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Swasan was sleeping in eo embarass….as the sun rays enters the room…sanskar wakesup n rubs his eyes he gave a peck on her forehead…

San pov

I m sorry my love but i have to do it now bcz than only u ll feel bad n feeling like hell….

Saying so sanskar takes swara in his arms n makes her sits on the same chair which he tied her last night….n ties her again with that chair but this time he assures that he didnt hurt her….a lone tear escapes from his eyes….soon he wipes it n left from there by closing the door…..swara opens her eyes n smiles sadly….

Swa : i know sanskar u ll do this…but i know this also sanskar that u loves me till me n i also love u till now sanskar…
I ll find out the reason sanskar n ll make u mine again….

In hall

San was sitting in sofa while reading the newspaper…shan comes out of kitchen with two coffees in his hands….

Shan : gud morning bhai…..

San : a very good morning shan….

Shan : waise bhai where were u whole night….

San : what question is this…i m in my room only….

Shan : but i m also in ur room only bhai….

San : haan shan wo me bhol gaye i was in study room…i slept there itself….

Shan : bhai but i thought u were in store room….

San : stop it shan…u r wrong ok u want know na than go n see the store room….

Saying so sans went to his room…shan shooks his head n thoughy that he is just lieing…he goes to store room….he opens the door n gets shocked to see was again tied in the chair….shan panicked n rushes to swara n untied her n notices that swara is awake…

Shan : swara i didnt think that bhai will this much cruel….

Swa : no shan till now u didnt know about him fully….

Shan : what do u mean swara…

Swa : haan shan…swara narrates the whole scene to him….

Shan : hmm thats the thing swara that is the diffrance btw u n my bhai….tum itna kuch karne ki bath bhi….huuu he loves u….but u chiii how can u do that thing swara…

Swara held his collar n said

Swa : what do u know haan….what do u know about me mr.d’souza…..

Shan : i know everything swara that how u ditched him that too bcz he is poor….chiii swara u na wor…..

But before he could complete swara slaps him hard…..shan looks at her with a shocked expression…..

N on the other side sanskar gets ready for office n came to check shan….when he entered the room again swara slaps shan…..sanskar was hell angry he cant tolerate he goes to swara n without any seconds he slaps her hard….n held her hairs

San : how dare u haan….how dare u to raise ur hand on sanskar’s brother….

Swara winches in pain….

Shan : bhai leave her….plzzz

He withdraws sanskar from swara n drags him frm there while sans was passing an angry glare while swara was seeing him with a painful eyes..both share an eyelock…soon shan drags sanskar from there….

Sanshan than after sometime leaves to office….sanskar locks the main door frm outside…n at eve shan returns at 4 as sanskar went to attend an impor meeting…..

Precap : lil past revelation…again sanaskar back to revenge mood….mission sanskar starts…..

Hey guys sry for the late update n i think u guys know that i m out of town here there is no proper net connection….n navi akka next part nenga dhan eludhanum…love akka…love u all n sry for the short n late update….

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