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MMZ – Misconceptions – Chapter 10


Salaam everyone… How are you all??
Firstly, a belated Happy New Year and also Advanced Pongal to all of you…
Please bear me for a few moments here; I was unable to write this earlier in one shot because of my time constraints… Now I’m free to some extent, so I am going to rant some of my feelings here… Last year has been a roller coaster ride for me… I met many friends online and became friends real quickly, if you take my earlier self into account, I would not have been able to do all these in this short span of time and as usual time changes anything and everything, right?? So, here I am as an author of five or more stories and also reader of many other beautiful stories… Thank you for giving me the privilege to become your friend and also reading my stories even though I think some of them were total bakwaas… Love you guys a lot and keep smiling always… And also remember one thing; “Life only takes sacrifices from the people who can make those sacrifices.” ? So never ever give up hope on life… So here comes the end of my philosophy… I will just shut up now and let you read the story… ?
Here comes the next chapter of Misconceptions, I included the most awaited jealousy segment in this chapter, hope you guys like that part…
Happy reading amigos… ?


Arjun is standing at the threshold of his house and was trying to make holes in Hitesh’s head. Hitesh as usual being his cool self pushed Arjun to a side and entered the house.
‘Did I just miss a show sister?’ asked Hitesh to Radhika who was fuming because of her not-so-sweet husband and ever-irritating Mr. Spoon.
Her rage was cooled to an extent when she saw Hitesh in the house. She hugged him a little longer than usual and tried to speak something. But all she could make out is a whoosh of air. When Radhika was unable to speak up anything, Hitesh took her hand and made her sit on the sofa. He made his way to the refrigerator and poured water to himself, Radhika and another glass for some unknown person. Arjun and Pawan exchanged looks as to understand the situation. Radhika was all but weak in front of them and now she is not able to talk anything with Hitesh who is supposedly her brother. They came back to Hitesh where he was making Radhika to drink some water and rubbing her shoulders to ease the tension that tied up her nerves. After that he drank water from one glass and sat on sofa as if he was waiting for someone.

Arjun could not hold any longer and asked him the reason of his arrival this late.
‘I was here on an important mission and I cannot start it without someone else’s presence in here. So, I am waiting for them.’ Answered Hitesh nonchalantly.
‘And may I know who is that who is going to grace my house with their sacred feet?’ asked Arjun fuming.
“Mission, my foot. Isn’t it enough I married a crack girl who got an equal crack brother? Now I have to endure another crack for God knows how long.” Thought Arjun.
This brother-sister combo will make him mad one day.
‘That should be me.’ Came the answer from the front door of Arjun’s house.
There stood a man with startling blue eyes he has ever seen, eyes as blue as sea, strong jaw line, wide and strong shoulders and height an inch or two more than Arjun.
Arjun never felt small in front of any man but this man carries an aura of power and masculinity with him. If he ever wants to go into a battle of fists with him, then he sure as hell knows the answer to the question of who is going to be the winner. Arjun came out of these thoughts when Radhika leapt on her feet and made her way to the new entry of his house dodging him and hugged the new entry as tight as she could. The man’s hands automatically hugged her tight pulling her more into his body. He lifted Radhika off from the ground and her legs were dangling in the air.
“Seems like she is ever so comfortable with every guy except you.” taunted Arjun’s conscience.
Even his heart is synchronous with his mind this time. His heart is beating faster than usual when the man touched Radhika’s cheeks and wiped out the remaining traces of the tears mumbling some things in a very different language. Radhika actually relaxed in his arms and nodding her head as if she understood every incoherent word the new entry is speaking.
Wait!! When did she cry so much? And why the hell did she cry? Isn’t he the one who should wipe her tears? Damn it and damn it all. This guy is taking every test of his sanity. What should he do now? Go and punch the guy’s face so that he knew with whom he is messing with? No!! Not an option. That will make everything obvious and Radhika will get to know about his feelings. And all will go to naught if he ever brings out his jealous nature in front of anybody. His hands were clutched tight on the sides and Pawan is giving him his famous weird looks.

“Something you will never understand.” Thought Arjun.
When will he get rid of all these thoughts and feelings from his life? What if the answer will be never? What will he do then? Go and bury his face in his wife’s bosom? Holy hell!! Did he just think of burying his face in her bosom? Why on earth will he ever think of that? Did he really want to do that? His body never betrayed him in all these years and he can only hope that it will not betray him in these six months too.
Arjun could not hold his anxiety any longer, so he asked Hitesh about him and which language he was speaking and what was he saying to his wife. He enunciated the ‘wife’ even though Hitesh knew about the deed of six month marriage.
Of course Hitesh is not the one who is going to give away all the information, he is working in the media house after all. His job is to make other people speak their heart, not him speaking all the truth. So he said only the information that Arjun needed at that point, not an ounce more or less.
‘About who he is you will get to know from him or from Radhika. I am no one who will do the introductions. And about the language, he is talking in Turkish. Radhika is well-versed with the language, so only she is able to understand the language. About what he is talking, I cannot say you that either because it is their personal conversation and I think I have no right to indulge myself in such a mess and get beatings both from him and my sister.’ Answered Hitesh.
Turkish? She knew Turkish? He did not know this.

“Well, as if you know everything about her.” Taunted his brain.
That is true actually. What does he know about her other than her name and profession? Nothing, not even her qualifications and her history. He was so blinded by his revenge of teaching her a lesson; he very well forgot to get the details about her. He can get her details even now, but he does not trust anyone on that now, not even Pawan after his stunt of kidnapping her. Why did the louse do that anyway? When he clearly instructed him not to involve any idiotic schemes and only inform her about the meeting? If she had not accepted he would have tried another way but not this one like abduction. Even though the little stunt introduced him to this big wonder called Radhika, he could not totally claim her. And now there is another issue to consider-the handsomest man standing in front of him, holding his wife in his arms as if she belongs there-in his arms. Oh!! What can he do to get her in his arms-forever!!
“Stop the hell up Arjun Mehra. Forever is a long time and you are out of time right now. You need to find her at any cost and marry her after your divorce. Why on earth you keep forgetting this thing when Radhika is involved?” chided his brain.
His heart is not in synchronous with his brain this time. He knew better to keep his heart out of business even though it causes a massive heart break to him this time. He went in flow with his brain. Of course he needs to find her and marry her so as to keep his mother’s words. His mother will not be happy if she gets to know his heart was breaking to leave his wife whom he has come to adore dearly. She will not want her son to take such a heart break just to keep her words. But he loves her more than he ever loved any other and her words are inscriptions on his heart. He can do anything for her even it means to leave HIS Radhika and marry another girl for his mother’s sake.
He sighed louder than required and that caught attention of all people standing in the hall. The new entry regarded him from head to toe as if he is assessing his personality just by his looks.
“That will not do anything Mister. Because my outer personality will not reveal any of my inner demons.” Thought Arjun.

He came forward and introduced himself .
‘Hello Sir!! I’m Vikas Malhotra and I’m the owner of the media and publishing house that Radhika and Hitesh works in.’ Said the new entry.
So Radhika works with the handsomest guy. Wow!! If she is not professional to the core, Arjun would have assumed that Radhika had an affair with her boss. If not affair, they do share a close-knit relation. She did not cry in front of him, after all. She cried only when she got to see Hitesh and Mr. Malhotra.
It will be rude on his part if he did not introduce himself to Mr. Malhotra when he stood expecting him to make the move. So he took his hand and firmly shook it.
‘Hello!! Pleasure to meet you. And please call me Arjun or Mr. Mehra, that will be informal to some extent compared to Sir.’ Said Arjun with a tight smile on his face. His face muscles took a leave to stretch when this man entered his house. How was he supposed to smile when he knew at the back of his head that his wife might have been in love with this man?
His possessiveness and jealousy is not allowing him to look past the barrier of his own demons. He is just concerned that his wife may have feelings for this man who in every sense can make his wife happy and content.
‘Okay Mr. Mehra. I’m here to invite to a party we were planning on Radhika’s behalf.’ Said Vikas.
‘Radhika’s behalf?’ said Arjun with a frown on his face.
Is he missing something here? Why is he planning something on his wife’s behalf? If she wanted a party, then she would have happily asked him and he would have obliged her request too.
“As if she is so comfortable to share her feelings with you.” taunted his brain again. Why can’t his brain just shut its mouth? Is it necessary to always speak the truth even though it is only him who can hear those words?
‘Haa yes. It is your marriage party and you can consider it as a reception. I know you are a busy man, see what am I even talking? You are Chief Minister of our state and obviously you are busy. Let’s keep this busy business aside for a night and I would like it if you enjoy an evening with us. Radhika has turned down the offer in the office itself when I kept this proposal in front of her stating you are a very busy man.’

Arjun’s nose flared now. How can this man be so comfortable around his wife? Had he not voiced out the proposal purpose earlier, he would have thought he actually asked his wife’s hand in marriage. It is becoming very difficult to keep that tight smile on his face now. He just wants to pounce on his wife, lift her on his shoulders and take her to some cave where no one can disturb them. There he will ravish her to his heart’s content, then, only then everyone will know where she actually belongs.
His wife thinks he cannot make an evening free for his enjoyment. He will show her now how much he wants to stay by her side and that starts with the acceptance of this proposal. If she wants, he can sign an agreement for her sake. He smirked imagining her shock face when he accepts the request.
‘Of course I will. What do you think of me? I am just busy man but not the one who cannot enjoy an evening with his wife and her colleagues.’ Said Arjun now smiling wide. Thanks heavens!! His face muscles came out of the holiday.
Radhika, Hitesh and Pawan were watching him wide-eyed now. What did he do? He just accepted to spend an evening happily. Is it such a big crime? Mr. Malhotra is smiling wide as well. He turned towards Radhika, took her hands in his and spoke ever so slowly.
‘Didn’t I say to you that he will accept when asked properly? See, he is here and accepted to spend an evening with all of us. Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts. I trusted mine and now it is your turn.’ Said Vikas not letting Radhika’s hands go from his.
Arjun had had enough of this man now. He may be in his wife’s life from a long time. He cannot talk to her like that in front of him and also he is not getting positive vibes from this man. He made his way to where his wife and Mr. Malhotra were standing and took Radhika’s hands in his.
‘Thank you Mr. Malhotra. We will attend this party for sure. Just keep me updated about the place and the timings through Radhika or you can take my personal number from Pawan so that I will not miss out any detail.’ Said Arjun and dragged Radhika to his side.
“So much possessive for a wife of six months.” Came in his brain again.
“Oh!! Just shut up yaar. Here I’m trying to concentrate on the ordeal and you are on your way to torture me on very different path.” Arjun almost said these words aloud–almost.
What would have the people standing in his hall thought of him if he had those words aloud? An insane person for sure.
Radhika is staring him wide-eyed again.
“Why sweetheart? You were very comfortable with this man but not me. I will make you open up to me very soon.” Thought Arjun.
Vikas and Hitesh left Arjun’s house after thanking him and bidding final good-byes and also getting Arjun’s personal phone number from Pawan.
Pawan as usual left the house after giving Arjun you-are-impossible look. What was he supposed to do then? Turn down the offer and make an impression of arrogance on his part? That will not happen. If he wants to keep his government floating he needs the help of this media house and it’s praises to him all over their newspaper.
Well that is what he told his brain which is not allowing him to take a step. Now he has to endure his wife’s fury. She will definitely kill him for accepting the proposal when she turned down the offer in first place. He closed the front door of his house after his guests left and silently made his way to the bed room.
But his luck is not on his side that day, of course.
‘Wait.’ Hissed Radhika from his back.
He straightened up his spine and turned to face her. He has to give explanations after all.

End of tenth chapter. I hope the jealousy track met to your expectations. It’s the best I can get in jealousy part. I’m really sorry if it did not meet your expectations.
What will happen now? Arjun’s one inner demon has come out. He needs to find a girl he doesn’t even know for his mother’s sake and marry her to keep her word. On the other side, his heart is not going to accept that shit. Even though he is coping up with the stress, someday his stress dams may break, what will he do then?
Radhika is totally unaware about the abduction idea not being Arjun’s. What will she do when she gets to know the truth? Blame him again for keeping her in dark or will open up about her feelings towards him?
On my side, I just hope the misconceptions of these two people get a clear coast and they sail to a far away land where no one can disturb them. What do you guys say??
Vikas is my most favourite name because of a sweet person who introduced me to a life full of positivity through his words. Hope you know him; he is Chef Vikas Khanna, Michelin star chef and the s*xiest person alive on earth. ? I adore him for his positivity and down-to-earth nature.
@Nayan-Dear! You were the one who asked me to write the jealousy track. I hope it is to your expectations.
Again Advanced happy Pongal to all of you… Have a great day ahead and love you all… ?

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