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Meet my prince- a swasan journey: episode 1

Meet my prince – a Swasan journey :1

Hi guys! I’m here with my first ff and first page of swasan’s journey. Do comment on it…
The story starts with a girl sitting by a lake amidst the dewy morning she is with a note sketching the scenery. The place is blanketed by mist so she is unable to sketch anything.. so upset with the nature, she gets up to leave… as she is about to move she hears a voice..”swara!”, she turns around ..
A tall lad comes running towards her. She is unable to see him clearly his voice… just his voice makes her heart skip a beat.. he stops before her as swara is about to ask who is he., He kisses her without delay ..shocking swara and she couldn’t stop him as she felt she has been connected with him for ages..
Suddenly she feels a jerk and realizes it is her dream ….


Swara: who is he? It is the third time …each time when I see him in my dream, I feel the world stops a second.
Kavya (swara’s sister) : What , again the same dream,, a lake,dew,mist, tall lad, he comes near you right?
Swara: But you know kavya, today he kissed me…
Kavya: Kiss?(laughs out ) , don’t you know this is only possible for you & me in dream?
Swara: But kavya, dadi used to say …..
Kavya: oh!!!!swara , our mom & dad never allow us to go even an outing with friends, our broughtup is strict in that case how can you imagine such beautiful stories ….

Swara: ok….. It’s getting late I’ll start for my college…It’s my first day moreover..i’m tensed..
Kavya: All the best sissy.. It’s getting late for my school..
Pari, swara’s mom calls out for swara.
Pari: swara!! Here’s your things dr.
(pari does aarthi and gives Prasad to swara, bids her best of luck..)
Pari: swara, remember to focus on just studies, no distractions , never do anything that upsets ur papa.. ahh!!! Ur papa has left early this morning for his business meet @ delhi, it’ll take a2-3 weeks for him to return, he asked me to inform you.
Swara: oh!! Ok ma ! I’ll remember everything you say .. don’t worry bye!!

Precap: Swara enters the college , and finds freshers being ragged , swara goes towards them.

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