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Love can take place anytime,anywhere (Part 1)

Hello everyone this is my first os so plzz comment plzzz… so lets start…
A girl was in a cyber cafe chatting with someone n in the same cafe a boy was also chatting with someone. They were sitting opposite to eo.actually they r non other than our twinj

T- sry i cant meet u as my papa didnt alloud me to come.
K- its ok actually my boss didnt let me come.
T- oh same situation what a coincidence
K- ya
T- r u wearing black jacket
K- r u wearing a pink colour top.
They both stand at same time n says you
T- you were who was talking to me from a month
K- i cant belive my eyes. That u r that silly girl. I never want to meet.
T- oh hello same here.


They both went out because the owner scold them as all were disturbing. They went out n it was raining so there was no taxi. They both were fighting still. A car stops n driver says u will not get any taxi.
They both sit n a arjun{twinkle’s sis bf}sees them going. So he call her sis arohi n tell about her but unfortunately her phone was dead.
They both were sitting n suddenly driver stops the car n says them to come out n ask them to give all there things. He was going to harm twinkle but kunj saves her n gives her all expensive things. He made them sit them in the car n locked it from outside n they cant open window or the door.(i dont know what that lock name)

Precap – their confession

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