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Mahek 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in. Mahek 6 January 2017 Written Episode Update.

Its morning, PRECAP,, Nehal says do what you want, i am going to ready everything in your room, take your time t o get ready today, you will take one hour. Kanta says only you are remaining, Mahek go and get ready, i will handle food here, Kanta says eat something, Mahek says i will eat after celebration only, i have fast till then, Kanta says you have started fasting even before marriage? Mahek blushes and leaves.
Jeevan is seeing decorations. Kanta comes there and sys you are looking nice today, Jeevan says i remember younger Kanta today. Ravi comes there and says i saw everything, Jeevan says we were just talking, Ravi says i am not saying anything, why you are doubting? Jeevan scolds him for teasing. Balwant says i dont want anything wrong in arrangements, Mahek’s inlaws are coming afterall.
Katha ceremony starts. One guest praises Mahek who is wearing pink color, other guest says that Mahek is lucky, Shaurya is handsome, i could watch Shaurya from my roof as i can see Mahek’s house roof from there, he used to live here like family member.
Shaurya’s family enters Sharma house. Shaurya is wearing shalwar kameez, Nehal sasy you are looking handsome, i might fall for you today, Sonal says he is looking nothing compared to Mahek. Vaitlana huffs. Mahek touches Shaurya’s mother’s and father’s feet. Shaurya touches Jeevan’s feet. Vaitlana comes in corner and calls Rajiv, she says everything is set, you come here, we will burn this ceremony.
Soniya says to Vaitlana and Rajiv that i hate this type of houses, who have wash basin in open area? Vaitlana says your Shaurya stayed in this house for one week, lived with this cheapsters, what change you couldnt bring, this low standard girl did it. Nehal comes there and asks Soniya to come and sit with them, Soniya says i am better here. Katha starts, Mahek and Shaurya stands together praying. Pundit recite mantras. Katha is about Krishanji. Shaurya asks Mahek what you did with your face? Mahek asks what happened? i asked Nehal to not do it but she didnt listen, Shaurya says i listened that girls have glow of wedding but i can see it on your face, Mahek shies away from him and says what are you saying? focus on Katha, Shaurya says i wish to fly away with you. Khanna says to Karona that they made us sit on floor, Karona says there are chairs but i asked to sit on floor, why you keep complaining? Khanna says you have started talking a lot since this propposal happened, Karona says leave everything, see how happy both Shaurya and Mahek look together, Khanna nods. Vaitlana is sitting on floor and getting bored with Katha. Rajiv comes there and sits in Katha, he looks around then leaves from there sneakily. He goes in house then comes back after sometime and nods at Vaitlana hinting work is done.
Katha ends. Kanta says to Karona that Mahek has been blessed by God to get guy like him, should we do Roka today? Karona says ofcourse. Kanta starts roka ceremony. Karona does rituals.
Vaitlana comes to Mahek and says you dont eat anything, why dont you eat what in have brought for you, Mahek says i will eat later, you eat. Vaitlana says i wont listen to you, you have to eat, she feeds food to Mahek.

PRECAP- Mahek is puking and falls on floor. One guest says she is going pale and having vomiting too, what should we assume? Vaitlana says are you trying to say that she is pregnant?

Update Credit to: Atiba


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