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love is forever | season 2 | episode 7

the episode starts with krishitija reading shravan’s diary.

krishitija: arre! a crush..? who is that girl?


she turns the pages.

krishitija: OH! ankitha!

suddenly shravan comes and grabs the diary.

shravan: HOW COULD YOU?
krishitja: crush? anikitha? ha ha ha ha

she teases him. shravan gets irritated and pulls her ears.

krishitija: ouch ouch!!!!
shravan: will you tell this to anyone?

krishitija shakes her head. shravan lets go of her. she rubs her ears.

krishitja: i’m sorry
shravan: LEAVE!

she leaves.

the scene shift to ishita’s room.

raman: how could I give this saree to ishita?

he feels ishita’s footsteps. he hides it in her cupboard.

ishita: raman what r u doing with my cupboard?
raman: no..nothing.

he goes back to his laptop.

ishita: what can I wear for tommorow?

she checks her cupboard..

ishita: what? a new saree?

she gets it and gets shocked. raman blushes.

ishita: raman do you know anything about this?
raman: what me? no..um..no

ishita laughs.

raman: what r u laughing at madrasan?
ishita: how dare you..my cute hubby, getting a new saree.
raman: ur too much ishita..

ishita laughs and hugs raman. raman smiles. yeh hai mohhabatein plays.

the scene shift to mani’s house.

mani: i’m really glad you took this project, we can work together.

the man smiles. IT’S SURAJ!

suraj: mani, i will do anything to work against ashok
mani: nahi, don’t work against him, he is your brother after all
suraj: but-
mani: no we will win this..suraj.

suraj nods. mani smiles.

the scene shift to romi’s room.

romi: oh god! what’s the time? 11?

sarika enters.

sarika: did you wake up..at last!
romi: hmm, my breakfast?
sarika: not breakfast..dinner!

sarika laughs. romi kisses her.
sarika becomes quiet.

sarika: huh?
romi: now who wins?

sarika blushes and leaves.

sarika goes into the living room and switches on the tv.

sarika: ishita di, aliya, mami ji..everyone come.

everyone comes.

sarika: see who’s in tv..
ishita: adi!
raman: oh my!

they smile.

mrs bhalla: let me ward off the evil eye.

she does aarti for adi in tv.

everyone smiles.

person in the tv: finally who would you like to thank for this?
adi: Firstly I would like to thank my parents,and all my relatives for supporting me.

aliya looks down.

aliya (thinks): what about me?
adi: and also my aliya.

aliya smiles.

adi: she has supported me all this way, so I must not forget her.

Adiya smiles.

precap: 1 week later, adi returns


hello everyone!!
how was it?
anyway, this was not my fav episodes because I wrote it in a rush.
Anway, Adi will return so adiya romance will be seen.

And Jasmine suggested, vinni will be back!

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