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MANAN – when only love remains episode 9

Hello thanks a lot for ur comments soon happy to read it ? thanks shwetha,manu,anjali,ashwini,sush,piya,mithilia.mithilia and ashwini new right .welcome dear .

Here is the next episode
Nandhu in her room
Nandhu -still in tears I never thought Sid would do like that ,Sid who vo tho manik he Na Manik MALHOTHRA .she acted as he loves me but it was just a prank.and she cries. .
AAt the same time manik is restless
Manik -i don’t understand what should I do now .I am confused.i just what to clear all the misunderstanding but nandhini is not even picking my calls even baba told she haven’t neither eaten anything and she hasn’t opened the door

Suddenly his servant comes to his room with food
Manik-i don’t want anything .just go away
Servant -but sir vo
Manik-ha throws the plate and says I told us i don’t want it means I don’t want it don’t u understand
Servant -sorry sir

Manik is restless
Manik reaches nandhus house
Manik:i want to see her and talk
Babs:she isn’t even opening the door
Then baba says something to manik
Manik-ha kya idea hai
Manik goes with the help of a ladder and through window he enters her room and by the time nandhu had already slept but when he got closer he could see tears still on her cheeks
Manik becomes too sad that he to started weeping
Manik:nandhu..I didn’t thought to hurt u .Ms plz don’t be angry with me..plz and he sees the ring and kisses her forehead and leaves

Precap:manik holds nandhu closer to the wall and says “I love u damn’d

Hi how was it too short right but I couldn’t right it as i am a function and hope u understand.dont be angry plzzzz,, and plzzzz comment.will update soon .u have the right to get angry at me?accepted .sryyy

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