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Love at coffee shop (episode 1)

Hey guys this is keerti. I am very happy to meet u all. This is my first ff. I am a big fan of swalak & it is my first ff. In future also i write stories and i am informing u all before only that my stories will be only on swalak.

So i will start now.


Story starts with saying some story about lord indra. Once lord brahma had gave a magic bowl to lord indra. He thought by using this he will grandly do his daughter’s marriage. He has done well it too.

After marriage once he went out on some work. Then one saint has came to his house. On behalf of indra, mrs indra that is devi sachi had received him well & offered to sit.

According to the rules on indralok any guest should not be served with old utensils. And also due to marriage all precious things are also distributed. So now devi sachi thinks to see if there is something in lord indra’s private chamber.

But there she found nothing & on the way of returning she found a spider falling down & she lifted her head up & saw that magical bowl there. She took it & served in it to that saint.

Then lord indra came there & saw them & shouted at saint & slapped devi sachi. Then that saint got angry on indra because of that bowl he slapped his wife & even insulted him. So he gave shrap to him to become on the second as a utensil on earth.

The next second he became as a cup & came to earth. Now this is in one coffee shop & he is going to share with us a beautiful love story.

Note here he forgot that he is lord indra & about his shrap. He is now thinking that he is just a cup & named himself as sharukh khan.

Shahrukh khan

So guys u got my intro. I have seen many people in my cafe. And coming to my personal life. After u people drink & leave they will bath us in hot water, will wipe us clean, and place us in order.

Then we all will talk with each other about what had happened on that day. Just like u people we too have the short, the long, the thin, the fat, the dark, the fair but we all will be together like a family.

I love three things the most.

1. Soft red lips.

2. Being filled with fuming coffee.

3. Standing exactly in the middle of the table.

We don’t have insurance policies. So please don’t put our life in stake by placing us in corners. Like wise i hate three things the most.

1. Hitting me with your nails.

2. Being touched by smoking lips.

3. Playing basketball with me.

After drinking coffee y u people will wipe your lips with tissue & throws it in me? I am not a trash can. I am a coffee cup. I have an image. You have no idea how i will feel when every time when u people will do like that. Remaining members will just laugh seeing at me.

Customers will talk about many things but i like only about love & movies among them. Once a customer came & he ordered coffee so i went on his table. He is seeing a movie on his laptop. The hero dance, acting and style everything is just awesome. Then only i heard his name first time. He is sharukh khan.

After that i heard a lot about him from my friends. Then only i have decided that my nsme will be shahrukh khan. Then coming to love. I had seen a lot of love stories in my cafe but one love story had touched my heart. So i decided to share it with u all.

A fine Wednesday pleasant atmosphere sharply at 12:30 noon a girl came to our cafe. She has big eyes, soft lips with a beautiful mole beside them, a delightfully dancing ear ring, black dress with golden hemline and a red transparent dupatta with a black border is moving slowly to the wind.

She is looking beautiful. I expected to be on her table if she ordered a coffee but she ordered one moon pie with white chocolate grating.

Exactly after 8 minutes one boy came there. Sky blue color shirt, neatly ironed collar , polished shoe, complementing black bottoms, finely grown facial hair revealing his etiquette status gentleman. Smiling on the call. Revealing his state of mind happiness. May be some marriage proposal or anything else.

His table positionis so perfect to her table position. He ordered one black coffee with aspresso triple shot thus i have landed into his hands.

Then he by passing by her table he saw a ear ring on floor. He picked it up & saw her for the first time. He is impressed. She also him holding her ear ring & smiled lightly & forwarded her hand then he took that ring & gave it to her. He went to his table.

Thats it guys. How is it? Hope u will like. Guys it will be only for few episodes please dnt feel bad for it. I hope u people will support me. Thanq u.

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