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Swara pov ,


Its so embarrassing moment
I hugged sanskar ?

Actually, that hug belongs to my bestie but she is in abroad so in excitement I hugged him
It’s accidental ND awkward moment ?

What he would think

I am thinking him as gud frnd

Its first time I am doing frndship with a boy

Bcoz I never trust boys but he changed my pov so I started thinking positive

Ok let it be

I had lot of work from now
I won the tender which gave me more work with some profit for company

I wanted the project bcoz it’s for social welfare
I like Ngo activities but my dad hate it so I do secretly

50% of my salary is given to my orphanage

U heard right it’s my orphanage only these kids are like my family
They are selfless ppl
Nd innocent
I love to play with them
The time I spend in this orphanage is the best time for me
Bcoz it’s the only remedy to reduce my pressure ND stress I get

So I wanna share my happiness with this kids

Ha no doubt my dad will throw a grand party for this success but that party fades away in front of this kids happiness

So this time I came with sanskar

Usually, Kushi used to join me, but first time I am going alone so I decided to join sanskar with me

evg 5 pm,

sanskar pov,

After completing office we both got in my car ?

she drove as to a new place

I stood in front of orphanage

I gave a surprising look towards her
No no, its shocking look I think bcoz I expected a pub but she got me to an orphanage

I really don’t like such places ND I never visited too

“Sanskar come let go in ” she dragged me in
if she holds me I am ready to die also
Bcoz her touch is making me fall

As we entered in a room It’s a playroom of kids

Lot of kids playing with toys ND some are singing rhymes

There sound is like a mini market
I really wanna shout out aloud to stop there stupid noises

Before I get frustrated they stopped making noise

By hearing swara voice
” I had got lot of chocolates come on everyone ” she shouted like a little kid ?

All the kids ran towards her ND hugged her

She is so happy
I think she got attached to them a lot

I really don’t like the environment here

But I just stood quite by staring her cute smile

I never saw her this much peaceful in this 20 days

She is happy with small small things
I wonder how can she be so

Isn’t it stupidity

I am confused ?
Y she is so unique then all?

Y she is not loving money?

Even I love money only money can buy anything in life

She is an emotional fool who get addicted to relations ND ppl

Actually, nothing is great then money
poor girl ! …. I think she will realize soon

My thoughts got brushed when I felt something pulling my jeans
I leaned down to know what it is
Then I saw a 4yr old kid holding me

I got on my knees to reach the height of the child

” what is your name uncle, ” the kid asked me in sweet tone

Although I hate kids but I wanna be cool ” sanskar ”

” gud name my name is sourya

Where is kushi di ? the kid asked in questioning way

I” I don’t know kiddo ” I answered

“y don’t know uncle” sourya questioned again

I really don’t like to answer to stupid questions
” ask swara she will say ” i roared in irritation

oh noo! Swara heard it , She came towards me nd I was still on my knees

“Sourya come here ” she called him

Sourya ran towards her ND hugged her
I think i scared him ,Sourya hid his face in swara embrace

Swara gave an angry look towards me

I know I had overreacted I think
But I am jealous of this kids also
Bcoz they are hugging her
They are playing with her
But I am not getting her ?
I feel pity for myself
Y I struggling for a girl
After all a girl

I turned towards swara to talk to her

” array sourya ur hairstyle is amazing ur looking like a Harry Potter” swara yelled at sourya cutely

He broken the hug ” really di I will be harry potter in few yrs I am only 4na now I won’t get admission in that school ? ” sourya answered innocently with pout face

Swara tickled sourya laughing ?

They both are childish one is 4yrs ND other is 21yrs ?

But I am jealous of that kid also
He is able to play with her ?

Let it be everyone will get there time
I am waiting for right time now

I felt bored some far but still I am happy with her presence

After 3hrs we started back home

In car, there is pin drop silence

Swara broke it
” y u behaved harshly with sourya ” she questioned him by watching road as she is driving

I don’t like kids there stupid questions ND all I can’t handle” I answered in low voice
Suddenly she applied sudden break
Car stopped with a jerk

I stared at her in surprise ND shock ?

” wat u don’t like kids ah will any human say so they are innocents ND they don’t know how to say lie also ” swara yelled in angry ?

I really don’t want any discussion in this it’s my pov so leave it

” Say me this in further if u marry you don’t have kids ah ” she questioned me

“Noo I don’t believe in this marriage ND all
So I never expect anything in this
Will think in future ” I replied politely

She gave a disgusting look towards me

” I just wish to satisfy myself my need that’s it ”
I am happy with wt it I have now ” I answered her in a confident way

“offoo! Ur pov is too worst Mr.mannat ” she roared in angry

Mr.mannat ? I gave questioning expression

” yes its ur new name I gave you ” she replied me

I think I did wrong by saying my own feelings
But wat to do I don’t like kids

swara pov ,

such a person he is

answer me this ‘ in ur childhood u never asked such silly questions ?

“as far i know it a big noooo ” he replied

oh really do u have any frnds in childhood “i questioned him

yes i used to play also ” he replied

“who is that ” i quested back

do u have any memory loss ? he yelled at me

“wt the hell ” I roared in angry

“ur my frnd in my childhood ” he answered i am shocked

I hardly know him from last 20days

he is saying I am his childhood frnd do he got mad or wat
wat ur thinking “he yelled

“stop joking i am asking about ur childhood “i yelled in angry

“arey i am also saying that only ”

I know u when u born only
I think u forgot as ur too young when I left to USA may be 5yrs old ur ” he snored at me

“wt it means ur sunny ” I yelled in shock nd surprise

yah i am sunny but now sanskar ” he replied

is it true ur son of rp uncle ah “i quested again

yeah I am son of ram prasad Maheshwari ” he replied

omg its sunny i meet him again woww but he is like vamp now i need to change him at any cost
y his mindset is so worst

in my childhood he used to be so sweet chocolate but now he is like salt candy

“wt ur thinking ” he roared again

I brushed my thoughts nd got back to live

” don’t u know this Shekhar uncle haven’t informed u “he questioned me

“noo may be dad forgot to inform ” I replied nd got set to drive back
ND drove off

I am so quiet and drove back to mansion
I never saw such a self-centred person in my life
Even my dad love kids but this vamp
He is really a vamp chi

I think I can change his pov soon
Y can’t he understand that money is not everything
Money is just a need

I never changed dad so how can I change him ?

It’s disgusting it’s unbelievable that he is sunny
the person with whom i played I enjoyed in my childhood
may be i am only 5 yrs na so i never understood him

***to be continued ****

( note ; I gonna this warp this ff fast so fastened the story sorry for this
I am disappointed on some issues personally so kindly forgive me

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