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MMZ – Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan (Shot 9)


Hello lovelies..Here i am again….Jess darling this update is for you..Dedicated to the creator of my Fernandez Sir….


“ He likes you!! You know that, right?” Sam abruptly says shaking the protein shake in her sipper.

Barefoot and wrapped in towels, the two of us walking towards the stream room. There was no one around us. The cold wet floor beneath my foot feels nice. It’s been about ten minutes since we have finished our workout. It’s one of those rare days when Arjun had trained both of us together. The evening before, on our WhatsApp group we insisted Arjun to do that.

In the locker room, while undressing, Sam and I have been talking about Arjun. I know I can’t stop thinking about him since our last conversation and Sam is only talking too much on it…now we have brought the conversation inside the stream room.

We stepped inside the white darkness of the stream room. It takes us few seconds to get used to the dim yellow light of the room. Thankfully, there was no one inside the stream room apart from us..

“He likes everyone…He is dedicated trainer!!!” I said trying to act ignorant about what Sam was intend to say

“Not Like- Like wala Like!! C’mon! you know that what I mean…Like a LOVE wala Like..!!!” she clarifies..she is a sharp woman..nothings escapes her!!

“You have got to be kidding me!!!” I said to throw her off.

But inside, it feels nice to hear her opinion on it…I know I am blushing but Sam can’t see my actual reaction. I have to be thankful to those streams to covering my face from this Detective woman sitting beside me.

She takes her moment to think. I am debating inside whether I should change the topic. But secretly I want Sam to continue and add more to her previous statement. I play it safe and don’t say anything else.

“Really?? You don’t think so??” Sam asks in a minute

“Of course not!!” I pretend

Sam is smart enough to make this out from me…she senses the opportunity and drops the ball in my court.

“I guess you are right..Let’s leave it…” she says and stopped talking.

But I knew she is thinking too…as she was kept shuffling on her side

And suddenly, I wanted to know further..so I ask

“But what makes you say so in the first place?”

“Ohhh..its nothing……”

I hate her for doing this to me..

“But still?” I insist and make it utterly evident now….how I have put my own foot on bare axe!!

“Looks…..like…someone…..is….now…..very..intrested?” Sam drawls out, teasing by pulling every word in a sentence..

Curiosity with denial appears like a good strategy to me ..so I giggle and say “ Nothing like that…you just made me curious..thats it…”

Sam is kind enough not to stretch it further. She knows in a way how I am…so she says

“Chashni, its evident in his eyes, in his body language.. I saw his eyes the way they dance and shines in happiness when you were around him. Look at the way he treats you…!!!”

“what do you mean by the way he treats me?” I ask her

“ Haven’t you noticed??”

“ Noticed what??”

“….how at times he hesitates to touch you while training?”

I think it over. “What are you talking about? Didn’t you see him supporting me when we did the bicep curls? We lifted quite a heavy load today!!!”

“I didn’t mean that he is afraid to touch you in that normal sense, I meant the slightly more intimate parts of your body…”

I try to recall..

Meanwhile, Sam continues “ he didn’t touch you behind the legs to help you how to isolate and contract the hamstrings. Remember? Whereas he touched me without any inhabitation. In your case, he only asked you to feel it. He didn’t touch your waist when we did the twist exercise..but he did mine..”

“Well, that only proves he is closer to you than me…” I say, but in my heart I know she is probably right.

“Radhika, how come you didn’t notice his eyes? There was something in them…shyness..i think…he is courteous to you, extra careful and treats you like a lady..he is too shy to touch you even in a way that will make you conscious…But if you let him…..he will…”

I realize that Arjun’s approach towards his other female clients has been a lot like how he trains Sam..And Sam is right!! I actually didn’t recall Arjun touching me like he touches other…

I recall how initially I felt strange when he touched me while we were training..had he sensed my discomfort back then?? Or is it now that we have talked about things…..? I questioned myself

And the more I think, the more I want to be touched by Arjun..in a more intimate manner!! The thought sends a chill down my spine. I forcefully break it and redrape my towel around my body.

“Really??” I say, only for sake of it..

“You might have you doubts but I know…”

“What do you mean??”

“Arjun has told me about his feelings….”

“What? When? I mean what are you saying?”

“ he made me swear not to tell you this…but I can’t hold it back…” Sam says, completely starling me.

She continues “ Last week we went for drinks in the evening and he confessed he really likes you…I had to try it hard to make him open up to me….”

I don’t know how to react…so, all I ask is “ you guys go out for drinks??”

“Yes..He is Neil’s friend..And we trio met more often..Is that a big deal??”

“No!! but he said to you that he likes…….??”


“Is that all he said??”



“ The poor guy also said “ but what’s the point Sam, when she is already engaged?””

How’s it guys??? i knw its lil bit short as i was busy this days….soon will come with longer..dont forget to share your view….

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