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MANAN – when only love remains episode 8

Thanks aaa lot guysssss sush ur new welcome plz continue reading shwetha Anjali piya sush thank u guys hope u like this one
Next day at space
Manik-nandhini,when will u come
Cabir-what are u talking so much tensions
Everything will be alright
Will she accept ur proposal
Manij-hope soon.but she was too happy yesterday baba told me.
Finally nandhu arrives
Manik-ahaa she came .u go cabir
Cabir -plz let me see
Manik pushes him back
Manik folds his arms and smiles seeing nandhu
Nandhu still nervous and blushes
Manik-do u want to say something?
Manik smiles and he sees nandhu had already worn the ring he becomes happy
Nandhu- that…..vo…me…
Manik -ha ..athum vo
Nandhu-vo manik..I ….love…….
Manik blushes ………
Then all of a sudden a girl comes and hugs manik and says …MANIK baby I missed using much.
Nandhu gets shocked .

Suddenly the girl turns and spoke
Girl -who siddharth?this is manik MANIK MALHOTHRA…and also my BF.and by the way i am crisane
Nandhu almost in shock
Manik tries to speak but he couldn’t .
Tears rolled from nandhus eyes
Nandhu -he…..m…man….manik .no
And she rans from there
Manik tries to go in her back but crisane stops him …and tries to get intimate to him but manik moves from there
Manik rans in nandhus back but couldn’t find her
Nandhu goes to navya and hugs he and cries
Nandhu -he cheated me……..
Navya -what what happens …she too feels sad
Nandhu -he wasn’t siddharth…..he…was…m ..man…manik .he cheated nee….and…he …has ..a gf too
And she cries navya tries to console her


Navya -she nandhu plz don’t cry .I know he have cheated u he played a prank but I tried to tell the truth to u but he stopped me by blackmailing .nandhu I am with u naa don’t cry plz
Manik is so sad and plays guitar that’s when cabir arrives
Cabir -u playing guitar .that means she accepted ur proposal wow Bhai congrats
But manik doesn’t respond
Cabir thinks manik plays guitar when he is too sad or too happy ….
Cabir -what happened
Manik explains him
Cabir-oh nooo what we feared the most had happened she find out that u r manik by someone else…hooooo.and she might have cheated right .
Manik-ahaa will I do now .she was just crying and now I just hate myself…and he broke down..she is not picking up my call

Precap-manik at nandhus house

Cutiepies how was this episode .emotional naa i know and plzzzz comment

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