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love is forever | season 2 | episode 6

the episode starts with mrs bhalla talking with ishita.

mrs bhalla: you didn’t thank him for coming here or anything?
ishita: no..i acted like before.. i think raman will stay here for some days.
mrs bhalla: thank god.
ishita: nahi nahi, thank pihu!



pihu is on call with raman.

pihu: papa please can you come to my house.
raman: no pihu I can’t..
pihu: not even for my project? not even for me?
raman: what project pihu?
pihu: papa you come here and i will tell you..
raman: i can’t come there pihu..
pihu: then i will never talk to you!

pihu goes to end the call.

raman: okay okay..only for you and your project.
pihu: you are the best papa! i love you!

they smile.


the scene shift to the iyer house.

mihika: i must say akka, your food is good.
vandu: hmmm…i told you.

they laugh.

abishek: i will go to meet sarika and come mihika.
mihika: okay.

abishek leaves.

vandu: how are things going on with abishek mihika?
mihika: fine..
vandu: he’s so caring mihiku
mihika: oh akka, that’s sometimes…

vandu smiles.

the scene shift to the bhalla house. abishek enters.

ishita: arre, abishek..come in..where is mihika?
abishek: mihika is in your amma’s house.
ishita: what she came? she didn’t even tell me..

ishita leaves to the iyer house. sarika sees abishek.

sarika: abishek bhaiya!
abishek: how are you now sarika?
sarika: good!
abishek: where is romi?
sarika: sleeping, let me wake him up..
abishek: no.no. don’t bother.
sarika: wait! you sit and wait

sarika goes to romi’s room. romi is sleeping.

sarika: romi wake up..wake up!

romi sleepily wraps his arms around her and pulls her close to him.

romi: let’s sleep together.

sarika moves out.

sarika: crazy boy! i need to go, if you are coming then get up or just sleep..

she leaves.

the scene shift to iyer house.

ishita sees MihiVa ( i know the name is so bad for mihika and vandu)

ishita: you guys are so bad, you didn’t even call me.
mihika: ishu akka come in..
ishita: no..see you have eaten the food and not left anything to me…
vandu: nahi nahi..nothing like that ishu, come i will make more..
ishita: don’t! dont bother your self…i will leave..

ishita turns and mihika holds her hand.

mihika: If you want we will make the food again, why? because we love you! and don’t leave please stay for me…
ishita: then why didn’t you tell me you came?
vandu: ishu don’t act like a baby, come on..join our little talk..

ishita go and hug them.

ishita: do you think i will leave you guys beacause of food? ha haa..

she let them go and hold their hands..

ishita: it was a joke guys! come on lets talk ‘girls’ stuff.

they laugh.

the scene shift to adi’s office.

adi: who is the new worker rahul?
rahul: her name is-
adi: its a girl?
rahul: yes sir.. her name is Jasmine..

jasmine enters. she is wearing a short and tight dress and looks… sassy (!)

adi: her..
jasmine: How..do you like my look babe..

rahul and adi gets shocked.

rahul: he is your sir..call him sir.

jasmine looks at rahul and makes a cute face..

jasmine: oh..really..sir..no no..i don’t like that..i like the word babe better don’t you?

she turns at adi. adi is still shocked.

adi: um…um…

he is staring at him. he suddenly realises he is at office.

jasmine: why so serious? umm..may i ask are you guys single pringle?!
rahul and adi: NO..i mean YES!
jasmine: oh…. i don’t like to work here..i’m looking for singles..

jasmine leaves. adi and rahul are staring at her.

adi: um..rahul?
rahul: yes sir?
adi: she is…
rahul: I’ll get to work sir.

he leaves.

adi sees aliya’s picture and smiles.

adi: no aliya , no one can come between us. you are my first and forever love.


hello guys. I’M really sorry no one noticed except lisa that raman was not supposed to be in the bhalla house! i couldn’t think of anything else but this to make it up
please PLEASE comment down suggestions because otherwise i can’t carry on with this ff. any any suggestion critisism welcomed!
also read my sis’s ff can we be together also on adiya.
she thinks of stopping that ff (i don’t really care if she did stop) but you can just read it..


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