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Mehrya / Twinj FF :Love (Intro and Episode 1)

OK so I’ve decided that I’ll write an FF on Mehrya and maybe put in some Twinj. Hope you all will corporate. And tell if u guys like the Twinj idea.Hope you guys will like it. Oh and guys I put a picture for the FF but another got set, I don’t know why but I’ll try to get it back properly. ??

Shaurya Khanna :Businessman, Owner of Khanna LTD, fun-loving guy but hardworking when it comes to work. Married to the Mehak Sharma, loves her to the moon and back.


Mehak Shaurya Khanna :Businesswoman, bubbly and fun girl also very hardworking. Married to the love of her life Shaurya.

Kunj Sarna;:Friend like brother to Shaurya and his best friend .Also the Sarna Companies LTD .Married to his love Twinkle.
Twinkle Kunj Sarna :Business woman, best friend to Mehak ,sister figure to Shaurya. Married also to her love Kunj.

All other characters in this are positive unless I maybe decide along the way to add a villain. Oh and i add that i am horrible at beginnings for stories sl guys please bear with me.

Mehrya FF : Love

~~~~~At Khanna House~~~~~

The sunlight shines into a room where a couple is seen sleeping and hugging each other tightly.(they are M and S).Mehak and Shaurya are sleeping when Mehak is woken by the sunlight entering the room.
She yawns and stretches her hand and watches her husband. Mehak takes her hand and softly caresses Shaurya’s face carefully not to awake him.

Then she gets up and goes to shower. When she comes back wearing a royal blue knee length dress, she sees Shaurya is still asleep so goes and brings coffee for him. After that she tried hard to wake him up. First she tried passing her wet hair on his face but he didn’t budge.

Then she smirked as a wicked idea came in her mind. She took up his finger ,and put it in the coffee and it did the trick. Shaurya jumped up and sat holding his finger.

S: What the hell yaar Mehak ? Tumhare paas aur koi chaara nahi tha mujhe uthane ke liye.

(What the hell Mehak ? What ,you didn’t have any way to wake me?)

M: Nahi ,yeh ek sahi tarika thi jisse mein apne lazy pati ko jagane ke liye use kiya.

(No ,this was the correct way that i used to wake my lazy husband)

S: Lazy! Wait ,mein tujhe abhi batati hoon ki lazy kya hai.

(Lazy! Wait ,i’ll tell you what lazy is.)

He held her by her waist and rolled on the bed. Mehak underneath and Shaurya on top. He went closer to her face as Mehak’s started breathing heavier and bit her two cheeks. Then he kissed her passionately while biting her lip and their tongues moved in cinc for about 10 minutes and then pulled back due to the lack of air.

M (out of breath) :Yeh kya tha? Aur kiske liye the?

(What was that ,And what was it for ?)

S: Yeh mujhe lazy kehne ke liye thi aur bas tujhe kiss karne ke liye mann tha. ( and he smirked)

(This was for calling me lazy and I just wanted to kiss you)

M :Aur agar meri mann mein tumhe kiss karne ke liye irada hai toh?

(And if in my mind I also have the intention to kiss you, then?)

S: Then I say go ahead wifey

Saying that, he pinned her to the wall and started kissing neck and proceeded to loss her again.

~~~Meanwhile , Downstairs~~~
A guy walks in to the house wearing a black shirt and blue jeans and also black shades.

He goes and touches Karuna’s feet and then hugs her.

Ka : Kunj tu agaya ,bohot dino se maine tujhe nahi dekha aur Twinkle kaisi hai?

(Kunj you came, I have seen you for days and how is Twinkle?)

K: Actually thoda kam tha aur Twinkle acchi hai. By the way, Shaurya kahan hai?

(Actually I had some work and Twinkle is fine. By the way where is Shaurya?)

Ka: Voh upar hai jao na.

(He is upstairs go)

K :OK chachi, see you later bye.

And he kissed her on the cheek and walked up the stairs to Mehrya’s room.

K: Actually Shaur…

And he stopped in his tracks as he saw the scene in front of him.

It was Shaurya and Mehak kissing wildly.

K (coughed): Mmmhh

S: Mehak, did you cough?

M :No

He coughed again and they turned towards the door to see Kunj standing and giggling.

They quickly fixed themselves and turned as if they did nothing.

K: Bhai, jab tumhe pata hai ke tu romance karne wali ho toh phir darwaza kyun nahi bandh karti ho?

(Bhai, when you know that you’re going to romance then why don’t you close the door?)

S: Oh toh ab tu mujhe sikha doge? Remember last week I caught you just like this with Twinkle huh? !

K: Haan toh… Oh leave that, I came to remind you that you and Mehak Bhabi have to come with Twinkle and I tonight for dinner OK.

S: Yes I remember now give you friend uff bhai a hug.

M: Oh so Kunj tu apni bhabi or dost no bulgaya kya, merit hug kahan hai.

And they three hugged.

K: OK I’m going and Shaurya… Continue with your romance ok, I’m locking the door.
He said giggling.

S: Hatt Sale aur Twinkle ko mera hi bolna.

K: ok see you.

Precap :Twinkle entry. Mehrya dinner with Twinj and romance.

Guys I hope you like it. If I get good comments and positive ones I’ll continue if not I’ll stop.

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