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Mahek 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sanjay says to Ravi and Jeevan that lets go and tell these young people what real dance is about, lets come on stage, Ravi and Jeevan says why not, they start to leave but Shaurya stops them and says what are you doing Ravi and Jeevan chacha? Shaurya angrily glares at Sanjay. Vicky says these oldies cant dance, Nehal says they can dance very well, show them. Jeevan, Ravi and Sanjay goes on stage. Sanjay says kids have shown enough dance but its time for elders to dance. He brings scooty there and says elders will dance now. He asks Jeevan to dance on scooty, Jeevan says how will i balance on this scotty? Sanjay says i will help you, bachna ae haseeno plays, Jeevan and Ravi are dancing on dance floor using scooty. Jeevan is running scooty all around which is of Sanjay, all are enjoying their performance, but Vaitlana presses button on remote and scooty’s handle falls down, Jeevan falls flat on floor losing balance from scooty, all are shocked. Jeevan is in pain, Kanta says you always make joke out of yourself, why you do this in every function? Mahek says dont scold him, he is injured, Jeevan says i cant get up, my bones are broken, shaurya says i have called ambulance, Jeevan says i dont know how this happened. Vaitlana says dont say that we did this too, Sanjay says dont talk like this Vaitlana, cant you see he i in pain, Vaitlana snickers. Kanta says we will all go to hospital with you. Ambulance comes there, Jeevan is taken on stature, shaurya leaves with family too. Sanjay ask guests to leave. all leave. Sanjay says to Vaitlana that Jeevan’s bones must have turned to powder, Vaitlana laughs.


All are in hospital, waiting for doctor. Doctor comes out and says he has fracture, he will move on wheel chair, he needs to rest for 6months, he will be discharged tomorrow, he leaves. All are sad, Balwant says why Mahek and Shaurya keep having hurdles in their happiness? we should functions till problems are not solved, we should extend wedding date, Shaurya says we should not take decision in haste, once jeevan is discharged then we will decide, he says to Kanta that i am here, i will make everything fine, i will bring biggest doctor and make Jeevan stand on his feet again, he ask family to go home, me and Mahek will stay with Jeevan.

Its night, Mahek and Shaurya are in hospital. Shaurya brings tea for Mahek and asks her if she is worried? Mahek hugs him sideways and weeps, she holds his arm, Shaurya smooths her hair and says you have factory of tears, how come? Mahek slaps his arm and says i told you i feel something is going to happen, we have problem in every function, first with me and now with Jeevan chacha, Shaurya says it was just an accident, dont worry, dont think about weird ideas. Mahek gets call from KD and says yes i will do my work, she ends call and says to Shaurya that i had to email KD but my mobile’s mailbox is not working, i have to mail him new recipe, Shaurya says use my phone then, dont worry i wont steal your recipe, i will delete your mail, Mahek mails from his mobile, Shaurya lovingly gazes at her, Mahek thanks him for letting her used phone.

Scene 2
Its morning, Jeevan comes home on wheel chair. Kanta scolds Jeevan that if you try to act young in old age then this will happen, Ravi says he is injured, dont scold him, Kanta says first you both get drunk and make scene there and now you people were dancing on kids scooty and made wedding get delayed, we dont need enemies till you both are with us, Mahek says dont say this Kanta chachi, Jeevan says only Mahek is on our side. Sanjay comes there with Vaitlana. sanjay says i am thankful Jeevan is fine now, he asks Jeevan if wheelchair is comfortable? he says i was so worried, i have brought parsad for you people, now wedding will be postponed, dont know when Mahek and Shaurya will get married. Shaurya comes there and says time and date have not changed, wedding will happen on time as decided earlier, he asks Sanjay what he is doing in old delhi with his beautiful wife? Sanjay says i went to mandir to pray for Jeevan, Shaurya says atleast spare God, Sanjay awkwardly laughs and says you joke a lot, i will come to see Jeevan daily, Shaurya says you dont need do that and wedding will happen on decided date, Kanta says we cant do that, i have to remain with Jeevan all the time, he will need me with him always. Shaurya says you dont need to be with him, i have brought someone who will be his life line, they will take care of him all the time. He calls nurses cammy and sammy, he says these girls are fully trained, they will take care of Jeevan, they will cook, bath, do everything for Jeevan, one nurse says his Jeevs. Jeevan is drooling over young foreign nurses, Ravi says i have sprain in my back too, can i have nurses too? Mahek laughs.

Shaurya says to Kanta that you trust me? these nurses will take care of Jeevan, functions will happen on decided dates, i promise, everything is sorted, i have to go to plan for tonight’s party, he smiles at Mahek and says i have sent clothes for your family, be ready for party, Kanta says you will send clothes for us? Shaurya nods, he smiles at Mahek and leaves. Balwant says is this wedding or government’s budget? there are too many surprises.

Shaurya calls Mahek, Mahek sees him calling and blushes seeing Kanta and Balwant looking at her, she comes out of room and takes Shaurya’s call. Shaurya says remember your promise? Mahek says which promise? Shaurya says you promised to give me first kiss, you are going to fulfill that promise this evening, an evening which will be so special that you and I will remember forever
Sanjay and Vaitlana comes home, he comes in room and is miffed, Vaitlana says why your face is pale? your nephew is ahead of you, arent you proud of him? you can say big words in jail but finally you know reality, Sanjay says these words are for losers like you, i have handled big things, this is nothing, Vaitlana says do one thing, open library of bollwood songs as you cant do anything, it will be helpful for future. Sanjay says the one who has fake nails shouldnt be threatening people with her nails, he pulls out her fake nail. he calls his man and says tonight should be full and final, i dont want any mistakes otherwise you know what will happen, Sanjay smirks, Vaitlana looks on.

PRECAP- Shaurya is wearing white tuxedo, Mahek is wearing maxi, Shaurya says will you include me in your dream life Mahek Sharma? Mahek smiles and nods at him, Shaurya makes her wear crown, Mahek and Shaurya dances on old song in party.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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