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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sona hugs Dev and apologizes for being rude. Dev says it is okay, now it is only her and him, nobody can come between them. He says she looks pretty always, but will


look more pretty in special dress. Sona goes to change in Ishwari’s selected gown. Dev gets ready in blazer and walks to pool side canopy table. He holds a flower

and practices how to greet Sonakshi, says rose for a rose. Manager says it is not rose. Dev says he knows. He continues practicing. Sona comes wearing gown. Dev

flirts with her and says if his wife sees them together, she will not spare them. Sona asks why did he marry her then. He says he did not, she was behind him. She

says no, Mrs Dixit didn’t. Dev says she is Ms. Bose. Their romance continues and they

both dance on serial title track Kuch rang pyar ke…with musician’s playing

violin. Manager claps for them. They both bend and thank. They then sit for dinner. Manager orders food. Sona sees bland food and asks Dev they were to have

Chinese food. Dev says yes..Manager says Ishwariji specially ordered this food consulting doc as it is good for fertility treatment. Ishwari calls Dev and asks if he

had food, she consulted doc and selected receipe. Dev says okay and disconnects. Sona walks away.

GKB takes warm water for Ishwari and starts brainwashing her. She tells she is worried about her always and is pity on her. Ishwari asks what happened. GKB says beng…Sona bahu is trying to take away Dev from all of us. She forced Dev to give 5 crores to Sourav. Ishwari asks what…GKB says Vicky has proof and calls him.

Sona sits near bonfire sadly and thinks if whole world knows that she is infertile, reminiscing manager’s words. Dev comes and says he searched her in whole hotel.

Sona complains she feels everyone knows about her infertility. Dev says whatever it is, he does not care if she will bear children or not, his love for her will never reduce. Sona angrily leaves.

GKB continues brainwashing Ishwari and Vicky shows Sona and Sourav’s company documents with Dev’s 5 crore investment. Elena says Dev has invested in their company and it is a business deal. GKB yells at her that she will not tolerate her misbehavior like jiji is tolerating Sona’s. Elena leaves. GKB continues brainwashing Ishwari that Dev is making another company with his wife and BIL and will transfer all money into their company, he did not even think once about his unmarried sisters, what about their future. Ishwari says Dev cannot do this. GKB gives phone and asks her to call Dev right now. Ishwari says she sent Dev and Sona on vacation, it is improper to disturb them. GKB asks to think about her daughter’s future and continues brainwashing Ishwari.

Sona angrily walks to her hotel room and packs her clothes and shouts at Dev that whole world knows about her infertility and even he repeatedly tells that he is not bothered about it and makes her realize that she has a defect. She vents her anger out and says she will not stay here. She continues venting out her anger.

Precap: Dev and Sona’s romance starts. Romantic music plays in the background.

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