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LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN (Epi-18: Love confession epi)


Hello everyone.. Herez the most awaited episode- the love confession episode.. Guys it took me days of efforts to complete it, so I would be happy if u leave a lil descriptive comments on this epi.. Like u may share which part(s)/ scene(s)/ dialogue(s) u liked the most or something like an analysis of the epi.. Criticisms are also welcome..


LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN (Epi-18: Love confession episode)


I slowly walked towards her.. She kept looking at me, as if she wanted to know if I had something to say..
I stood facing her.. There was absolute silence between us, except the sound of the winds that blew heavily.. After a few secs, we called out each others’ name together..
I said- first u say..
She said- no yuvraj.. U wanted to say something.. Fine.. Speak up..


He said looking down- suhani.. I didn’t wana hurt u.. Yesterday night.. Whatever happened.. I called it a mistake.. Coz.. I don’t remember anything.. And I thought……
I waited for him to continue but he didn’t..
So I said- coz it was me, not soumya, right?
He looked on, but didn’t say anything..
I turned around and continued- I understand yuvraj.. For u, it was a mistake.. Our marriage was also a mistake.. In fact, I’m the greatest mistake of ur life.. But I hope u won’t call ur son a mistake!!

He turned me around angrily and pulled me closer to him.. Our noses touched..
He said- how can u consider me to be so heartless? Don’t u know me?
I replied looking into his eyes- no.. I really feel that I couldn’t really know u Yuvraj Birla.. I have seen so many shades of ur nature that I can’t understand who u are and what do u want..

He freed me from his hold and took out his wallet.. He took out a paper from there.. I couldn’t understand what he was upto..
He handed over the paper to me..
I asked- what’s this yuvraj?
He said- see it urself.
I opened it.. It was the same letter which I left for him a year ago..
My eyes got teary.. I looked at him..
He said- do u remember suhani? These were ur last words for me before u left.. But u didn’t give me an opportunity of being heard..
I kept the letter on the table and asked- yuvraj.. U have kept this letter so carefully till now?
He replied- yes suhani.. Why did u leave me? Why did u take my son away from me? I couldn’t even have his first look.. I couldn’t even have the feeling of being a father for my first baby, the feeling that comes once in a lifetime..
I said- I did it for u yuvraj.. For ur happiness.. U loved soumya and u still do…..
He interrupted- after our marriage, did I ever tell u that I love soumya? U say that u did it all for me, but did u ask me even once what I wanted? No.. U forced ur decision on me and left, and told me to move ahead in life.. With soumya..

We burst into tears..
I said- I didn’t know soumya would leave u..
He interrupted- she didn’t leave me.. I left her!!
I looked on.. I was shocked to hear that..
He continued- my paralysis was just an acting.. Dadi constantly forced me to marry her.. So I told her to insult me and reject me in front of all and leave, and paid her for that.. Only sharad and bhawana know about it.. Not even maa..

That was another shock for me!!
I asked him- what?? why did u do all that? Why yuvraj?

He thought for a while and said- coz I couldn’t give soumya ur place in my life!!
I looked on.. He was looking at me.. I could hear his silent sobs.. The pain in his eyes was clearly visible.. I caressed his face with my right hand and closed my eyes..
He said- won’t u ask me why?
I opened my eyes and asked- kya tum…. Humse…..?
He nodded!!

Finally.. He said it without uttering a word.. He confessed his love.. He loved me..
I said- it means whatever u said yesterday, that u love me, was….
He interrupted- was for u suhani.. I called it a mistake coz the way things followed in the morning made me think it was gauri.. Yesterday I was drunk, a year ago I was drunk, but not today.. Whatever was the situation, only u were there- in my eyes, in my heart, in my life!!

I realised I had unknowingly kicked happiness out of my life, else our lives would have been much better.. Yuvaan would have been with his dad too..
I lifted my hands to hug him when he said- but u don’t love me suhani..
I stopped.. My hands moved away..
He turned around and continued- u don’t know suhani, how I have spent a year without u.. U taught me how to live life and then left me to die 1000s death every moment.. U didn’t even bother to know if I were alive or dead!! U were living happily with yuvaan and ur neighbours..

I covered my mouth with my hands and knelt down.. I was feeling guilty.. I left him so that he could be happy, but I didn’t know he would be suffering like me.. I had yuvaan with me, but yuvraj.. He left soumya for me.. I felt I had cheated him, betrayed him.. I separated him from his son..


I could hear her sobs.. I realised I said too much.. I calmed down and turned towards her.. She was sitting on her knees.. She looked up at me, and folded her hands.. I bit my teeth..
She said- I’m sorry yuvraj.. I’m extremely sorry.. Its all my fault.. I wanted ur happiness, but I left u with pain.. But trust me, it wasn’t easy for me.. I was living seeing u in yuvaan..

She rested her face on her folded hands and cried.. I couldn’t see her like that.. Tears continued to flow from her eyes, and mine too.. I was being selfish.. I failed to understand her pain inspite of knowing how much she loved me..
I sat beside her, lifted her face and wiped her tears.. She looked on.. I held her shoulders and we stood up facing each other..

I said- no more tears suhani.. I’m sorry.. I wana be the reason of ur smile, not ur tears..
She smiled slightly..
I held her hands and asked her to promise me that she would never leave me.. She nodded..
I continued- And don’t u dare call urself a mistake again..
I cupped her face and continued with a slight smile- U’r the best thing that ever happened to me.. My life revolves around u.. I LOVE YOU SUHANI..
She replied- I LOVE YOU TOO YUVRAJ..

(“Dil dhak dhak” plays in BG)
We hugged each other tightly and lost ourselves in each others’ arms.. I felt like I was free from a burden that I have been carrying in my heart since a year!!


Love was in the air.. I felt so complete.. The world was in my arms.. What else did I need since long..
We remained in each others’ arms for sometime.. He caressed my hair..

I broke the hug, turned around and said- u took too long yuvraj..
He replied hugging me from behind- what could I do.. I don’t know how to express my love like u..
I said caressing his face and looking sideways- and I don’t know how to love like u..
He coughed and said placing his chin over my shoulder- thank u my love guru.. Ur student surpassed u..
I smiled..

He said- come with me..
He held my hand and took me out of the farmhouse.. He plucked a red rose.. The thorn pinned into his finger and it started bleeding..
I called out his name and took held his finger.. I got worried..
I asked looking at the wound- is it paining?
He didn’t reply..


She looked at me.. I was busy admiring her..
She blushed seeing me like that.. Then she asked- isn’t it paining?
I shook my head..
She scolded me- how can u say no? Its bleeding yuv……
I stopped her putting my finger on her lips..
I said- calm down suhani.. Its nothing..
She was about to suck my finger when I said- suhani plz.. U’r my princess.. Don’t prove urself a vampire..
She frowned and asked- what did u call me?
I laughed.. She started beating me on my arms..
I apologized to her and said looking at the rose- all I can give u right now is this rose..
I fixed it on her hair.. She looked like an Angel.. My Angel..
We smiled..

She caressed it and said- its precious for me.. Coz u have given it to me.. By the way, one more thing is there that u can do for me..
I held her hands and asked- what’s it? Tell me..

(Saawre plays in BG)
She filled the partition on her forehead with my bleeding finger..
I was surprised.. She made me feel like I was the Sun of her life.. She made me feel so special, so important..
I hugged her once again and wished if time could stand still!!

We broke the hug as we heard some footsteps.. It was sambhav.. We hid behind a tree..
I asked her- does ur friend go for a walk every night like this?
She laughed silently..
I asked her- what will u tell sambhav tomorrow morning?
She said widening her eyes- that’s a big question.. I’ll lose such a charming guy for a sadu..
I said- oh really?
She nodded..
I locked her in my arms and said- I’m ur prince charming.. Not sambhav.. So tell me, what will u say?
She looked sideways and tried to suppress her smile..

After a few secs, she placed her finger on my forehead, slowly moved it downwards and said- I’ll tell him that the great Yuvraj Birla blackmailed me emotionally, and so I can’t marry him..
I said pouting- oh.. As far as I know, every blackmailer demands ramson.. What can u give me?
She replied- what do u want, Mr. Blackmailer?
I placed my finger on my cheek..
She said- that’s too much..
I smirked and said looking away- I knew u would make some excuse..
She said- ok fine.. U will get……
I looked at her.. She was going to kiss me but suddenly she pushed me and said- babaji ka thullu..
I looked at her.. She ran and I chased her.. She ran looking back at me and collided with sambhav!!

PRECAP: YuvAni moments..

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