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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 125

Sona goes to work.her colleague Anshita tells her that Dr Sinha is leaving and They are getting a new boss who is heard to know nothing about nutrition.
Sona:then why did they choose him as the boss.btw what’s his name*playing with her pen*
Voice:my name is,señorita,Vicky..chch..Vikram dixit.And I’m your new boss.
Sona is shocked:Vicky?Youre my New boss?what?
Vicky:and Mrs dixit…you’re not my bhabhi in office.
Sona:Vicky behave yourself warna.
Vicky:what?warna what?you see Sonakshi,in your new boss and I can sack your bl**dy a*s from this office this second.but I’m not doing that cuz you’re my sushmita Sen.*rubs his chest*hai hai..
Anshita(whispers to sona):he is your hubby’s Brother?so barbariac?i mean dev dixit and Vicky dixit..chichi..
Sona:anshi,he is like that,just ignore him.
As sona is about to leave at 7 pm tired,Vicky dumps 30 thick files at sona’s table.
Vicky:do it now.i want all the documents in order by whenever.
Sona:I’m sorry Vicky,but my office time is from 8am-7 pm.i can’t entertain your unrealistic documents.
Vicky:hey hey*snaps at her*im the boss here ok?and if u want to get lost and see this place for the last time,leave these files here.

Sona irritadedly does her work but she does it fast so that she can go home and spend time with Dev.Vicky swings his car keys on his finger and leaves the office offing all the fans and light.Sona gets more miffed.sona visits the washroom.peon Locks all the doors and bathroom doors under Vicky’S order because Vicky thinks Sona is out.
Sona tries to open the door but she can’t..she tries several times..
Sona:*knocks*is anyone there?help!!help!!
Sona tries to call someone but the phone runs out of battery.
Sona gradually gets claustrophobic and faints.
Dev comes home from office and Doesent see Sona in the room.
Dev:Sona comes 1 hour before me..maybe she has more work..I’m sure her New boss would have trusted her with lots of work..after all my Sonakshi is the best.*smiles*
2 hours later.
Dev is waiting for Sonakshi and it’s 11 pm.
Dev:its way pass time Sonakshi should be back…I’ll call her..
He repeatedly calls but same response.he starts to panic and runs down to shout for everyone.Ishwari and NRN come there asking is everything ok.dev tells the situation and tries to find out where Sonakshi could go.he calls all her friends and collegues.when he calls Anshita,


Their conversation goes like.
Anshi:hello?ya Sona..
Dev:no Anshita this is Dev.
Anshi:ya hi Dev how are you?
Dev:Anshita when did you last talk to Sona?
Anshi:7 pm..Vicky sir had stacked 30 files on her desk when she was leaving.she finished by 9..why isn’t she back home?
Dev:Vicky sir?
Anshita:ya our new boss..Vikram dixit?
Dev cuts the call and goes to Vicky’s room.
Dev:holds Vicky’S shirt:Vicky where is Sonakshi?AND YOURE HER BOSS?
Vicky:how should I know bhai?i gave her work and I thought she left for home when I told the peon to lock up all the doors.
Dev:did you check whether Sonakshi was inside?
Vicky:maybe i don’t know?maybe he did?

Dev rushes to sona’s office with NIkki and ria.
Nikki ria:bhabhi!!bhabhi!’
Nikki finds the bathroom door open(because Sona kept on banging)and Sona inside.
Dev rushes to there.he puts Sonakshi on his lap.*pats her cheek*:Sonakshi..wake up..Sonakshi!!wake up!!open your eyes Sonakshi.nikki your water bottle.
Dev sprinkles some water on sona’s face.she slowly wakes up..
Sona:d..dev?where am I?
Dev:tell me everything later..let’s go Home..
Dev holds Sona and brings her home..


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