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Manan: Shaadi With Devar Less Dost (Chapter 4)

Hey, I know I am late, but guess what only some wait for my updates warna my story don’t have much readers, have fun reading…

Manik was gng to his room when he heard Nandini talking to someone on fone n thought to eavesdrop, let’s see what is she talking n with whom


Nandini: Adii, I missed u so much….
Adi: me too
Nandini: kab aaye tumlog waapis??
Adi: aaj hi, n u married someone else
Nandini: I am really sorry, mom dad ke liye karni padi, but now ur here na, everything vil b solved
Adi: yes, I vil solve everything
Nandini: when r u coming to meet me??
Adi: aaj hi
Nandini: yayyy, I missed u so much
Adi: me too, n yah
Nandini: what??
Nandini: I LOVE U TOO ADII. Ummmaah

Manik’s POV
Who the hell was he, n Nandini said she loves him, that means she have a boyfriend then y she didn’t talked abt our divorce, how can she hide such an imp thing, ughhh, I hate it but y am I getting angry, she vil b happy with him na, am I falling for her ??
End Of POV

OMG!!! It is shocking, isn’t it?? Nandini have a boyfriend, y did she hid the fact??
What is gonna happen??
Vil Manan get divorced??
Is Manik falling for her ??
Need comments….

Lots Of Love

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