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Meet my prince- a swasan journey: episode 2

Hi guys!!! Here I’m with my second episode…. Do read & comment on it guys!!!
Swara : OH god!!! I’m really tensed for today is my first day @ college…hope everything goes well.
Kriti : Of course ! everything will be fine.. swara
Swara: but…
Kriti: ( She hands over a paper to swara) U’r certificate slipped off …u seem too tensed to notice it.
Swara: Ohhh!!! ( with a sigh) thankyou……( she drags a bit)
Kriti: I’m kriti! But y these certificates nd all?
( they walk in to campus and talk as they move..)
Swara: For“INTERNA “ dance fest..
Kriti: “ INTERNA”????? that too the very first day … u gonnna register for it??!!!
Swara: yes kriti! I was into this college due to my dancing skills ..The Cultural dept head asked me to bring it..
Kriti: Wow swara!!! Friends??( she forwards her hand)
Swara: No…..
Kriti: but Y???
Swara: ( extends her arms a friendly hug & winks her eye)
Kriti: U…. really.. na…( hugs her)
( as they move into the campus further swara finds freshers being ragged)
Swara: “what the????….” kriti … ragging is offence… I heard ragging is not allowed in this clg.. but…
Kriti: Swara,, all the rules could be bend for their comfortablilty.. all these things are common..
Swara: no… kriti.. im not gonna leave this … you go to class.. there’s something for me to do..
Kriti: but..swara…
Swara: I’ll be fine! Don’t worry..
( kriti leaves while swara moves towards the pavilion area where decoration works for freshers day are being done.)
Swara: ( In a low tone) This is wrong … I’ll give what you deserve…shall I complaint..or..
Unknown: “of course its wrong!! “
( swara panicks & was startled by a sudden voice behind her..she turns …and the boys decorating the pavilion let the cloth off & it falls on her)
Swara: oh!! God !! ( she tries to free her when she finds another hand … the anonymous hand holds her hand…)HEY!! Who is this???
Unknown: First I’ll free you .. then I’ll say..
(The unknown person removes the cloth & winks seeing swara)
Swara: Excuse me…!!!
Unknown : “ hi! Meet your prince… Sanskar!!( swara mishears so…)
Swara: ( she makes a blank expression)
Sanskar: hey!! Hello miss.. I’m sanskar …
Swara stares at him feeling very weird for the first time in her 18 years….and becomes conscious ….
Swara: I’m swara…
Sanskar: Ragging is an offence and it mustn’t be done …right???? You wanna see them punished???
Swara: It’s wrong but…
( before she could complete the conversation sanskaar moves towards them..)
Swara: (she runs after him thinking how to stop him)..” hey stop they are….what to say… seniors….stop…”
Sanskar: ( shouts to swara in a high tone) no senior.. no junior.. Just right nd wrong …
( swara collides with a girl and misses track of sanskar)
Swara: oh !!no!! I have let someone into trouble!! Have to stop him or save him….
( she watches sanskaar has already reached them and is talking with them viciously)

Precap: swara sees sanskaar being hit badly by the seniors … later swara and sanskaar share an eyelock..


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