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Miraculous love – SHIVIKA FF part 5


Hi buddies Mahi here with next part of her FF. Hope you like it


At fashion court
SHIVIKA turns either sides to go. Suddenly anika bumps into an old woman and the old woman fells down
Anika helps her and makes her stand
Anika:I am really sorry aunty I didn’t see u
Old woman:it’s OK beta
Listening to the sound and pertaining to the situation shivay stops and sees back. But from nowhere that old woman’s son came and started shouting at anika
Man:can’t u see ha
Anika:I am extremely sorry it was my mistake
Man:haven’t ur parents thought u manners or else u also disrespect them
Excuse me miss let me say u at least respect they are ur parents and…
Shivay cuts him :hey Mr just stop it okay we don’t need ur advice better keep it with u…… She is apologizing na that’s enough
Within the situation anika’s eyes were filled with tears remembering her parents. And she run away from there. Shivay saw her and followed her.

Anika was crying seeing the pic of her family in her mobile as soon as she saw shivay coming she wiped her tears and kept her cell phone in bag
Shivay:it’s OK anika
Anika (acting) : I completely fine shivay
Shivay:don’t act as if nothing happened
Anika : shivay I am strong enough to handle myself
Shivay:I know u r strong and I am here not to prove that u r weak but to say that sometimes……….. STRONGEST WALLS ALSO NEED SUPPORT
anika was no more able to control herself
Anika(crying) :I really love my family a lot shivay I didn’t runaway to humiliate them
Shivay:I totally agree with you anika…… People aren’t good or bad at heart but circumstances make them so
Anika :I am only concerned about my career
Shivay:now stop this emotional atyachar n go n do the things for what you came to Mumbai
Anika ;ok
Shivay’s words built up confidence in Anika and she composed herself and went to give the interview

At evening
Anika returned OM with successful interview
Dadi:anika puttar tu agayi (anika u came)
Saumya:how was ur interview di?
Anika:it’s was just awesome I got the job
Prinku:wow that’s great news
Sompri :congratulations
Anika : thanks a lot guys
And shivay who went to visit the driver’s mother (on anika’s suggestion) entered OM and straight way went to his room. Anika who saw him thought to thanks him for morning.

At Shivay’s room
Shivay was standing facing the door and was on call
Anika enters she was about to step in her foot slipped due to the mat present at the door and………………
She fell in Shivay’s arms directly
Now shivay was holding her by her waist and she was holding Shivay’s shoulder tightly
And there’s a deep eyelock

Khoya Khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ke kehta hai

Anika’s eyes are shown she’s lost is his blue obrs

Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
OH jaaaaaana
Ohhhhh jaaaaaana

Shivay’s eyes are shown he’s lost in anika’s beauty

They suddenly come to senses as Mishra
Was shouting on phone
Mishra:what happened sir……. What happened sir u are not answering is everything fine sir??
Shivay:I will call u later
Shivay(to anika) :y u came here? Anything urgent?
Anika:no actually shivay I came to thank you
Shivay:for what?
Anika:whatever happened in morning for that……. So thanks
Shivay:that’s not needed
Anika:no it’s needed…… Thanks
Shivay:y are you irritating me anika
Anika :when I can give u thanks y can’t u take it
Shivay(gets a call) :I have lots of work OK I m not free like u to waste time in sorry and thank u ………….. And he takes the call
Anika :how dare you to say me like that

But Shivay doesn’t reply and was busy in phone
Annoyed anika took glass full of water kept on the table anddddd splash………
Within a minute shivay was fully drenched
Shivay:what the wuck !!
Anika :u deserve it
And she walks out

Prinku’s room
P(on call) :yes baby I love you too
Boy:I miss you my shona
Pr:me too come back soon dear
Boy:ok bye

2 days later

Rudra(in mind) :u need to do something rudra
And goes to the breakfast table were everyone is having bf

Rudra(crying) :bhaiya that’s not fair
Shiom:what’s not fair rudra
Rudra:bhaiya see na 3 days passed since my vacation and I didn’t go for an outing
Shivay :that’s fine rudra(to om) om u just take rudra out tomorrow evening okay
Om:say rudra where u wanna go??
Rudra : no bhaiya not only me but……… With whole family let’s go for an outing
Prinku:that’s great idea bhaiya
Saumya:hmm it’s nice idea
Shivay:u guys go I can’t come since I have lots of work
Anika: sorry I too can’t come with u people as I have recently joined my job and immediately I can’t take leave
Om:come on shivay and Anika…… rudra for first time in his life has said something right
SHIVIKA :but……
Dadi;no ifs and no buts u both will join us that’s final
Shivay:ok dadi how can I say no to u
Anika:fine dadi
Dadi:prinku tu tejanvi ko bhi ready hone bolde (prinku say to tejanvi also to be ready)
Om:but where to go?
Sompri and rudy :haa where to go?
Shivay:dadi let’s go to our farm house it has been long time we went there
Dadi:ok done tomorrow morning we will leave for our farm house
Sompri and rudy:yyyaaayyy PICNIC

Precap ;masti in bus…… Dhamal at farm house

Hope you guys like the surprise of picnic
And thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss a lot for commenting
Share your views with me about how’s this episode
Till then bye bye
With love

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