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Hey guys , I think I have gotta end this ff asap , so that’s y I am back with an other episode
Note : no Switzerland trip ,shraman at their best ?
I know this isn’t going well but please do cooperate….
so let’s start with this epi

Shravan tells sumo to dress up in that grand attire but sumo is way too tired and weak , she looks exhausted, Shravan sits beside her , holds her by the shoulder and comforts her ..
Shravan: you look very weak , it will be better if you stay in your bed , I will inform preekar , they will cancel the reception, ok ?


Suman: no Shravan , they have done this with so much love ❤️, it will hurt them if we cancel this …..

Shravan : as you say ?
Shravan handles the dress to sumo and sumo lifts it once or twice and says ” it’s very heavy ” ” it’s difficult for me to wear this”
Shravan feels shattered as he wouldn’t be able to take a look at her in that spectacular dress ……
A small frown appears on his face, he tries to smile and just walks away ……
sumo is confused by Shravan’s reactions , she slowly gets up and tries to walk , and you know what’s gonna happen next ..?

This happens in a fraction of second , sumo slips and Shravan comes in the nick of time , he holds her by the waist and then makes her sit on the couch and gets up to walk away but this time he could feel her hands on his waist, she hugged him from behind, he turned towards her tucked her hair and caressed her face and she said
Sumo : why don’t you spit the truth out ?
Shravan : what truth are you talking about sumo ??
Suman : I know that you were badly hurt when I said that I can’t wear it ?
Shravan : no sumo , if it is difficult for you then don’t wear it , ok ?
Sumo : I can read your mind Shravan, you wanted to see me in that special dress right?
Shravan: yeah
Suman : then ok , I am wearing it ?

Shravan : no don’t , u look very tired and you won’t be able to handle this one …
Suman : want me to turn energetic?
Shravan : yes ?

Suman wraps her arms around his neck and stands on her toes , he holds her by his waist , she indicates him to kiss her … he gives a confused look …
Suman whispers : kiss me
Ok he says ….
( please imagine the next part by yourself ….. ??)
You know how they shared the kiss , so let’s come to the point ☝️
Shravan and Suman share a deep , passionate kiss, little did they care about the world around them , that was bliss??
These kind of small things make your life more better ?

They were involved deeply in the moment and sumo pulled back and asked okay , now I am energetic enough ,I will go change the dress..?
Shravan held her by the waist and pulled her towards him so that her back was resting on her chest ? , don’t leave so soon he whispered and pecked her forehead …

knock knock , sumo got herself free from his hold and rushed towards the door …
Preeti stood there all ready for the reception , she was in awe to see sumo still not ready …
U did not get ready Suman , sumo says yeah I’ll be there soon and shuts the door ?..
she feels weak but walks towards the bed to pick her dress up , but Shravan stops her …
I’ll dress you up ? He asked with a mischievous face !
She just gave him a hard whack on his hand and said I will do it myself
Ok I’ll be back ? said Shravan

Suman gets ready in her attire she just sits on the bed with a heavy sigh ?
She picks up some tablets from the cupboard and puts them into her mouth.. she searches for the water jug and meanwhile Shravan opens the door , enters in , closes the door ?..
He gives her water and she smiles at him , and then looks at him head to toe , “handsome ” she says ..
Thank you , you look gorgeous ? he says

she smiles at him and gets up to walk but due to the weakness she falls back on the bed , Shravan quickly lifts her up in his arms and she wraps her arms around his neck and they share a deep eye lock?
“Aise lagta hai kyun Teri aankhein jaise aankhon me meri rehgayi ”
They reach the garden and are still lost in one another and suddenly they experience a shower of roses and some applauses and click click sound from mobile phones and cameras ?
This diverts their attention and quickly shraman look around and find preekar helping out a huge number of guests ?

Shravan makes sumo sit on a gigantic chair placed at the top of the stage , there are two such chairs , the decorations were looking simply breathtaking and shraman were busy taking glances at each other , later they greeted the guests, had a grand reception and thanked preekar for the support and there shraman were hitched again ?❤️❤️
So here ends the epi ?

Precap : shraman receive gifts from dear ones , Ramnath gifts a surprise gift !!

Eager to know what is the surprise gift ?? than keep reading this ff …..??
Thank you
Yb signing off

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