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Meet my prince- a swasan journey: episode 3

Hey guys!!! I’m back with my third epi.. thanks a lot guys for ur support… do read it and comment it…
The episode starts with swara missing track of sanskaar as she collides with a girl… she panicks and finds sanskaar talking with the seniors viciously.
Swara: Oh no!! I have to do something ..if anything happens wrong then …
(She rushes towards sanskaar finding him being attacked …)
Swara: What shall I do??( She shouts )“ Stop it !! don’t dare to touch him
Ankit: Hey! Don’t you try to be smart.. gonna complain uh?? If you ever try ….the one being punished will be this guy( points at sanskaar) not you…
( they leave)
Swara: hey! You fine right??( she forwards her hand to touch him but withdraws)
Sanskar: I’m great !! ( he stabilizes himself )
Swara: oh my god!! You are hurt and you are bleeding!!why on earth do you put yourself into trouble…you must be absolutely mad.. can’t you think before you act….
Sanskaar: excuse me !! I’m here hurt and you … but wait a sec.. you were scolding me huh???
Swara: ( seems struck with his question)….huhhh..
Sanskaar: You can’t do that to me…and
Swara: ( signs him to be quiet ) now come with me..
Sanskaar: but.. where??
Swara: If you gonna ask me questions then I’ll leave..
Sanskaar: ohhh!! Fn fn cool cool no more questions..
( swara takes him to a seater space in the campus she takes out her first –aid kit and treats sanskaar’s wound on his forehead( the right corner of his forehead)).
( she takes lots of antiseptic in cotton & keeps it on his forehead )
Sanskaar: ah!! It hurts!!
Swara : then why don’t you shut your mouth for a moment…Wait!!
( she goes near him and gently blows over his wound,,, her lips just a few inches away … and as she withdraws …her eyes move to meet sanskaar’s..they share an eyelock … swara becomes conscious and moves back nervously..)
Sanskaar: ( to himself) what was that which happened a few nano seconds ago? She must be uneasy ..have to make her casual..
Sanskaar: haha this is funny!!!( laughs )
Swara: excuse me…what is so funny here???
Sanskaar: you carry this kit all around with you huh??? I find it a bit funny.. treating around hurt people like mother thresa (laughs continuously)
Swara: Mr. Sanskaar I have been a Guide during my school days..and I have a social conscience. Fine I’ll leave … ( gets up & turns to leave)
Sanskaar: Wait!!
Swara: ( raises her eyebrows)
Sanskaar: You’ve got some penalty…. Better pay it off before leaving
Swara: Penalty? But for what?
Sanskaar: for scolding me…
Swara: u gonna scold me in return?? Be quick all bcoz of you I’m late for..( sighs)never mind.. say quick..
Sanskaar : ( extends his arms) frnds???
Swara : Where on earth do people hug on first meet…ahhh!! They only shake hands..
Sanskaar: is it so? I saw an idiot an hour ago by name swara doing it over there( points at a place)
Swara : me idiot?? You are…
( sanskaar winks his eyes and asks again)
Sanskaar: friends???? No more fights….( forwards his hand)
Swara: ( to herself) must never see his eyes again.. I go blank..
( swara too forwards her hand and both smile gently )
Swara: fine sanskaar!! Bye..
Sanskaar: tmrw @ same place , same time..??
Swara: Hmmm… not sure..
Sanskaar: but..
Swara: bye…..
Sanskaar : can’t understand these girls.. would join if there is some course for it..
( swara goes to the auditorium where registrations are going on)
Swara: excuse me! I have to register ..
( a lad comes forward offering help)
Swara: thankyou!!..
Arjun: I’m arjun..( looks at her ) … you have a nice name.
Swara: But I didn’t say my name..
Arjun : ( in a low tone )a princess like you must definitely have a good name
Swara: what ??
Arjun : nothing….here is ur registration form .get it filled & submit it over there( points to a table)
Swara: uh.. Thankyou..
Sanju : Arjun ! what abt a movie??
Arjun : Shhhh!! Cant you be a bit subtle… from today on I have a new mission…

Precap : Sanskaar is blocked by the seniors and arjun asks swara for a date.


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