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MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 8)

Hi guys, i am back again….sorry for the long break. I desperately needed this one and now i m back with a bang(well not exactly).

This is my first FF which i m posting it after i came to Malaysia. I was busy in my travelling and other personal stuffs..and that’s y i couldn’t post for the past two weeks…from now i will try to post it regularly…

Here is the next chapter and it is very small…pls adjust it and next will be longer one for sure.

MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 08)

Past continues – Rads POV:

I am blinking seeing him walking towards me…i keep moving back staring him and finally halts when i hit the wall. I looked around the place…no one is there..except us….except me and …and….Arjun.

My heart beats faster than ever…seeing him approaching me with a stern look on me…i could sense the attitude in it which is indirectly clarifying me that i can’t escape from him now.

Now my breathes becomes uneven and more faster having him just an inch away from me. I couldn’t look into his eyes and stick my vision to the floor..just to hide my fear. He leans on to my face, his hot breathe spreads everywhere on my face…making me shiver thinking about the upcoming event.

I snapped looking at him immediately the moment i hear him, “Look at me”. I keep snapping my lashes seeing him…and at once for all…it stopped seeing his face so close to me…when i try to push him…but i couldn’t…it is holding by him on both the sides.

My eyes growing wider than before and now i closed it tightly after feeling a smash on my lips..i feel my hands are free…without wasting a second…my hands grabs his hairs and i pulled it with a force to stop him.

But i found it wierd when i hear some female voice instead of his. I tighten my hold on his hairs and pull it with lot of energy and this time i again heard a girl’s scream….calling my name, “Radhika…Radhika…..leave my hair…idiot..it’s me…Kritika….leave my hair Radhika….it’s paining…aaahhhhhh”

I opened my eyes widely and looks around the place where i am….i am in my hostel room…in my bed. I see Kritika standing infornt of me having all her hair messed up and falls on her face. To be frank..she looks like a Conjuring ghost.

I got up from my bed and adjust myself to sit straight. My face is wet coz of sweat and i look for water. Before i take it, Kriti took it and glare me angrily shouting at me saying what all i have done. Actually i know what i have done to her…but i can’t say her the reason why i did this…she will just spread this to the whole college as if it s a headlines.

I gave her a pity look having a pout face and said, “Sorry Kriti, a nightmare” I keep continuing my pout face and somehow she believes me and gave me the water bottle back to me. I gulped the complete at one sip and looks at Kriti who still stands at the same place and asks,”Now tell me what exactly happened which make you to torture me like this” by pointing her hair.

I know Kriti won’t leave her without knowing the truth, i hesitantly tells her nightmare…Kriti sit on the bed with a thud infront of me with wide open mouth and stammers in shock, “You got kiss from him again?”

I still maintain a puppy face and nods her head like a kid and says, “But i punished him”.

Kriti, “Not him….it’s me who got the punishment”

I give her a sheepish smile and pulls her hand to me and puts her palm on mine asking, “Promise me….you will not leak this matter out”

Kriti takes her hand from me and keeps it on my head saying, “Pakka Promise..i won’t say”

I was so happy hearing it and we both slept nicely after chatting for some time.

Next Morning, i woke up little late and when i get up from my bed, i see Kriti got ready and waved me bye and left.

I brushed my eyes and is about to lock the door, but the girl in next door was walking across my room stops seeing me and leans on me husking,
“Seriously he kissed you again is it?”

I stood froze listening her and she too stands looking at me frozen and shrugs her shoulder. I gasp looking at the others who laughed seeing me and i very well know it…i locked the door behind me and shouted , “KRITIIIIIIIIIII”

I got ready fastly and runs to my classroom to look for my best friend cum enemy…but i find few gazing at me and laughing seeing my frowning face. I found Kriti with my other friends and runs to her to start beating her badly.

She runs from me but i get hold on her and beating her badly….after a long struggle others stopped me and she is crying adjusting her hair again….i simply keep glaring her asking, “Can’t you keep a single promise?”

Kriti in sobbing voice, “Sorry Rads, i just told Priti and got a promise from her not to tell others…but i guess she only told to others”

Rads glare her and before she questions her again, her other friends started bombarding their quesions to her, “What happen? What’s the promise?”

Rads & Kriti tried to divert the topic but they are adamant in knowing that and finally after losing the patience Rads shouted,”He kissed me again…in my dreams. And that’s the promise i got from her not to tell anyone. You heard it now…are you all happy?”

She makes faces and turns to go but stops seeing Arjun, Sanjeev with their other friends. Sanjeev is smiling widely seeing her and Arjun just keeps looking at her face and moves to his class room with a smirk on her face.

Once he gone, rads closes her eyes tightly and bangs her head by cursing her fate.

Past over


I never knew that my dream will come true in one or the other day. I can say, that will be one of the best and worst incident in my life which ever happened

Precap: Sanjeev’s entry in Nesam’s Sangeet function which upsets Radhika who again gets angry on Arjun.

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