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Kumkum Bhagya 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in. Kumkum Bhagya 5 January 2017 Written Episode Update.

The Episode starts with Pragya coming to Mehra house and asks Dadi and Dasi about Abhi. They nod their head. Pragya asks them to say something and says she couldn’t sleep at night. She asks them to reply if she shall go to Abhi’s room or not. Dasi says he didn’t sleep since night and is very much angry. Dadi says his third eye will open now, and he asked Robin to bring coffee. He asked Robin to ask you to go, and called Tanu to get his work done, which she can’t do. Pragya is shocked. Dasi and Dadi ask her to go and fulfill the responsibility of a wife and secretary. Pragya goes. Abhi asks Tanu to show the sequence. Tanu gives wrong papers. Abhi asks her to give papers in sequence and scolds her. Tanu gets tensed. Pragya brings coffee for him. Tanu thinks he has woken up me since morning and making me do all the work. Pragya asks may I come in and says I know the sequence. Abhi asks her to do, and then says I will do. Pragya says your coffee….Abhi says I needed it, and then refuses to take it. Pragya says you said that you need it. Abhi says but I don’t need it from your hand. He asks her to take Tanu to kitchen and teach her how to make coffee. Pragya says I will teach her, but if she will learn. Abhi asks if this is a rocket science and asks Tanu to make coffee like her. Tanu says of course and goes. Tanu goes to kitchen. Pragya asks her to take pan and switches on the gas. Tanu takes frying pan. Pragya takes tea pan, and asks her to add water and sugar.


Tanu asks her to make coffee. Pragya says then when you will learn. Pragya adds water and asks her to add sugar. Tanu asks her to add sugar. Pragya says I will add coffee also. Tanu says smart. Pragya asks her to add elaichi powder. Tanu says she will add love that Abhi will forget her. She says today is your last day, you teach me this and go. She says Abhi will see my face day and night and will love me. Pragya says your coffee is flowing out. Tanu tries to switch the gas on and touches the pan. She argues with Pragya and says you are fired. Purab comes home. Aaliya says good morning and asks him to reply. She says your morning is difficult to be good and asks him not to meet Abhi, as he don’t want to meet him. She says I want to hug you with whatever you have done. Purab smiles. Aaliya says I thought to hug you and got my old feelings back. Purab asks her to hold on her emotions and says her happiness is short lived. He asks her to stop her premature love story and waits for his love story climax. Tanu collides with Purab and asks why don’t you kill me. Purab says I hope I could do and apologizes to her. He asks where is Pragya? Tanu says I just hate her and goes.

Purab goes to Pragya and asks what is the matter? You have burnt Tanu’s hand. Pragya says she burnt her hand herself and tells that my plan is burnt because of your heroism. She says Abhi wanted me to teach coffee making to Tanu, and says now she will be with him now. Purab asks her to relax and says she can’t do his work. Abhi says he will not talk to me now and will not fight too. Purab says it is our day and says let him do what he wants, but after our work, he will take your name. Abhi comes there and gets jealous. He asks Pragya to tell Tanu about his schedule, and asks Purab to drink coffee and have food also. He goes. Pragya says he was so rude. Purab says isn’t he cute? Pragya says cuteness. Purab says we will make him jealous to make him realize his feelings. He goes to talk to Abhi. Abhi thinks he wouldn’t have gone to kitchen. Purab comes to his room and says I came to talk to you about your new album. He asks shall I say yes to this project. Abhi refuses. Purab says it is a good project and asks him to say reason.

Abhi asks why you are behaving as if nothing happened? Purab asks why you are behaving as if so much happened? He asks why you are mixing professional and personal life. Abhi says Niku is my secretary and you are having an affair with her. Purab says if she is not having personal life. Abhi says I don’t have problem, and tells that he is angry as she has hidden about her boyfriend. He says I told her everything. Aaliya thinks whatever Purab said and thinks if it is his conspiracy to agree. Tanu comes and applies ointment on her finger. Aaliya says may be Purab is plotting something. Tanu says Pragya wanted to burn my face to stop my marriage. Aaliya says she is not bad like us to burn you and is not like vamp saas. Tanu says not saas, but sautan.

Abhi asks what do you mean? Purab asks what is your attachment with Nikita, that you felt bad about her love. He asks if you have any soft corner for Pragya. Purab says Nikita’s real name is Pragya. Abhi says how can this be possible? Purab says she has changed her name to Nikita for some reasons, but her family call her Pragya. Abhi is surprised. Purab makes him sit and asks if he any soft corner for her or something in his heart. Abhi accepts to have soft corner for her.

Abhi tells Pragya that you have hidden a big secret from me. Pragya asks what? Abhi says your name…by which your family calls you…Pragya. Pragya is shocked and drops the papers on floor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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