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Mahek 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Vaitlana brings gift box in room and says that cheap Shaurya has become our father. Vaitlana calls her husband, he takes call and says i was waiting for you, he sings song for her, Vaitlana is irritated and says where are you Sanjay? i cant bear this Hitler cheap Shaurya. Sanjay says i am coming home, get ready. Vaitlana says Shaurya have done all arrangements, Sanjay says i have sent courier, its surprise, dont open it, tell Shaurya that i am coming to bring life in his party, he ends call.


Mahek is getting ready for her Mehndi, Nehal says that see your face is full, i have to hide your fat with makeup, lets go on terrace. Sonal and Nehal brings her on terrace and starts doing Mahek’s make up, Sonal says fitness freak Shaurya has got potato sack Mahek, Mahek scolds Sonal. Mahek sees some packet placed on terrace stand, she goes to check it, she is about take box and see whats inside but Kanta comes there and is dressed in retro style, Mahek and Nehal laughs, Kanta says it was hit style in our era, Nehal says you are looking hot Kanta chachi, you will make guys go crazy over you, Kanta laughs and leaves with them. Whole family gets ready for bollywood costume theme party. Balwant says to Mohit that this is weird, dress elders and drag them to parties. Mohit says this is theme party, i am Amir Khan. Whole Sharma family is ready, Nehal says we will not loose to our inlaws, we will win over this party, they all leave.

Karona is welcoming guests, whole house is decorated mesmerizingly, She is dressed as chinese girl. Karona says to Shaurya that Mahek’s family hasnt come till now, i hope everything is fine. chauffeur comes and says inlaws have arrived. Balwant gets from car first, he is dressed as Mogambo, then Kanta and Jeevan gets down. Shaurya is dressed Raj from DDLJ, Mahek gets down from car, she blushes seeing Shaurya, she is dressed as Simran from DDLJ. Karona says to Shaurya that are you going crazy over her? she is looking really beautiful, Shaurya and admires Mahek. Kanta says to Karona that you are looking nice, Karona says you are all looking nice too, all leave from there. Mahek is leaving but Shaurya pulls her back, she shyly bows her head down, Shaurya asks happy? she nods, Mahek looks around, Shaurya asks what are you looking at? Mahek says i never thought in dreams that my Mehndi will be like this, Shaurya says i didnt think in my dreams till two months that i will marry you, who has fat nose, Mahek shoves him away, Shaurya holds her hand, Mahek says anyone can see, Shaurya says let them see, you are going to put mehndi of my name on your hands, Mahek says i just pray everything happens nicely, a lot of people are not happy with this marriage, so much happened in first function, if you were not there then.. Shaurya says why i wouldnt be there? you thought i would let them point fingers at you? i wont let anything wrong happen Mahek. He says you should be scared as you people are going to loose in Mehndi performance, Khannas will win, Mahek says we Sharmas are no less, we are going to win, Shaurya says lets see, they shake hands.

Scene 2
Sameer starts Mehndi and says first performance is from Sharma family. Jeevan and Kanta comes on stage and dances on Oh Haseena song, all are enjoying their dnace. Then Mansi and Ravi comes stage and dances. Shaurya winks at Mahek, she blushes. Mansi and Ravi gives joyful performance, Kanta and Jeevan joins them, both couple give nice performance, Shaurya is clapping for them. All clap for them after it ends. Vicky says to Shurti that lets dance on Mehbooba, i have become Gabbar, Shurti says shut up, you should be Anupam Kher of Tezaab, Shurti has become Madhuri and says i will dance on Madhuri’s song to beat these hungry and cheap people(Sharmas) who have come here. Shaurya smiles at Mahek. They are sitting either side of stage, facing each other. Shurti and Vicky dances on Madhuri’s song 1..2..3, Mohit is enjoying their dance, Shaurya looks on, Vicky puffs smoke in Shurti’s face to end performance, all clap for them. Sameer says i didnt know we had talent in our house too, who is coming from Mahek’s family to compete now? Nehal says real performance will start now.

Sonal starts dancing as Anarkali, Nehal dances with her, Mohit joins them. Mohit, Sonal and Nehal dances on Radha teri jhumki song, Mohit dances around Sonal and Nehal on peppy number, both families enjoy their dance performance, Mahek is humming with them, all are grooving alongwith them, all clap for them after dance. Sameer says who is coming to compete from Shaurya’s side now? He asks Karona to perform, she is shy and says i cant, he asks his wife Priyanka, she says no i am shy, he asks Khanna if he want to come for performance? he says are you mad? i am sitting here thats enough, Sameer says groom side has given only one performance while bride side has given two performance, if no one comes forward till i count to 6 then i will announce bride side as winner.. all look on.. time is ticking.. Sameer is about to announce Mahek’s family as winner but someone says stop.. all heads turn to her direction, its Vaitlana, she comes there in bollywood costume.

PRECAP- Shaurya and Mahek dances in their mehdni ceremony on mehndi laga kar rakhna song. All family members join them, all are dancing, Sanjay comes there dressed as bollywood villain, he mingles in crowd and dances around Shaurya, Shaurya looks at him, Sanjay stops dancing and says how are you nephew? all look on, Shaurya stares at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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