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Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 25)

Hello Hello…am back guys…with your ETL….i am very sorry for making u wait for long…and i hope u all understand me…ok now without any delay…lets go into today’s chapter.

Yeah…it’s 25th episode yar..wow…i don’t know how am reaching upto 25 n all…:P


I would like to dedicate this to my dear Chashu aka Chashni dear. Hope you like it.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 25)

Recap: Ardhika’s unexpected consummation on First day and Dilip’s visit to see Radhika

Ardhika gets ready and both leaves their home. Rads find his old Pulsar bike at the parking lot and looks at him by shaking

her brows up and Arjun just rolls his eyes seeing her antics and both walk towards it. She wipes the dust and he tries to

start it but since it is been a long time, it’s becoming very difficult for him to start it. Soon the securrity comes for his

help and gives him the Petrol to fill and after more than half an hour struggle, the bike starts with a boom sound and by

that Rads squeals like a kid and gets excited to have a ride in the bike at pillion with her husband.

Arjun smiles seeing her excitement and just signs her to sit, she jumps on the bike and hug him tightly at his back to

express her happiness.

He drives off to marine beach as she wanted to go there. Radhika enjoys to the most riding in a bike…she forgets all

worries and enjoys each moment being with Arjun. In her lifetime, she never been into someone’s bike like this and always go

in a car. She smiles and remembers the incident happened in her college time. She used to go in college bus in her college

time and never used her cars and always want to show she is also like others and enjoy her time with her friends in the bus.


Radhika and her friends finished their practical exams soon and rushes outside waiting for their other friends to reach

there. The boys gang comes there with their bikes and calls the girls to sit informing them that it’s already late for the

movie. Rads stands at the gate and looks them, almost all her class mates grabs one or the other bikes except Radhika.

Tintu waits for her to sit with him but looks clueless seeing her standing and asks, “Radhu, y r u still standing? COme and

sit behind me..it’s already late yar”

Rads curves her lips saying, “No Tintu…you carry on..i will get an auto and come”

Tintu, “Auto? Now? R u mad? WHen u will get the auto and when u will reach there? Before you come, movie will be started yar.

See all are going”

Rads, “No Tintu, i won’t come with you in bike. I will come by Auto. If you want to come with me then follow my auto” she

winks at him.

Tintu, “WHy you are not coming with me in bike?”

Rads, “I have some dream Tintu…till now i never gone into any bikes..not even with my Papa. While growing, after seeing so

many couples who rode happily hugging their partners..even i also get wish like that…i want to go in bike only with my

husband…you know..that’s a special feeling when you go with your life partner hugging him tightly..that’s really a special

feeling Tintu..i don’t want to miss my first bike ride with my hubby…i will wait for eternity to have that special feel.

You don’t understand all this…you just leave..i will come by auto”

Tintu makes faces saying, “True…i don’t understand..anyway..as you said i will follow you”

Rads smiles seeing him and takes the auto and reach the theatre…later Rads & Tintu joins with their friends.

FB over

Rads smiles remembering that incident and looks at Arjun’s back, extending her hand to his front and wraps his waist tightly

and leans on his back by pressing her front tightly and rests her head on his shoulder mumbling, “I LOVE YOU ARJUN”

Arjun feels her closeness, her hug, her hands on his waist, he rubs her hands gently to show his love and lifts her hand up

and place a soft kiss on her dorsal part first and then to her palm, slightly turns his head to her face and touches his head

to hers whispering, “I LOVE YOU TOO MY DEAR WIFE”

Rads smiles brightly and hugs him more tight than before, both enjoys each presence in their life and happily drives off to

Marine Beach.

He stops the bike, Rads gets down and comes to him, keeping her one hand on the handbar for a support and stares him with

lots of love. Arjun smiles seeing her and asks, “What?”
Rads smiles, “Thanks for the ride…you know what? This is my first time in bike…and you are the first man…my dreams come


Arjun, “WHat was that dreams?”

Rads told him about her thought and feelings, Arjun smiles and pulls her to him by her waist saying, “Like our First day

consummation, this ride also becomes so special in our life”

Rads blushes listening him and frees her from his grip saying, “COme..lets walk into the water”

Arjun obeys her and both walks holding their hands entwined with each tightly, she holds his elbow and rests her head on his

shoulder and both walks on the water for sometime, then finds a place somewhere to sit.

Rads,”Thank u for coming into my life Arjun. I am feeling complete being with you.” she sits close to him hugs him by his hands and mumbles, “I love you so much Arjun” having happy tears.

Arjun rests his head on hers and before that he place a strong and gently kiss on her forehead.

Both sits silently experiencing their newly found love in peace and Soon Rads starts bugging him for some snacks. Arjun left to get what she wanted, meanwhile Rads feeling awkward seeing some guys gaze on her and tries to go to Arjun.

She walks to him and those guys also started following her and when they are about to touch her, She steps back and finds a strong arm stops a guy who gonna snatch her dupatta.

Rads is surprised and shocked seeing Neil there, Yes It’s Neil who starts beating the guys mercilessly. After he shoves them away, he turns to Radhika who stands at the same place looking at him without any emotion on her face.

Neil feels so guilty seeing her and walks to her with lot of hesitance…Before he speaks, she turns and walking towards Arjun.

Neil too follows her and tries to stop her, “Radhika, pls stop…just listen to me once yar”

Rads with calm face, “I listened you alot and i am still regretting for that”

Neil’s eyes dwells with tears and moves close to her to cup her face…but steps back warning him, “Don’t dare to touch me. You have lost all the right on me…My Friend Neil is dead for me”

Tears rolling on his cheeks uncontrollably, inspite of her warning..he moves again to her to hold her hand but she shoves his hands screaming, “Don’t touch me….i feel disgusting seeing you. You are a betrayer…just leave me and get the hell out of here”

She too cries and continues, “I thought u as my best friend…if you would have known me well, then you would have not chosen that wrong path and cheated me in the name of Friendship. I believed you and made you to spy Arjun…the one who doesn’t even dream to do wrong for me…And you, in the name of Friend…got all the information from me and made a plan to make me believe in you and got Sam home. Neil, if you would have shared me the truth with me about Sam, i would be first person to get Sam home with me. I would have stand against my Dad…but what you did is unforgettable and not easy to forgive. Just leave me Neil…Go away from my life. I don’t wanna see your face at all. I am telling you now…from today you are nothing for me…i break all the ties with you here. I never wanna see you again in my life”

By saying this she walks away from there to Arjun who watches all this and stands quiet far giving them their space to speak. He observes Neil’s pale face and his tears which clearly explains what would have happened. Rads goes to him and takes him from there leaving Neil shattered.

Ardhika now drives back to their home, the joy, the excitement, the happiness which they had when they came, it is not marking its presence now between them.

She sits silently at the Pillion and slighlty puts her head on his back for the support. Arjun feels his shirt wet and understands she is crying. He simply holds her hand on his waist and pats is gently.

They reach their flat, both did not utter even a single word, Arjun thinks to give her sometime to heal her pain. She changes into night suite and lies on the bed showing her back to him who laid beside her.

He did not disturb her but lost in thoughts of Neil and Rads. Don’t know what happened, suddenly he sees Radhika turns to his side and hugs him tightly by burying her face in his chest more and cries silently.

Arjun just hugs her back and pats her head gently placing a soft kiss. Both lost in their own thoughts and feels restless till the slumber takes its place.

Precap: Neil missing. Sam worries. Dilip & Nandu Marriage?

That’s it for today guys, hope you all like it. it’s very very small…guys pls understand. Nowadays na..i am getting very less time in writing FF. Hope you like this part.

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