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Mehriya- a simple love (Part 8)

Episode 8
Mehak got ready and leave.
Kantha chachi: mehak, why are you leaving soo early?
M: additional work chachi. I have to go.
K chachi: have your breakfast and go.
M: no chachi. I am not hungry.
K chachi: you don’t eat anything yesterday also… What happen beta?
M: Nothing chachi. Just work pressure. I m leaving. I don’t want to be late. Bye….
K Chachi: bye….
Mehak reach near the Coffee shop.

She make a call.
M: where are you?
M: I told you it’s urgent. Why can’t you be on time….? Come fast.
Mehak cut the call and wait there.
Sonal came there in her two wheeler.
Sonal: what’s this Yar. You don’t even let me sleep peacefully. What’s the matter.
M: Sonal, I saw Shaurya….
Sonal: what..! Where….!!
Mehak told her every thing about their meeting yesterday.
M: I don’t know what to do..
Sonal: there is nothing to do. Just go & do your duty.
M: But Sonal….
Sonal: Mehak. Tell.me the truth. Did he do anything wrong during our college time?
Mehak was silent.
Sonal: did he lie to you? No. Did he cheat you or anyone else? No. You don’t even let him know what was the problem. Mehak, what you did was wrong.
M: Sonal. What should I do now..?
Sonal: I don’t know. Ask your self and find an answer.
M: Sonal….

Sonal: Mehak. Shaurya was not wrong then…
Sonal drop Mehak at her site.
Sonal: Mehak, call me in the evening.
Mehak nodded.
She go to her office and starts work. Rajeev meet her in her office.
Rajeev: Good morning Mehak.
M: Good morning sir.
R: how is everything?
M: fine sir. We can possibly slab the floor by the end of week.
R: Good. And how do you know Shaurya sir?

M: Sir was my senior in college.
R: oh!!! That’s good. So you know each other well right?
“Yaaa. Very well…!”
Mehak and Rajeev looked at the voice. Shaurya.
R: good morning sir.
S: morning Rajeev. How is work?
R: Good sir. Mehak was saying we could slab by Saturday.
S: let us see. Rajeev I need the slab strength reports of all the floors.
R: sure sir. Mehak get the reports and give to sir ok..
M: ok Sir.
S: Everything should be perfect. Ok.

Mehak nodded and start to arrange the papers.
Shaurya leave to his office. Mehak get the papers and went to his office.
M: sir slab report.
S: keep it here. I will check later. And I will decide the slabbing date. Ok.
M: ok. Sir.
S: k.
Mehak leave from there.
After half an hour. Shaurya called Mehak and Rajeev.
S: what is this Rajeev?
R: what happen sir?
S: is this the details of work? This is how the work is done here ..?
R: sir.
S: who make this report..?
There was a complete silence.

S: don’t you hear my question?
Mehak came forward.
M: sir I did it…
S: make it right and resubmit it. Stop all the works until then ok.
M: sir what is the mistake… I can explain everything sir.
S: Rajeev. Stop all the works.
R: sir. That will be a loss for our company sir. We can discuss everything. Mehak get everything ready..
S: Rajeev. I told you. Stop the work now. Get the reports ready. Talk after that.
M: sir …
S: Rajeev no more arguments. Is that clear.
Mehak and Rajeev leave from there.

After sometime.
Shaurya’s office
M: may I come in sir?
S: yes. Do you correct the reports?
M: sir I don’t know what’s the mistake in that reports. How can I correct it then?
S: that’s not my problem Miss Sharma. I want it corrected.
M: are you taking revenge?
Shaurya stood from his chair and come near Mehak.
S:what do you mean? Why should I do that?
Mehak take a step back.
M: what ever happen between us at college,
S: what was between us..? Do you remember it…?
M: I am sorry for what ever happen that day.
S: really..?
M: please.
S: get everything ready. Don’t dare to find excuses Miss Sharma. Now leave.
Mehak leave from there.

Mehak reach home.

Mehak met Sonal.
M: sonal. He is taking revenge on me.
Sonal: no yar. I don’t think he will do that.
M: yes. Sonal. I am sure there is no mistake in the report. Even though there is any. I am ready to correct it. But, he is not giving me a chance to explain. I don’t know what to do.
Sonal: please relax dear.
M: how can I. I don’t know yar…
Sonal: let us see. You stop worrying. Now go to home. You are getting late.
M: hmmm….
Mehak was upset all night.

Next day morning.
Shaurya’s office.
S: Rajeev. I want to meet Miss Sharma.
R: yes sir.
Mehak came to his office.
M: sir may I?
S: come in.
M: sir I can explain the report…
S: No need.

Shaurya don’t let Mehak complete.
S: How do you feel yesterday? Did you get good sleep?
Mehak give him a confused look.
S: Your eyes says about your sleep. So… Why are you standing. Sit sit…
Mehak sit on the chair. Shaurya came near Mehak’s chair.
S: Tell me how you feel…
M: I am sorry sir. I don’t understand…
S: How do you feel being accused for something you even don’t know. Nor even letting you explain your part? Hmm? How do you feel, letting you down without giving you reason?
M: you were…

S: yes… Two years before you make me leave without a reason.
Mehak try to get up from the chair. But Shaurya make her sit again. He sit on the table near to her chair.
S: No Mehak. Today you can’t leave like that. I won’t let you..
Shaurya and Mehak look deep into each other’s eyes.
S: Do you know how I feel that day.
M: Shaurya..,,
Shaurya mute her by keeping his finger on her lips.
S: This is it Mehak. I know you don’t forget anything.
M: I am sorry Shaurya. It was my mistake… Please forget everything.
Shaurya move away from her.

S: it took two years for you to say sorry. Slow realization…
M: no Shaurya. I realized my mistake long back. But don’t get the guts to admit it. I was afraid to face you.
S: hmm..
They both were silent.. Rajeev cane there.
R: sir.
Shaurya get to his seat. Mehak moved to near to the door.
S: yes Rajeev. You can start your work. I hope we have rectified our mistakes….
Shaurya said looking at Mehak.

To be continued….

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