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Mahek 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Shaurya’s servant comes to Sharma house with gifts which Shaurya has sent, Nehal is excited, Mahek smiles seeing gifts, servant leaves. All start seeing gifts, Ravi says he has sent gifts for all family members, Balwant says he has sent coat pant for me. Nurse takes Jeevan’s gift and says to Kanta that i will make Jeevan wear it, Mansi takes it from her and says Sammy or jerk whoever you are, Kanta will make him wear it. Balwant says my pulse is irregular too, please check it Sammy, Mansi says all men are not well from the time nurses are brought here by Shaurya, Ravi says dont glare at me. Mahek opens her gift and sees note From Shaurya, it reads “i will steal your eyeliner your eyes today, be ready Mrs. Khanna”, Mahek smiles and thinks what Shaurya is upto?


Mahek’s family arrives at Shaurya’s house. Karona says dont be shy, Shaurya have given costume to everyone so we all are looking same. Mahek is wearing gown. She comes in party and is mesmerized seeing its theme as disney’s fairy-tales party. Mahek is lost seeing all that. Nehal says to Mahek that when Shaurya got to know that you like fairies and princess, he created this fairy world and made us wear all all these clothes just to make you feel special, Mahek smiles. Karona says to Kanta that Jeevan seems to be enjoying himself, Kanta says this is because of Shaurya too, Jeevan smiles at nurses, Kanta glares at him. Shaurya comes in party and says welcome everyone to a story of some child which is starting now, her name is Mahek Sharma, see you liked fairies, princess and cartoons so i created that world for you, Mahek lovingly looks at him. Shaurya comes her, Shaurya is wearing white tuxedo, Shaurya says will you include me in your dream life Mahek Sharma? Mahek smiles and nods at him, Nehal says how romantic, Shaurya makes her wear crown, lights are switched off, all have turned on flash lights of their phones to give atmosphere dreamy feel, Mahek hugs Shaurya and is in peace in his arms, all clap for them. Mahek and Shaurya starts dancing on mere Saudargar song in party, they waltz across the floor, Mahek puts her arms around Shaurya’s neck and smiles at him, Shaurya holds her waist and dances with her. Shurti is dancing with Vicky but glaring at Mahek and Shaurya. Mohit and Sonal are dancing too. Kanta says to Mohit that i forgot Jeevan’s medicine at home, go and bring it, he says i wont go, she says go or else i will slap you, Mohit huffs and leaves party to bring medicine. Mahek puts hand on Shaurya’s cheek and dances with him. Vaitlana comes in corner and calls Sanjay and says i am seeing reality so my dear husband wake up. Sanjay says i am not in mood to romance, let me work, he ends call and drinks wine. Mahek lovingly hugs Shaurya at the end of dance, all clap for them.

Shaurya brings Mahek to poolside, he has put blindfold on Mahek’s eyes, she says where are you taking me? he says dont you trust me? she says more than myself. Shaurya takes off her blindfold, Mahek sees table for set at poolside, its decorated with rose petals and scented candles. Sanjay meets his goon and asks if everything is set? goon says yes i did everything.

Mahek sees whole pool area decorated with flowers, she says you did all this Shaurya? she hugs him and gets emotional, she says you dont know much happy you have made me, you have made my dreams come true today and i couldnt do anything for you, i have nothing to give you, Shaurya says you remember you used to call me devil? so make this devil as your prince, Mahek says what you mean? Shaurya says not everything should be told, like in your fairytales, princess kiss devil and make him prince, Mahek says not prince but frog, she gently pushes Shaurya away.

Scene 2

Mohit comes to Sharma house and says i was enjoying party and they sent me here, he finds Jeevan’s medicine. Sanjay and his goon are at Sharma house too but Mohit hasnt seen them, Sanjay says its time to execute plan.

At poolside, Shaurya pulls Mahek closer, tere sang yara plays, Shaurya puts hand on Mahek’s neck and pulls her closer, they lean in and close their eyes, they kiss each other and melt into each others arms.
At sharma house, Sanjay presses button and bombs blast in house from the packet his goon has placed earlier. Mohit was still in house. Whole house catches fire. Shaurya and Mahek gets call, they are shocked hearing the news.

All sharma family reaches their house and see whole house on fire. Shaurya comes there too. Kanta is crying for Mohit, Shaurya jumps in house ignoring fire, All are worried for him, Mahek cries for Shaurya. Shaurya goes in house to search Mohit and PD. Shaurya comes out of house with PD in his arms, Shaurya brings PD out of house, Kanta asks where is Mohit? Shaurya looks at house and goes in burning house again to find Mohit. Shaurya screams for Mohit. Mahek says let me go to Shaurya, all try to stop Mahek and grab her arms but Mahek jerks them away and runs into to burning to go behind Shaurya, all are hysteric and calls out for Mahek to stop but she doesnt, Shaurya is searching for Moti, he sees Mohit lying on floor in a room, he asks him to get up, Mohit is coughing, Mahek comes there too, Shaurya says are you mad? why did you come here? Shaurya and Mahek pulls Mohit up, Shaurya takes Mohit from there, Mahek says i cant let my mother’s memories to burn like this, she starts collecting her memorable stuff. Shaurya brings Mohit out of room and says you go out of house, i will bring your sister, Mohit leaves. Shaurya comes in room again and sees Mahek crying, Shaurya’s hand gets burned while coming to her, Shaurya says i have burned my hands alongwith my heart in your love, Mahek is hugging carton of things related to her mom, Shaurya picks her up bridal style and start taking her out of burning house, Mahek emotionally looks up at Shaurya, Shaurya intensely holds her gaze while going out of house with her, naino ki mat suniyo plays in background.

PRECAP- Mahek cries holding burnt photos of her family, Shaurya comes there, Mahek says everything is finished, Shaurya hugs her and consoles her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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