer took the seat that was occupied by Cook earlier “so what’s next?”

She looked at the papers that Cook had just signed and smiled “now that I have Emax, we should celebrate” She picked up her phone and ringed Flynn “find me the best event planner I want to throw a party” she told him and ended the call when Flynn assured to find her one by tomorrow morning. Her lips curled back into a smirk “now the games begin”

Two Weeks Later

The Raichand mansion was glittering tonight, car after car entered dropping the guests for what was thought to be the party of the year, every famous name in L.A was invited, the guest list ranged from business giants to models, from social workers to film stars, indeed it was going to be a party to remember. Dressed in an elegant designer black deep v-neck gown, Radhika pulled her hair in a vintage up-do, her 30carat diamond earring matched with the diamond bracelet and her lips shimmering in a bold red lipstick, she was dressed to kill.

“The guests have started to arrive” came Samrat’s low voice and she smiled at him “are you sure about this?” he asked her.

“Why, don’t you trust me?”

He cupped her face “I fear the outcome Roo, what if you end up hurting yourself?”

She laughed humourlessly “they can’t hurt me more than they already did, years ago they gifted me nightmares am just going to return the favour”

“There are here” announced Veer excitedly.

Standing at the banister she saw the Mehra grace her party, Siddharth had arm around Anita’s, Neil followed behind his parents clad in black suit and behind him Sam and Arjun walked in while discussing something, the Mehra thought they were going to celebrate Radhika’s achievements at least that’s what the invitation said. Radhika turned to Veer “start the countdown” she told him before descending the stairs. They say Karma is a b***c well the Mehra are going to meet that b***c tonight face to face.


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